Mock Draft? No, there's never enough. But finally broke 4000 on first

Many will dislike the no offensive lineman aspect, but many went early and value was never there. I think OL will be pursued heavily in free agency, and I also believe that our real draft will without a doubt contain at least one offensive lineman. So disregarding the OL aspect, what say you?

Your Picks:
Round 1 Pick 3: Teddy Bridgewater, QB, Louisville (A)

Because duh

Round 2 Pick 7: Ra'Shede Hageman, DT, Minnesota (A)

1st round talent. seriously this guy is good.

Round 3 Pick 6: Lache Seastrunk, RB, Baylor (B+)

RB in 3rd? maybe unlikely, but Seastrunk is my favorite RB in the draft, and I wasn't too high on any other value players here

Round 4 Pick 5: Michael Sam,

DE, Missouri (B) Size may be an issue for some, but would be a great fit in Bradley's D

Round 4 Pick 14: Daniel McCullers, DT, Tennessee (A-)

Just a behemoth of a man. Just lay him down in front of the center, run stopped.

Round 5 Pick 4: Mike Davis, WR, Texas (A)

6 ft receiver with good hands

Round 5 Pick 10: Justin Ellis, DT, Louisiana Tech (B-)

a lot of DT's but Ellis was the BAP in my opinion. Gets a real push off the line. Good rotational guy.

Round 5 Pick 19: Cassius Marsh, DE, UCLA (C-)

Strong DE who may not also push the tackle back, but almost never gets pushed back himself. Good rotational guy who can force the RB to keep looking for more room on the outside

Round 6 Pick 3: Denicos Allen, OLB, Michigan State (C)

Don't know much about him, only seen him play in one game. Looked talented enough to be considered for a 6th round pick, and MSU defense was overall dominant this year.

Round 7 Pick 7: Jalen Saunders, WR, Oklahoma (A)

Super speedy receiver with good hands. Not sure he'd fall til here, in which case Aaron Colvin would've most likely been my pick. Great help if JB can't return and also possible speedy return man along side Ace Sanders

P.S. had Denver not taken ILB Chris Borland in the 3rd just before me, he would've been the pick.

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