The QB Debate. It will happen.

The assumption that every GM views Bridgewater as the consensus best QB is simply not true. I agree he is the top guy and he deserves the top spot, but that does not mean every GM will fell this way. Lets look at why.

Bridgewater: (Top prospect to me) We know his Pros. Its what makes him the top QB prospect. His decision making and ability to read defenses is superior to all other QB's in the this class.


- People are going to question his frame. When he goes through the combine process and he gets evaluated it is going to raise red flags for some GM's. Whether is justified or not this happens every year and the fact of the matter is Bridgewater will have his doubters once the process starts.

- His is thought to have a small frame. His wrist and ankles get called into question. So does his hand size. I'm just saying that all of this will come up and their will be some criticism of his size. This could be the reason why the Texans prefer Bortles if they go QB.

Manziel: The most raw talent in the shortest package

I think a lot of people do not give his arm enough credit. He will impress scouts throwing the football. Overall his physical talent is on par with Bridgewater. In my opinion he has a stronger arm and puts more velocity on his throws.

- Velocity: His drives the ball downfield with more velocity than Bortles and Bridgewater.

- Ball Placement: His ball placement is not talked about much, but he puts the ball in the right spot on throws down the field. His ball placement is superb.

- Athleticism: He is the best Athlete and throws the ball on the move very well. You also have the excitement factor. I'm not sure why RG III would be thought of as much better than Manziel. He is just a little taller.


- His size will be questioned as well. Just like Bridgewater people are going to question his size. He is going to measure out right at 6foot. The thing is its said he has huge hands, but people will get caught up on his 6foot measurment.

- Then comes the intangibles. People will question his ability to lead and not be an ego centric prick. I honestly think most of this is overblown. At then end of the day why is bad that he hangs out with Lebron. That should be looked as a plus. It shows he cares about his future and is looking to a superstar for guidance. Lebron is a champion and the best player in his sport. Manziel spending time with him is a good thing.

Bortles: The wildcard because he has the ideal size.

Bortles is the wildcard. He really could take the number one spot. He has the ideal size and is still a good athlete. He has a good arm and shows the ability to handle pressure in the pocket. He lead his team and has all of the physical attributes teams look for tin the NFL.

This is why he has a chance to go number one or be considered the number 1 pick. At the end of the day he is the only top end prospect with the prototypical size and combines it with excellent pocket awareness and an NFL Arm.

He could impress even more in the draft process.


- Deep throw is not the best. He does not show the dynamic plays of Manziel or the overall polish of Bridgewater.

With all that said. Why would we pass on one of these QB's? It seems to be the trending opinion.

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