My first mock draft

I have never attempted a mock draft before, so please hold criticisms to a minimum. Please let me know your thought on my picks and what you believe would be the better pick for the reasons you believe. Thanks :)

1) Houston Texans- Teddy Bridgewater

Most people are starting to believe he is not the best quarterback in the draft. I believe it is because people have not seen him play in the longest time of the big three quarterbacks. I also think he will do enough at the NFL Combine to work his way back to the number 1 overall pick. He has the best field awareness of every QB in this draft, and I believe this puts him over the top to Bill O’Brien.

2) St. Louis Rams- Jake Matthews

The Rams will start to truly invest in Sam Bradford during this offseason and draft. They have neglected getting him a good offensive line for a few years, but they will invest starting with Jake. Jake seems to be the best protector in the draft, but I am sure the Rams will get someone else as well to try and buff the line.

3) Jacksonville Jaguars- Blake Bortles

I believe that Gus Bradley will be impressed by Blake in his playing style and his mentality towards the game. Bortles reminds me of a combination of Ben Roethlisberger and Andrew Luck. Blake can run when needed and still be accurate in the pocket. He will be the ‘local’ kid that fans tend to identify with and love, and I believe he will fit the system very well.

4) Cleveland Browns- Johnny Manziel

I believe that the Browns will pick Johnny Football. I honestly think they will have a hard time adjusting to his style as long as Kyle Shanahan is the OC, but it may eventually work. The Browns organization seems like they would like to get Manziel if possible, so if he is availible at pick #4 he is going to Cleveland.

5) Oakland Raiders- Sammy Watkins

The Raiders won’t be convinced Derek Carr is their next starter in Oakland. This means they will try and nab a QB later freeing themselves to help the position in a major way, by the means of the best WR in the class. Watkins is an insanely talented player, and he will be a major contributor to the Raiders from the start of training camp.

6) Atlanta Falcons- Jadeveon Clowney

Both the Rams and the Jaguars pass on Jadeveon from the beginning of the draft process due to uncertainty in his football mentality. The Falcons feel it is a necessary risk for the potential reward, because they are hoping to get the best, physically speaking, pass rusher in the draft.

7) Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Eric Ebron

Tampa feels they need to help Glennon get a good passing game going, so they will take Eric and improve their receiving corps. immensely by doing so. He will provide a relief for Vincent Jackson and Jackson will help Eric see more opportunities to get underneath coverages for first downs.

8) Minnesota Vikings- Derek Carr

Minnesota takes Derek Carr by thinking of his potential. The front office and coaches both know the QB situation in Minnesota is atrocious at best, so they will pick Carr knowing he isn’t capable of being worse than their current rostered QBs. He has shown great qualities, but he isn’t being included in the big 3 QBs of this class because of his competition level this year. (And the way he crumbled against USC)

9) Buffalo Bills- Anthony Barr

Buffalo will be thankful Barr fell to the 9th pick and pick him up. He will provide a presence in the backfield that will improve the run stopping ability of Buffalo. He is very gifted in his physical traits and his football IQ.

10) Detroit Lions- Darqueze Dennard

Detroit will pick Dennard to be their CB of the future. They need another WR with Megatron, but they will believe that the draft is deep at WR this year (it is). This opens the door to select a first round defender, who is one of the better defensive players in the draft, with Dennard.

11) Tennessee Titans- Hasean Clinton-Dix

Tennessee has been a decent defense for years, but this offseason they try and address that issue. Dix will most likely be the best safety in the draft and Tennessee will take him. He has encountered many different types of QBs in his college career and excelled in coverage in every game.

12) New York Giants- Khalil Mack

Mack is a great OLB that should translate well to the pros. The Giants were hurt and didn’t look like themselves last season, but a good dose of new defenders should do them well. Mack looks to be a decent fit and he is played college in the state of New York giving him the hometown edge over others.

13) St. Louis Rams- Mike Evans

The Rams picked a lineman earlier, so they can take a pick to help out Bradford in another way. I believe Evans adds a different type of receiver to the Rams corps. and that a combination of Evans and Tavon Austin will appeal to every Rams fan and coach.

14) Chicago Bears- Kony Ealy

The Bears were hurt severely last year. I could hardly watch them without feeling bad for their defensive unit. I believe they take this opportunity to get younger and better with Ealy.

15) Pittsburgh Steelers- Greg Robinson

It’s no secret that age is taking it’s toll on Pittsburghs highly regarded defense, but I believe they will upgrade their offensive line in the first round to help fully establish a running game. Robinson can help open plenty of holes for Bell and will provide ample protection for Big Ben.

16) Baltimore Ravens- Marqise Lee

The Ravens need another offensive playmaker, that became evident with the absence of Anquan Boldin. I believe Lee will provide a great option if they chose to go with a WR in the first round.

17) Dallas Cowboys- Dee Ford

I personally believe that Ford will be a solid first round pick after the NFL Combine. He is strong and very good at what he does. He will be a great compliment with Ware when they are both healthy.

18) New York Jets- Kelvin Benjamin

The Jets need lots of help on the offensive side of the ball. This calls for a new compliment of playmakers in New York starting with Benjamin. He is a fast yet physical receiver that has a good arm span to get the ball. He should be a good fit in New York.

19) Miami Dolphins- Taylor Lewan

Taylor will be an instant upgrade for the line. Miami has a bud growing in the running game, and Tannahill is just starting to look like a real QB. Taylor should help both the Running and passing game flourish next season.

20) Arizona Cardinals- Zack Martin

Martin will be a great protector to the QB and their RB carousel. He should provide relief on Palmer and help the offense stay competitive in the NFC West.

21) Green Bay Packers- C.J. Mosely

Mosely will provide a 1-2 punch when he is working with Mathews in the backfield. The tandem could turn the Packers defense from mediocre to a respectable defense very quickly.

22) Philadelphia Eagles- Jason Verrett

Although Verrett isn't the most physically imposing cornerback in the draft this year, he can make a play on the ball better than other corners. He will have a decent impact on their defense next season.

23) Kansas City Chiefs- Odell Beckham Jr.

I believe Reid will see the benefit in adding another wide receiver. After the way their defense handled the season, he feels very comfortable spending a first round pick on an offensive playmaker to help Alex Smith.

24) Cincinnati Bengals- Justin Gilbert

The Bengals see Gilbert as a chance to improve their defense and become the dominant defense of the AFC North. He is a great player that seems to be a good fit into the defensive system run in Cincinnati.

25) San Diego Chargers- Cyrus Kouandjio

Rivers was back last season and the Chargers are hoping it stays that way. They will help him by drafting a lineman to help him get premium protection against the onslaught the NFC seems to be bringing soon.

26) Cleveland Browns- Aaron Donald

Cleveland has a good defense, but they will vastly improve it with a great DL like Donald. He is a great line disrupter and it should be evident that he will be a good pick next season.

27) New Orleans Saints- Ryan Shazier

Ryan is a very physical player and he is quick to get to the ball. From the games I have seen him play in, he seems to possess great football IQ and he is rarely tricked by fakes.

28) Carolina Panthers- Brandin Cooks

Carolina is in a similar situation as Kansas City, they both need to get better on the offensive side of the ball. Cooks could be the relief valve Newton needs to be a consistently good QB in the NFL.

29) New England Patriots- Louis Nix

The patriots need to upgrade their defensive line. This was a very evident fact once they had injuries this season. Once Wilfork went down their run stopping was nearly non-existent. They will draft Nix and hope he doesn’t get the injury bug.

30) San Francisco 49er’s- Timmy Jernigan

Jernigan has a great rush to go with his physicality. Jernigan was a major reason as to why FSU had such success against Auburn’s rushing attack, and he should be able to help stop the Marshawn Lynch type of running backs that are in the NFL.

31) Denver Broncos- Morgan Moses

Peyton Manning just keeps on aging. This doesn’t seem to affect his throwing ability, but it may affect his healing ability. Keeping him healthy is priority number 1 for Denver and I believe they will bring in Moses to help.

32) Seattle Seahawks- Jace Amaro

Seattle needs help on the offensive side of the ball, and I believe Amaro is the first piece to that puzzle. He will provide plenty of catching ability for Russell Wilson to take advantage of and should help by being a safety valve to throw to in tough situations.

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