If I Were David Caldwell Here Is How I Would Make Our Jags Great Again

First of all, let us all remember something. THE NFL IS A QB DRIVEN LEAGUE. Understood? Great. Now we all know that we do not have a QB on our roster that we can build a franchise around. I actually really like Henne as a backup and really hope Gabbert takes a long walk off a short bridge. Ricky Stanzi and Mike Scott provide nice young prospects that still can develop. BUT WE NEED TO DRAFT THE FACE OF OUR FRANCHISE THIS YEAR. And let this be clear, Clowney will not make us a better team as a whole and neither will any other player at our #3 pick besides none other than Johnny Manziel. THE KID CAN FLAT OUT PLAY THE GAME. Forget the comparisons or the hype. Forget the so called ego problems and his one off-field issue. Let us just focus on his play making ability. With him at the helm, handing off to a rookie we draft and throwing to Shorts, Blackmon, Lewis, Sanders, and Robinson, I believe our offense becomes deadly. We need a mobile QB if Houston selects Clowney to go along with Watt. We need our Andrew Luck or Bridgewater. We need a fierce competitor to match our coach. I am not sold on Bridgewater, Bortles, or Carr based on the talent they faced all year. I am not sold on Murray, McCarron, or Mettenberger based on the fact they played in the same conference as Manziel and Johnny Football outplayed them. Give any of those 3 QBs Manziel's defense and they would not have been spoken of this year. Give Manziel a decent defense and he is in the National Championship game with wins over Alabama, Auburn, and Missouri. Give him a near 1000 yard back and a pro ready defense like Winston has and Manziel wins his second straight Heisman. He brings so much versatility to our offense and given our offensive coordinator's experience with a similar QB of Manziel's skill set, it is a no brainer. We can address the RB, DL, C, LB, Secondary after we draft our future but we cannot keep passing up on QB's for Defense. Bradley will make magic with who we obtain but we need our Russell Wilson. Say what you want about him as a person but all I see is a guy who does not care what negative things are said about him and a guy who will not lose. What I saw in the Duke game I have never witnessed anything more magical. We have that opportunity to make that magic happen. This is how our draft should be:

1. Johnny Manziel, QB, Texas A&M- Face of our franchise and biggest position of need

2. Aaron Donald, DT, Pitt- Interior pass rush that we have been lacking

3. Jackson Jeffcoat, DE, Texas- Good pash rusher and great bloodlines

4. Carlos Hyde, RB, Ohio State- Big physical back between the tackle bruiser

4. Dion Bailey, S, USC- Would look great next to Cyprien

5. Tyler Larsen, C, Utah State- Could replace Meester eventually

5. De'Anthony Thomas, RB, Oregon- Play-making weapon and 3rd down back

5. Jacob Pedersen, TE, Wisconsin- Successor to Lewis and good blocker

6. Denicos Allen, OLB, Michigan State- Great talent for this draft position

7. Trey Millard, FB, Oklahoma- Great all around FB that reminds me of Marcel Reece

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