4 1/2 finger mock draft

Free Agency signings....


i believe lamaar houston is much more realistic and logical for an upgrade. he is a great player and still developing. i like this pick up more than a most likely expensive michael johnson (though i love that guy, but its just not the right time). i also believe Andre Branch is on the rise. 6.5 sacks (? i believe thats the number) last season isnt bad at all and showed improvement. i believe he is still developing his raw talent....

Linval Joseph - im a giants fan by heart, so this is probably a biased opinion.... but he was a force to be reckon with last year. he will most likely demand a decent sized contract.... so it's a signing i would be biased with but ultimately we dont have to go that route....


lots of good OL free agents.... im pretty confident about our OTs though we could add some insurance and depth. interior OL is our biggest need.....


resign Henne. that's our best possible safe bet coming into this next season. i know some people are giving up on him but he seemed to take some initiative toward the second half of the season. i feel he is decently capable in the meanwhile (building process). a smarter/safe decision than the other FA QBs.


havent researched LB FAs, but we definitely need some competition at the Will/Sam LB position. i loved allen in 2012 season and he is mostly consistent but i feel like he seems not as apparent in gus bradley's new defensive scheme. potential competition and upgrade at Will LB position should be focused in both the draft and FA.


resign Will Blackmon, he was like the mike harris of this past season. showed up huge and was consistent. he would be pretty cheap for someone who is familiar and has been showing consistency.


Rd 1: Bridgewater QB - not trying to jump on the bandwagon, but this has been my preferred choice since the beginning of the 2013 season and still is my preferred choice. i can only hope he falls to us. if not, i would prefer to trade back for more picks...

Rd 2: Aaron Donald DT or Scott Crichton DE (if Donald is not available). Crichton....19 TFL ... i like him better than Dee Ford...

Rd 3: Tre Mason (RB) - i was thinking we should snag him since the beginning of the 2013 season. he really impressed me through the whole season before he came into the spotlight. he makes his presence known and proves that he is big and explosive enough for the game. my #1-2 rated RB.

Rd 4: Kelcy Quarles (DT) - love this guy, even though he took advantage of the double teams with Clowney. i would love this guy in the 4th

Rd 4: Jeremy Hill (RB) - if he is available right here, i would pull the trigger.... even with the off field issues. we could really solidify our potential RB situation in Rd 3-4

Rd 5: Kevin Norwood (WR) - has such solid hands. would be a steal but i wouldnt be surprised if he went before the 5th round

Rd 5: Donte Moncrief - a lot of WR talent this draft and i feel like they are projected a lot higher than what they will be picked. big body WR.

Rd 5: Brandon Thomas (G) - i like brandon thomas. kind of a sleeper pick but he did solid at the senior bowl.

Rd 6: Russell Bodine (C) - i see a lot of potential/raw talent and some consistency in his college days.

Rd 7: Kevin Pierre-Louis (LB) - guy was impressive at the combine. would be a steal in the 7th....

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