Rhett's Mock Offseason 2.0

Free Agency

Chad Henne QB JAX; 3 Years 8 Million - Knows the system, and is familiar with the coaching staff. Can come in and still win a game when needed.

Will Blackmon CB JAX; 3 Years 6 Million - Good cornerback who can play inside or out very well.

Jordan Todman RB JAX; 2 years 1.8 Million - Back that comes in and gives it his all. Will come back in and compete for playing time.

Austin Pasztor OT JAX; 3 Years 3.5 Million - With little experience, Pasztor did an adequate job at RT. Pasztor can return to JAX and compete for the starting position.

Mike Brown WR JAX; 3 Years 5 Million - Brown came in as UDFA making a position change, and in his second season and a decent impact with 32 receptions and 446 yards. Mike Brown might can continue to develop as a receiver and might be something special one day.

Ryan Davis DE JAX; 1 Year 600k - Davis flashed just a little this season. Coming into the NFL as a raw UDFA, Davis needs more hard work and good coaching to earn a roster spot once again on this team.

Jermaine Cunningham DE/LB NYJ; 1 Year 700k - Jermaine Cunningham has had a dissapointing career thus far in the NFL. Coming out of Florida Cunningham was a tweener with a quick first step with a high motor that can get to the quarterback. The New England Patriots drafted him to play the 3-4 WLB role, but that didn't work out. At a low price, it doesn't hurt to bring Cunningham into camp and try him out at the LEO position. He might just finally click at the LEO, and if not we cut him and forget we ever signed him.

Jonathan Dwyer RB PIT; 2 Years 3 Million - A 2 year prove it deal for big back in Pittsburgh. Dwyer hasn't had the career in the NFL that he's wanted, although he had 156 carries for 623 yard(4.0 YPC) and 2 TDs in 2012. Dwyer will only be 25 in July and still has a lot of tread left on his tires. He's a physical back that can come in and compete for the starting position.

Riley Cooper WR PHI; 3 Years 10.5 Million - The Jaguars are lacking height in their receiver corps. Riley Cooper is 6'3" and is coming off the best season of his career with 47 receptions, 835 yards, and 8 touchdowns. Riley Cooper provides the Jaguars with another solid receiver in case Justin Blackmon doesn't come back from his suspension.

Jon Asamoah OG KC; 4 Years 18 Million - A 25 year old underrated guard just entering his prime will help the Jaguars fix their offensive line problems as the Left Guard position has been terrible for a few years. In the last 4 years, Asamoah has played in all but 5 games. He's dependable and a great blocker.


1(3). Blake Bortles QB UCF - Bortles is not a sure thing, but no NFL prospect is. Bortles has all the physical tools you want in a QB. He's got a great build, good athletiscm, and a big arm. He needs to work on his footwork, his mechanics, and needs to learn how to manipulate the defense, but this can be taught over time. What he does really well is throwing the ball while under pressure. Bortles is good at moving around a collapsed pocket to still deliver a pass. Bortles will flash in his first seaosn, but won't become consistently good until he fixes a few of his flaws and gets some experience under his belt.

2(39). Aaron Lynch DE USF - Lynch is an athletic freak at 6'5" 260 lbs. He's very quick off the line and is much stronger then he looks. He alawys plays with 100% effort and has a great mean streak. Lynch needs to expand his pass rushing repetoire and using his length to his advantage. Under Todd Wash Aaron Lynch can become a sack monster one day.

3(70). Weston Richburg C Colorado State - A great fit for the ZBS scheme, Richburg has great range and agility. He's an outstanding pass blocker, and solid run blocker with great footwork and technique. Richburg has a great attitude and is very passionate about the game, he puts in 100% effort all game long.

4(101). JaWuan James OT Tennessee - James does everything well, and is more than athletic enough for the ZBS scheme. Come in immediately and compete for starting RT position.

4(110). Brandon Coleman WR Rutgers - Coleman is huge at 6'5" 220lbs and would provide the Jaguars with a big receiver. He compares to Alshon Jeffery out of South Carolina. He isn't very fast, but he's a great route runner with good hands. With Justin Blackmon being a question mark, the Jaguars need all the help they can get.

5(132). Stanley Jean-Baptiste CB Nebraska - Teams think Baptiste needs to convert to safety, but he won't need to if the Jaguars draft him. Baptiste has the size, ball skills, and fluidity of Brandon Browner, Gus Bradley's former CB when he was the DC of Seattle. Baptiste is a fantastic fit for the Jaguars and provides them with another big D-Back for their scheme.

5(138). James White RB Wisconsin - White has great vision, agility, burst, and power. He's a good blocker, and a solid receiver out of the backfield. White can come in and compete for playing time.

5(147). Storm Johnson RB UCF - Johnson is a sleeper in my opinion. He's not a good blocker or receiver, but Johnson is a patient, quick, and powerful inside runner who picks up yards in chunks. Like the previous pick, Johnson can come in and compete for playing time.

6(163) Larry Webster DE Bloomsburg - Athletic freak; project for Todd Wash.

Trades 7th round pick to PHI fort 2014 6th rounder.

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