An Icebox mock draft

How I think the Jags will approach the draft if we do decide to pass on Manziel

Houston may trade out of first but that will be for a team to draft Bridgewater. The Rams will deffientley trade out & I would imagine whoever gets 2nd pick takes Clowney. Maybe we tease the Browns and try to get both their first round picks so they can get Johnny. I don't know, just keep reading how much they like Manziel

Round 1 - Trade back down with Atlanta for their 1st (6) and 2nd (37)

Selection- Anthony Barr LEO UCLA


"A predominate pass rusher who is day 1 starter ready." The film I have seen supports that statement oftenly tossed around by Todd Mcshay, Mel Kiper, and Bleacher Reports Matt Miller. A big physical strong OLB aka LEO. This guy is a toy Gus Bradley would love to get his hands on. Barr is a guy that I believe will be a stud. I'm not sure about right away but down the road. I think if we got Barr we would have some serious depth at all 3 stages of the field. Barr, Posluszny, and Cyprien and then the Defense could really get stacked.

Round 2- Picks 37 & 39

Selections- Tre Mason RB Auburn (37) Tajh Boyd QB Clemson (39)


Running Back is an essential position to any offense regardless of quarterback. I have pretty much got it through my head that MOJO won't be back. So there leaves us a big hole leading into the draft. Not sure if this is correct but I think Caldwell said we will try to attack other running backs in the FA? Does that sound right? Either way I think what he means by that is we will take another player like Justin Forsett as we did last offseason. I like Mendenhall from Arizona. Having depth at running back is essential as we saw this season. Anyways the reason I think we take Mason so early is because he could very easily change our offense or at least step it up a notch. Look what Andre Ellington did to the Cardinals, Just as what Lacy did to the Packers. A nice fresh running back will allow for the Jags to spread the offense out quite a-bit. Not to mention Tre Mason is a beast. Ive watched his last 3/4 games: vs Georgia, Iron bowl, Sec Champ, and National Championship. And he's done nothing but impress me. I think put a big offense of line in front of him, a mean fullback, and he would be lethal. Reminds me too much of Marshawn Lynch


Boyd. Going into the season Boyd was a top 10 pick. His stock has dropped drastically due to poor play during big games. EXCPET against Ohio State in Clemsons biggest game of the season. In the Orange Bowl. Boyd went off and left me thinking, theres no way this guy isn't picked in first or second round. Boyd has great arm strength with good accuracy. Not the best but certainly gets the job done. Boyd has size to be an NFL quarterback as with the speed. Boyd is no RG3 but is no Peyton Manning, he's mobile and throws great on the run. Fisch said he likes it when Quarterbacks scramble and make plays with their feet, thats Boyd. If we pass on a quarterback in round 1 this is our guy. I like Aaron Murray and Zach Mettenberger a bit more to be honest but both coming off a knee injury scares me a way.

Round 3 - Pick 70

Selection - Martavis Bryant WR Clemson


Wether this is a bust or not this is a pick we have to take. Still a quality wider reciever around in the 3rd round with SIZE. The Jags tallest wide receiver is 6'1. Which is Justin Blackmon, we have know idea if he'll be back or not but either way we need a wide receiver with height. Bryant a 6'4 teammate of Tajh Boyd has great speed and elusivness with the ball in his hands. Good hands, but great hands in the redzone. I think we have to draft him because he's already on the same page with Boyd. We could do what the Colts did with Luck. Take Andrew Luck and bring in both his WR and TE and allow the 3 to grow together. Watch film on him tell me what y'all think.

Round 4 - Picks 101 & 115

Selections - Brandon Linder OG Miami (101) Ronald Powell LEO Florida (115)


Lidner is a big 6'6 mauler from the offense Fisch used to run. Playing in the senior bowl, familiar with the Zone blocking scheme, and plays a position in which we have a hole. Not sure if he starts for us week 1 due to how we approach the Free Agency but a player hard to see we don't draft.


As a Florida fan I am so in love with him, his play is so dominate. The reason Powell isn't drafted higher is because he missed his Junior season due to a knee injury and many forgot about him. A true senior has played 3 seasons in the best conference in college football. Led the team in tackles twice both as an upper and under class man. Powell's play is like Patrick Willis, so much stronger than everyone else on the field. He has speed to play an edge rush, end or LEO but has size and has the ability to play an outside linebacker in replace of Geno Hayes or Russell Allen when their contracts are up after next season.

Round 5 - Picks 132 & 138

Selections - Gabe Ikard OC Oklahoma (132) Max Bullough ILB MSU (138)


Ikard is another player hard to see us pass on. In a zone blocking scheme offense, Being coached by us in the senior bowl and plays Center in which we need big time. He's our guy. We do have another Center on roster Mike Brewster but he has transformed to a guard since his arrival in Jax


Suspension has killed this guys stock. Similar to Tyrann Mathieu. Most mocks have this guy going to 6th or 7th round but I think he is too good for 1 arrest to do that to him. A true senior that has lead Michigan State to have the nations best defense two years in a row. Plays mean football, always shows up to the play and rarely misses a tackle. Watch film on him he's pretty impressive

Round 6 - Pick 163

Selection - Deandre Coleman NOSE TACKLE California


Adding depth to the Dline/passrush is one thing we need to get from the draft. Obviously this guy won't be a starter right away but a big 6'8 play maker were coaching in senior bowl. He would probably be a 4 behind Marks, Miller, and Deadrick but next season could be a two when Miller and Deadrick are gone, in a position which gets a good rotation going.

Round 7- Pick 107

Selection - Jay Prosch FB Auburn


Senior Bowl, Tre Mason

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