Pre-FA mock draft

Bored and tired of looking at all the other mock drafts that don't change for weeks, i started doing a bunch of the simulated drafts on Not gonna lie, its a lil addicting when you are bored but it passes the time well. So with out further ado...

1) RD 1-3 Jadeveon Clowney, DE South Carolina

2) RD 2-7 (39) Will Sutton, DT Arizona State

3) RD 3-6 (70) Zach Mettenberger, QB LSU

4) RD 4-5 (101) Marcus Smith, DE/OLB Louisville

5) RD 4-14 (110) Martavis Bryant WR Clemson

6) RD 5-4 (132) Keith McGrill CB Utah

7) RD 5-10 (138) James White RB Wisconsin

8) RD5-19 (147) Crockett Gilmore TE Colorado State

9) RD 6-3 (163) Aaron Lynch DE USF

10) RD 7-7 (199) Walt Aikens Liberty

And this is how the whole draft came out:

Now let me explain. First I'm gonna presume that Caldwell works on the interior O-Line in FA, snagging a center and a left guard. Besides the O-line I think they will bring in a LB or D-line men to add depth but outside of that I'm not expecting a huge splash, just more active than last year.

Now my picks. Bridgewater is gone so i grab the best pass rusher and available player on the board if not the draft. Then I take Sutton to add to the DT rotation with Marks. Then i grab a potential franchise QB in Mettenberger who would probably in the top 5 QBs if he was not coming of an ACL injury and has a cannon for an arm. Then i look at a possible LEO with Marcus Smith who rushed a lot standing up and has the typical size the LEO's out in Seattle about 6'3 and about 230 or so. Then with Blackmon's return in question i add the large bodied receiver Martavis Bryant and while he is no Walkins he provides a receiver above 6 foot standing at 6' 3". Another lesson out of Seattle i take the long corner from the Senior Bowl McGrill who is a large bodied corner, and as i said Seattle has shown you can never have enough bodies in the secondary, i also think he can compete especially with Ball going out a couple times last year. Then i add to the RB White as depth since MJD will probably be gone in FA. Then i again go to the Senior Bowl participants and take the TE Gilmore who offers that potential 2nd TE we have been waiting to but opposite of Lewis. A late steal who I'm sure is there is my next pick in Lynch who would go opposite Clowney, cause just like wight the secondary you can never have enough pass rush. This would put you with Clowney, Lynch, Sutton, Marks, Davis, Alualu, Branch, Babin, Miller, Deadericks, Love, etc. (assuming they all make it through cuts). And with the last pick i take one more trip back to Mobile and the Senior bowl and add more competition to the secondary taking Aikens.

Thats one of my many drafts, let me know what you think, and this will probably change after the combine and FA are set. And a question thats been bothering me if we are sitting at 3 and both Clowney and Bridgewater are on the board who would you take? Let

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