State of the Jaguars

Hello my fellow Jaguars fans, I am JaguarsAndMagpies. I am writing this during President Barack Obama's State of the Union Address. Now I've skipped the chance to watch the man I've voted for in 2012 to write my current point of view on your Jacksonville Jaguars (please keep politics out of the comment page). Now with the free agency market opening up in the next month and a half, what should we do? Conservative or aggressive actions will be the options this March. Now we all know that our big-name player going to test the market will be Maurice Jones-Drew. In my opinion, he will have an offer on the table by the Jags, but it will most likely be up to only $2-3 million a year. It'll all depends on the teams to offer MoJo, but I just don't see him returning to Jacksonville when it is all said and done. Back to the conservative vs. aggressive question during the free-agency period, there are a bunch of intriguing names this season on the market like DEs Michael Johnson, Brian Orakpo, Michael Bennett, and OL like Alex Mack, Eugene Monroe (pretty sure he's off the Jags list) and Jon Asamoah. I've mentioned these two postions because these are the deepest holes in the Jaguars team, besides QB, and the Jags will have over $50 million to spend on whoever they desire. If the Jags do try to nab some of these big guy names, I don't think there will be a problem on convincing guys to accept the Jaguar way thanks to the commitment and enthusiasm by both Dave Caldwell and Gus Bradley. I have before thought that the Jags were never going to nab some of these guys, but thinking about the situation the Jags are in right now, these guys would love to work with Gus and Co. I do believe, as well, that the Jags will resign most of the young guys that performed well last year like Jordan Todman, Austin Pasztor, and Will Blackmon as they will all compete for jobs during Training Camp and the Pre-Season.

I have an agenda the Jags may be following during this coming 2014 Off-Season:

- Evaluate as much QBs as possible, in FA and in the Draft

- Try to grab "the Big One" in FA in at least one blaring team need (RB, Big WR, interior OL, DE)

- Find those young and hungry guys at reasonable prices, if we can't snatch "the Big One"

- Scout, scout, scout, and scout those draft prospects

- Don't get trigger happy on a QB, draft the best available player in every round this May

- Find that QB you can trust moving forward, even if he isn't in the First Round

- Find lost gems and fixable guys in the UDFA period

- Continue the "Get better every day" motto for the young blood on the 2014-2015 roster


DO YOUR JOB! (via Adrian Hoppel)

I will touch on the topics on the Combine and more on the NFL Draft later on, but for now, rest easy Jags fans, it will be a fun ride this Off-Season...

Post you opinions in the comments... Don't be shy!


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