Whole new Offseason Mock

I've been thinking about what little tidbits Dave has dropped and have been looking over things. This is just my take on things that might take shape for us. I also took in consideration of things like Greg Hardy wanting a ridiculous amount of money. That being sad I have all but moved on past him. I would love to see the Kraken in the teal and black. Just afraid we won't pay up that much money. With that in mind here's what I think will go down in first wave of free agency.

Let's start with our O-Line are biggest need and easiest to fix. When you take in consideration of Dave's lets say formula. He wants young guys with something to prove and a desire to play hard. That's not big name first thinking. Not to say we won't sign any big names. Jon Asamoah is the first and probably biggest name signing we should pull off. He's going to demand some money but he is a proven commodity. Instant day one starter and upgrade at LG. The next guy I'd sign in Lemeul Jeanpierre. I'd look for him to compete for starting center duties. He has an extremely high football IQ and Gus knows his work ethic. Exactly the kind of guy you want leading the O-line group. A third guy I would sign just off sheer fact I don't think Pasztor is the answer at RT. Rodger Saffold can play both guard and tackle. So he not only can compete to start but gives you more roster flexibility to carry an extra guy elsewhere. Also I think everyone seems to have written off Cam Bradfield. He did an excellent job last year at LT and is more of a RT. So all in all would make us a solid if not dominant O-line and for years to come too. Allowing us more draft picks to spend elsewhere for now.

The next area of concern to me and what has been said to be on the top of their list for free agency is D-line. We found a golden nugget last year with Sen'derrick. I don't feel nowhere close to the same with Roy Miller. He was not the run stopping mountain of a man he was made out to be. So finding someone to fit inside with Marks is a big key here. There are two guys I feel that can do this. Linval Joseph would be the best option but again I feel he will want too much money. A guy that we have been linked with having interest in though is Tyson Jackson. I would prefer Joseph just cause he has nothing but upside. I feel he has a lot left to prove being in the back end of the Giants D-line rotation. Either one is an upgrade to our run stopping needs. Also seeing as the aforementioned Hardy being out of our price range now I feel we should put our money in to Lamarr Houston. He can double as a DT if needed and can literally shut down the whole right side for the other offense. He's what we wanted out of Alualu. He'd be the anchor end. He's great against both the run and the pass. Has enough strength to appose his will at any time. Most people are thinking we will go after Michael Johnson which I wouldn't be mad about either. I just feel as far as a scheme fit Houston is our man.

Finally just a couple other guys I'd go after. Danario Alexander would give us another big play receiver to throw it up to down the field. He has the height and size to do just that. Let alone his redzone threat level. Yes I know he's injury prone. But I never said use him as an outside receiver. Strictly there to add a few big plays a game. Not to be on the field down after down. We have our receivers for that. I also think if Jairus Byrd makes it to free agency we should consider long and hard about making a play on him. I know Dave said they won't be looking for safeties this year but I think Byrd coming free would change his tune on that real fast. Byrd and Cyp would make a hell of a safety tandem.

So to some up the free agency here's a list.

Jon Asamoah

Lemuell Jeanpierre

Rodger Saffold

Linval Joseph/Tyson Jackson

Lamarr Houston

Danario Alexander

Jairus Byrd if possible

All that being said it makes our draft a little lighter of needs. Still need to address QB, LB, RB, DE, DT, and depth all around. From what I get Dave wants to get a starter with the first few picks. I think it's somewhere along the lines of any one pick in the first 90 picks should be considered starters of competing for starter. The only sure fire one is the first round pick is expected to be a starter. He never said he's to be a starter from day one. The big mystery this year surrounds Houston and what they plan on doing with the #1 pick. I think they are going to pull the trigger on either Clowney or Bortles. Based off Bill O'Brien's history. He likes his big tall stand in the pocket QB's. I also feel at the same time Houston would hard pressed to pass up on adding Clowney to their D-line. Would make them one of the top 3 if not #1 front seven in the league. So here's how my draft shapes up to be.











The exception I make with this are I would take Anthony Barr after a trade down if Teddy isn't there at 3. Getting an extra second would be worth it. I would use it on Ra'Shede Hageman or Scott Crichton. This would leave us with a team that looks like this minus the exceptions.

1. Chad Henne
2. Teddy Bridgewater
3. Blaine Gabbert (look to trade)
4. Aaron Murray

1. Jordan Todman
2. Bishop Sankey
3. Denard Robinson
4. De'Anthony Smith

1. Cecil Shorts
2. Justin Blackmon (if we get him back)
3. Ace Sanders
4. Danario Alexander
5. Mike Davis
6. Mike Brown
7. Stephen Burton

1. Marcedes Lewis
2. Clay Harbor
3. Danny Noble

1. Luke Joeckel
2. Cameron Bradfield
3. Rodger Saffold
4. Demarcus Love

1. Jon Asamoah
2. Uche Nwaneri
3. Austin Pasztor
4. Mike Brewster

1. Lemuell Jeanpierre
2. Patrick Lewis

1. Andre Branch
2. Marcus Smith
3. Ryan Davis

DT 1 (pass rusher)
1. Sen'Derrick Marks
2. Domonique Easley
3. Drake Nevis

DT 2 (run stuffer)
1. Linval Joseph/Tyson Jackson
2. Brandon Deaderick
3. Abry Jones

1. Lamarr Houston
2. Tyson Alualu
3. Aaron Lynch

1. Russel Allen
2. Dede Lattimore
3. John Lotuleilei

1. Paul Posluszny
2. LaRoy Reynolds

1. Geno Hayes
2. Jeremiah Attaochu

1. Dwayne Gratz
2. Alan Ball
3. Demetrius McCray
4. Jeremy Harris

Nickel Corner
1. Mike Harris
2. Antone Exom
3. Will Blackmon

1. Jairus Byrd
2. Josh Evans
3. Joe Lefeged

1. Jonathon Cyprien
2. Winston Guy

1. josh Scobee

1. Bryan Anger

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