Post Combine Mock

First off, I think people get a little carried away with FA signings. We are not going to sign the top FA in three different positions. It's more realistic to hope for one Top Tier guy and few Middle Tier Free Agents. I do think we will target more Top and Middle Tier guys this year. Remember, they could sign with anyone. It's not a guarantee they will sign with us just because we like them.

We will target a FA pass rusher:

Michael Johnson or Michael Bennett would be ideal. I'm sure we will target several guys who can rush the passer. Hopefully this is our top Tier FA signing.

If we could sign Alex Mack it would be great, but I don't think its realistic.

Our FA players:

Sign Henne. We don't really have a better option.

Sign Will Blackmon: He played well. I would only replace him if he decides to sign elsewhere.

MOJO: If the price is right, sign him. If not let him go. Maybe he prefers a contender to end his career.


1. Bridgewater\Manziel

I prefer Bridgewater for the obvious reasons.

I still like Manziel. He is a hard worker and wants to be great. He has the talent. By all accounts he was a good leader in college and he played his butt off. How can you question his effort?

I don't understand why people care what he did during the football off season. You do realize that NFL players have lifes beyond football. All of the off the field stuff was during the offseason. Why is it so bad to attend an NBA game or go out on the town. If you don't like his style then that's fine too. I can understand not drafting him as well.

2. Jordan Matthews

The guy is a stud. He addresses the need for a bigger WR. Good character guy as well. There is not much value for the LEO position in the 2nd round. I get two good ones later.

3. Jeremiah Attaochu

LEO time. He can also play SAM. I think he fits our scheme quite nicely.

4. C Weston Richburg & OG Anthony Steen.

Franchise Center and a Zone Blocking OG in the same round. I know Steen has no arms(there short). We can nickname him T-Rex. If you watch his tape you see a guy that is fierce. He just fits our scheme and played against high level talent in the SEC. Take time and watch him against LSU on Draft Breakdown. He man handles DT Anthony Johnson. He gets to the second level. He is a good player.

If you don't like him Chris Watt is another possibility

5. DT Justin Ellis(1-tech), OLB Christian Jones, DE Brent Urban(5tech)

Seriously, if this happens how could you not be excited.

Ellis fits a need and will start day 1. Roy miller backs him up

Jones fits Sam, ILB, and LEO. Starter or rotational guy.

Urban fits the 5tech. HE can probably bring more rush than Alualu. He is also long and can effect the passing lanes. Can also slide to the 1-tech in passing situations. Nevertheless, they would be a nice combo

6. RB Storm Johnson

Pretty good player. He would compliment Todman. Jerick Mackinnon or Rajon Neal could also be considerations.

7. TE A.C. Leonard

Athletic TE to compliment Mercedes.

If you added Michael Johnson to the mix this would be great. We would have good depth and it's hard to imagine we would not get better at rushing the passer. I don't think we have to draft a LEO high. There are a lot of good players in this draft.

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