Jags - Why the Franchise is so far behind

The answer really is simple, we have drafted horrible. You could probably argue our draft history is one of the worst ever in football. I doubt this is news to this blog, but when you look at it our current situation is not really much of a surprise. I only went back to 2008 for sake of time, but I included a wiki link below with our entire draft history.

Here we can look at a brief list of our draft history and see why we are so bad and have such little talent on this team. I post this not to be a downer, but to point out that the problem can be fixed. We just need to move on from the past and it looks like the current regime of Khan, Caldwell, and Bradley are taking us in the direction needed to be a successful team.

The draft history below is so bad its alarming. It's hard to believe Gene Smith had the best interest for the Jaguars looking at this history.

2008 draft - Nobody

  • No player we drafted is on the team. So we basically got nothing from this draft.

2009 draft - Eugene Monro, Derek Cox, Britton, Knighton, Rashad Jennings,

  • A good pick with Monroe, but every other player is not on the team. Cox was a good pick, but he is gone so what did we really get from him. Britton and Knighton under performed. 9 picks and we got one guy.

2010 draft - Alualu

  • Decent player, but a bust for where we drafted him. Again not a single other player is on the team from this draft.

------ So after three years we basically drafted 3 players worth a damn. 1 of them is playing for a different team. How is this even possible? This is the reason why we are so bad.--------

2011 draft - Gabbert, Rackley, Shorts, Prosinski, Rod Issac.

  • So basically we will end up with Shorts. Gabbert, Rackley and Prosinki will not be here much longer. So Again we end up with one player.

2012 draft - Blackmon, Branch, Anger, Mike Harris, and two guys that are cut.

  • The fact that this is good is painstaking. We actually got three players worth something. That's not counting Branch. Though we over drafted for Anger and we've heard all about this enough. We get mocked every week by someone in the national media and rightfully so. It was a stupid pick.

2013 draft - To early to really judge 100%, but its looking pretty darn good

  • We finally fired Gene Smith and 7 of the players we drafted actually play. We got 4 starters including Ace. I count Ace because he will be third receiver when Blackmon comes back. We got Denard who is a wildcard, but a talented one. Then we got two backups in Josh Evans and Demetrius McCray. McCray may develop into a starter and atleast there is potential there. Can you imagine if we get three more drafts like this. We could actually have a real team.

No matter the outcome of the season we have to realize we did not get her overnight. Its not a mystery either. We are bad because we drafted horrible for years. We need to ignore the national media and all of the jokes because its going to take a few years to be competitive. Hopefully next year we start with getting the Franchise QB.

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