Offseason Activity

My first Fan Post so be gentle.


  • MJD - That is once we determine his value.
  • Clay Harbor - Solid Pickup for us, played well.
  • Ryan Davis - Showing signs of success.
  • Will Blackman - Played well last year and one of our more solid pickups.
  • Austin Pasztor - Showed signs of being successful at RT.
  • Cameron Bradfield - Let him compete with Austin for RT the odd man out is a solid back up.
  • Mike Brown - Best of the experiments at WR.


  • Alex Mack - Make an attempt for him, probadly not going to happen.
  • Jon Asmoah - Solid Guard to bring in upgrades the O-line immediately.
  • Alex Carrington - 1 year deal to try to upgrade our D-line.
  • Vance Walker - Again 1 year deal to upgrade our D-line.
  • O'Brien Schofield - 1 year deal looking to upgrade our linebackers.
  • Mike Neal - 1 year deal also looking to upgrade our linebackers.

So I ran a simulation on Draft Tek and found a lot of surprises still available, in part due to being early in the offseason without the full scope of draft pics being determined. Playoffs are still going and compensatory pics have not been awarded yet, also the combine and other events not having taken place yet. So in essence I agree a lot of these guys will not be available when we draft. Also I included Trades.

  • Pick 3 - Traded to the Raiders for picks 5 and 36, we give up picks 3 and 132.
  • Pick 5 - DE Jadeveon Clowney SC - Solid can't miss player with huge upside, I really think Clowney is a player who didn't show up well last season, due to him wanting to come out the prior year and trying to keep his body in check to not lose draft stock. Can be a stude at Leo.
  • Pick 36 - Traded to the Cowboys for picks 47 and 78, we give up picks 36 and 101.
  • Pick 39 - WR Odell Beckham Jr. LSU - Best availiable WR left on the board, a soft need pick depending on what happens with Justin Blackman, solid guy to bolster our WR core and can be a guy at KR and PR.
  • Pick 47 - QB Blake Bortles Central FL. - Big solid QB that becomes a steal this late in the draft. Has pocket presence, can make plays with legs when he has too. Needs some work but can become a solid franchise QB.
  • Pick 70 - OLB Christian Jones FSU - Another Leo and solid LB.
  • Pick 78 - Traded to the Bengals for picks 88 and 119, we give up pick 78.
  • Pick 88 - OG Gabe Jackson Mississppi St. - Big athletic guard, huge need pick to bolster O-line.
  • Pick 115 - RB Terrance West Towson - Fast Rising up the boards, big RB.
  • Pick 119 - TE Arthur Lynch UGA - Big TE will fit in nicely with Lewis and Harbor.
  • Pick 138 - C Bryan Stork FSU - Huge need pic since our starting C in 2014 is not on the roster.
  • Pick 146 - RB Storm Johnson Central Fl. - May be the steal of the draft, this guy can ball.
  • Pick 163 - QB Arron Murray UGA - If he is still on the board this is a no brainer. He's not gonna be ready next year to compete for QB position but with both him and Bortles you definitely have a franchise QB on the roster.
  • Pick 195 - FB J.C. Copeland LSU - Big FB, who can do it all.

So there you have it, if the draft falls like this I would be very happy having addressed most of our needs through the draft and free agency. Having said that, most likely this is a pipe dream. So have at it tell me where I'm wrong and what you would do better.

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