Don't Screw This Up, Jags

I'm a season ticket holder who couldn't make Sunday's game. I was so disappointed- before the game, at least. I'd been waiting all summer for that first real game.

It didn't take very long to destroy my optimism.

I'm neither a Blaine Gabbert hater, nor a defender. I simply want us to find our franchise QB. I know it's not Henne. I doubted it was BG, but I hoped. I hoped this season would be different. New GM, new coach, new uniforms.

But it sure doesn't look different.

Don't misunderstand, I still have hope. But yesterday reminded me that it won't be an overnight fix. I trust in Caldwell and I trust in Gus, but they really inherited a mess.

If anything, the game woke me up from the delusion that Blaine Gabbert could be our guy. I know, I know, it's only one game. But, still...... Gabbert just isn't the guy.

And it's not Henne. It's probably not Scott. Instead, I think next year's franchise QB probably lives somewhere in Kentucky or South Carolina right now. Just a hunch.

And that's where my concern comes in. Because I hate success, I'm also a Vikings fan. And they came a loss or so away from Andrew Luck or RG3 in 2012. Don't tell me they wouldn't have taken one of them.

And can you imagine Luck under center for the Vikings?

Back to the Jags: I don't want them to screw this up. I can take another 2-14 season. I can even take an 0-16 season. I just want to see some light at the end of the tunnel, and that light appears to be drafting a franchise QB early in next year's draft.

Our offense is awful. And it shouldn't be this bad. Between MJD and an improving receiving corps it just shouldn't be THIS bad. But you need to have a QB. And so it IS this bad.

So don't screw this up Jacksonville. Don't go get cute and sign someone to make us a little better. If you're going to suck, then suck, and let's get our pick of QBs.

Am I the only one thinking this way? Does it make me a bad fan to want something for the future other than "wait-til-next-year" thinking at QB?

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