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As the Jaguars start to gain some momentum in the rebuild, I started to wonder about the bandwagons we would acquire after we become one of the stronger teams in the NFL. One of my biggest pet peeves is a Bandwagon, So, in case one comes along I have created a my personal Jaguars Shit List.

Worst of the Worst:

Gregg Williams - Current Defensive Coordinator of the St Louis Rams. Former DC of the Tennessee Titans. Recently it was made public by Ronaldo Wynn, that he stole the Jags playbook during our 1999 season. The Season that Brunell & Co., lit up the league, going 14-2, beating the Dolphins 62-7 in the Playoffs. Ironically those 2 losses came to the Tennessee Titans. And losing to the Titans in a playoff game. One could say, had Coach Williams never stolen our shit, we could've gone 16-0 being the 2nd team in NFL History to do so, and gone on to win the Super Bowl to beat the Rams, ironically, and put the Jags in to NFL immortality. Tom Coughlin doesn't get fired and go win 2 Super Bowls in NY. The Titans came 1 yard short of a ring that year hahahahaha

Gregg Easterbrook - This dirt bag seems to really hate the Jags, for no reason. He wrote some really idiotic article, criticizing the Franchise for our Stadium Renovations. Clearly he didn't do his research and tried to say that the taxes should be used to fix some problem in our Public School system, but linked it to something in Jacksonville, Illinois. Screw him. Also referred to Shad Khan and Gus Bradley as weak. wow

Jeff Fisher - See: Gregg Williams

ESPN & ESPN First Take - Hardly ever give us any air time. Stephen and Skip disrespect us for no reason, saying how they "wouldn't wish the Jaguars on Tim Tebow". LOL. I will never forget how they ran a bogus stat line in like Week 6, saying the Jags were the only team to not score a Rushing TD.

Gene Smith - Possibly the worst GM in the history of the NFL. HE had some cockamamie idea that we should draft only "high character" players who played at colleges with shitty weight rooms because it made them more humble, and made them work harder. We have him to thank for taking Alualu before Jason Pierre Paul, and for the Gabbert era. But he gone ahhahaha.

Jason La Canfora - Mr Crosseyes wrote an article on why the Jags will be relocating to London. You guys know the story.

Jeremy Mincey - Had few good years. When Gus Bradley and his staff entered he became lazy as hell. After being released he went on twitter talking about he deserved a ring. >) and how its nice to "finally be a division champion". Throwing subliminal jabs to the Jaguars. - These guys hate Dave Caldwell lol. They can't seem to get over how we used analytics to pass on a QB last year and draft Luke Joeckel last year. Despite the fact that the QBs picked last year ( EJ Manuel, Geno Smith, Matt Barkely, and Mike Glennon) have been complete garbage, and it was smart to pass.

Delanie Walker - Apparently is disgusting to lose to us.

Matt Jones - Lazy crackhead

Dishonorable Mention - Greg Jones: Some of you will hate me for this. But the guy left us to go to our division rival in the Houston Texans and wound up being in a worse spot.

Ill stop being negative Nancy and say that some people have been pretty nice to us so here are some people in the Jags good graces IMO.

Pete Carroll & the Seattle Seahawks - Our current HC in Gus Bradley came from the coaching tree of Coach Carroll. The Seahawks have been a very classy franchise to us. They tried not to run up the score when they Blew us out in Week 4 in our 45-17 loss. I don't remember any of their players mocking us, and I remember Russell Wilson running after Cecil Shorts to say he enjoyed his play. They also, congratulated Gus on his first win against the Titans.

Bill Polian - When we do get the little air time from ESPN, its mostly from the NFL Insiders. Former Colts GM, Bill Polian usually has something nice to say about Shad Khan and our staff

Being a Jag fan Ive clearly developed a bit of a chip on my shoulder. Oh well, what are some guys who you'd say are in the Jags doghouse and some others who are in our good graces?

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