Jaguars Needs: Defensive Side

Defensive wins Championships, Super Bowl proved it to be true. We ranked poorly in Defensive all over the place in the 2013 season. My top 5 for each position, my opinion of what players fit in and could help the Jags, constructive criticism is welcomed!

DE- Need a guy to line up opposite side of Branch/Babin

Jadeveon Clowney- South Carolina 6’5 274- By far the best DE, if not the best defensive player in the draft. Really every knows about him, I shouldn’t really tell you his pros and cons, we all know him, would be a HUGE improvement for the Jags Defensive. (Top 50

Kony Ealy- Missouri 6’5 275- Really a great player, but under Clowney’s shadow. Really overlooked, but Clowney’s speed and ability to get around blockers is what has him better then Ealy. Easily drafted in the 1st round, the only way the Jags would take him is if they traded back.

Marcus Smith- Louisville 6’4 258- Great player, saw him play a few plays as a LB, great athlete. Is a good 3-4 pass rusher, really can explode through the line. Came to Louisville as a QB, so he knows that spot well, which helps his football IQ, going up against a position he used to play. Cons a little smaller than normal, hasn’t had all that much experience, really struggles against the run. (3rd round)

Trent Murphy- Stanford 6’6 252- Monster in height, can knock anything down. Really a great pass-rusher, can play in the OLB position too. Isn’t the fastest DE out there but his moves around the blockers, are unstoppable. Cons like I said speed, and a little light for a height of 6’6. I can see a little JJ Watt with the pass-deflecting and great hits, and moves, lacks the weight of Watt. (1-2 round)

Aaron Lynch- South Florida 6’5 244- Entering the draft very early,(did have to sit out a year) this man is a monster, his career began at Notre Dame left, and ended at USF. He may be the first guy off the line, fastest I have seen in awhile. He uses his arms quite well, forcing many fumbles. Cons- his consistency, he will began a game with great intensity and then disappear for awhile, then came back when their down. Needs to be their for all 4 quarters. (6 round)

Honorable Mentions
Chaz Sutton- South Carolina
Michael Sam- Missouri
Will Clarke- West Virginia

Overall Impression- Could draft a top 10 guy easy in the 1st round, or get one in 2-3 round. This position is a must.

CB- face it we need one, we had so many receivers tear us apart this year (Josh Gordon, Andre Johnson, etc) Just need one CB who is solid and shuts down

Jason Verrett- TCU 5’10 176- Great Coverage corner, with tremendous ball-hawking ability. By far the best Corner in this years draft. Great foot work, and ability to make plays on any Receiver against him. Also very good at reading plays, can read any QBs eyes. Cons not all that big height and size wise. I can see the playmaking ability of a young Ronde Barber, great coverage, but that not big in size. (1st round- could sneak into the 2nd)

E.J. Gaines- Missouri 5-10 195- Loved watching this guy this year, always making plays. He really was the key to Missouri defense, with help of Ealy. Great athlete, can stay with any Receiver. Bonus- is he is probably the best Pass Rushing Corner out of this years draft, with his speed and agility he sheds any blockers, and boy he can wrap up. He breaks up a lot of passes that could be turned into interceptions, scouts and coaches are wanting to see him change from batting the ball down, to picking it off. (3-4 Round)

Stanley Jean-Baptiste- Nebraska 6’3 215- The name alone, just sounds like a future star. Great height can go up against any receiver. His psychic allows him to stretch out and bat anything down. I see him play with the QBs a lot, leaving a Receiver look like he is open but soon as the QB makes a move to throw it to him Baptiste is right there making a play. Which also can be a downfall, he also isn’t as tough as his size would indicate. I see Brandon Browner in him, with the size of Richard Sherman, Gus Bradley would love him to say the least. (Round 3)

Marcus Roberson- Florida 6’0 195- Good size and technique, he is a junior. Very physical player, which I loved to watch him play, always some action going on. He also has no fear in coverage, weather hits laying down a huge hit, or going for the pick. But the physical contact does kill him in penalties, needs to do a better job at wrapping up a guy, instead of just trying to lay him out. Is injury prone, but is a very tough player. NFL comparison: Chris Houston- Detroit (1-2 round)

Andre Hal- Vanderbilt 5-11, 190- By far the most underated player in this years draft, he will begin to shine during the combine. I should probably start by stating, he allowed 77 and 1 TD (went for 43 yards) yards to Mike Evens. Had one mistake. But yes that is 6’5 Mike Evens out of Texas A & M. Hal may be little but he is very quick and strong. Always wraps up, and makes a simple tackle. Needs to improve on the run game. (6-7 round)

Honorable Mentions
Marcus Williams- North Dakota State
Phillip Gaines- Rice
Victor Hampton- South Carolina

Overall Impression: Not a huge need, I can see the Jags wasting it on one on their 4th or 5th round extra picks. CB is definitely will being taken late in the draft. Can easily be addressed in the Free Agency.

OLB- big need here, need some pass rushers

Anthony Barr- UCLA 6’4- long and lean with great speed. Barr is all over the field making plays. He has great awareness, with great vision. Forced 10 fumbles with 23 sacks. Great versatile with being a great pass rusher and can drop back in coverage. Reminds me of Dion Jordan’s size and speed, but plays like Jeveon Kearse. Always after the ball, and breaks down great to make a stop. (1st round)

Khalil Mack- Buffalo 6’3 250- His athleticism is crazy good, combined with speed and agility. Can easily drop back into coverage and guard a WR or TE. Dominated the FBS shattering records for forced fumbles and Tackles for a loss. Needs to improve on his hands, cant just rely on his footwork and speed to get past linemen. See some of Von Miller, with the build and playmaking ability to disrupt the backfield. (Top 15)

Dee Ford- Auburn 6’2 240- Great pass rusher, had an amazing senior bowl performance with 2 sacks and a pass deflection, before halftime. Runs a 40 yard dash at 4.46, great pass rusher. Gus Bradley loved him during the senior bowl, I can see the Jags taking him in the 2nd round if available. Jerry Hughes is a good comparison, out of TCU as a young player really got it going with great pass rushing ability. Same size and build. Needs to improve on dropping into coverage, his size is on the down size. (1-2 round)

Tyler Starr- South Dakota (USD) 6’4 250- Great size for a LB, the stats dont really look all that impressive, with 75 tackles throughout the year, 15 TFL, solid 9 sacks, 1 pick and 4 Forced Fumbles. Where he sines is breaking up plays, he is always getting through the linemen and putting pressure on the QB to make a stupid mistake. I actually have a cousin who is a CB for USD, he told me that Starr, really turned his life around since coming to USD and playing football. Also mentioned that he never gives up even in practice, he goes 100% till the whistle. (6-7 Round)

Ronald Powell- Florida 6’3 240- Ideal size for a linebacker, and Florida has produce some very good LB in the last 5 years. Great athlete, explosive of the snap, with great pass rushing ability. Missed his 2012 season with the Gators, his huge downfall, he is injury prone. Has torn his ACL twice in one year. That alone has caused his draft stock to fall, but when healthy he is a threat and a weapon for any team.

Honorable Mentions
Jeremiah Attaochu- Georgia Tech
Prince Shembo- Notre Dame
Denicos Allen- Michigan State

Overall Impression: This is a must take position, possibly two! Can be taken anywhere in the draft.

(Offensive side will be posted sometime soon)

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