Offseason Choices Pt. 2

This time we're talking draft choices. We have a golden opportunity in front of this year. A total of 10 picks and sitting at number 3 in the first round. We can look forward to a radically different roster next year. Which is a good thing in my opinion. We have some good young talent, we need more. Since this is about choices we face I think I'll save the mock draft for later. Who knows I might add it at the bottom of this we'll see.

So let's start with what I feel are our needs. We for sure need to add a quarterback, a pass rusher or two, and a solid running back. Some other positions we need to add to are tight end, corner, and offensive line. Lets face facts, we have lots of needs still. The biggest choice is going to be in the first round. With all the various ways things could play out. Everything is in play to have another huge trade up top or Houston can make a play of their own and get their ship right. That will be the major deal sealer in my opinion as to what we should do. If they somehow figure they are better off not taking Teddy Bridgewater St . Louis seems pretty set with Sam Bradford and should really look in to protecting their QB more than getting a new one. We could still land our franchise changer with Teddy. That's a pretty big if though with Houston's changing of the guard. I know I wouldn't want to move forward there with who they have on the roster right now either. They could go with the hometown hero and take Manziel to be their QB of the future and stick with Schaub for now. I think Manziel would fill more seats instantly but is the far superior QB.

So my list of possible choices for QB

Teddy Bridgewater

Derek Carr

Tajh Boyd

Brett Smith

David Fales

Keith Price

James Franklin

My list is much smaller than what Dave Caldwell is going to go through. I kept in mind that he has said he wants a mobile quarterback that can also make all the throws. These guys all fit that mold and excelled at it.

The next big area of need is pass rusher. Which means we need to find at least one LEO and one DE. As good as Alualu is I don't think he was that good on the end. I feel we did far better when we used our lightning package. Adding Greg Hardy in his place will sure up that side for sure. I still feel we need to draft a guy to play behind him to develop up and adding a starting LEO to add in to the mix wouldn't hurt either. I like Andre Branch he just doesn't get the job done enough to be the starter. So I will group the possibilities in two groups LEO's and DE's.


Anthony Barr

Khalil Mack

Vic Beasley

Aaron Lynch

Jacques Smith

Shaquill Barret


Jadeveon Clowney

Stephon Tuitt

Jackson Jeffcoat

Marcus Smith

Kareem Martin

Taylor Hart

So as you can tell there is plenty of scenarios and options available. We can easily make moves to help ourselves out.

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