After the Frenzy: An Updated Mock Draft

After a flurry of free agent signings, the Jaguars roster looks much better than it did a few weeks ago. Dave Cladwell's approach has given the Jaguars flexibility in terms of picking the best fit in the draft rather than needing to force certain positions to fill needs. As a result, this new mock has some tweaks that are a result of the moves made in fee agency.

Round 1 Pick 3

Teddy Bridgewater, QB, Louisville: It's pretty simple in my opinion, if Bridgewater is available at pick 3, we take him to be a franchise QB. Even with the signing of Chad Henne, we know the the QB of the future is still needed. The reason I pick a QB over a DE or WR is due to the idea that it is easier (though no an exact to science) to find these positions in the later rounds than quarterback.

Round 2 Pick 39

Travis Swanson, C, Arkansas: As I made this mock I saw Alfie's right up on free agent centers, so if we do sign a center in free agency this pick would most likely change. Swanson in my opinion is the best center in the draft. I know most readers on this site have their hearts set on Richberg from CSU, but I think Swanson is the guy.

Round 3 Pick 70

Stanley Jean-Baptiste, CB, Nebraska: This former WR is the lengthy press corner that fits into the Seahawk-Jaguar scheme so well. Plug him in opposite of Gratz and we should be even more solid on the back end of the defense.

Round 4 Picks 101 & 110

Dakota Dozier, G, Furman: Athletic guard who would work well in a zone blocking scheme. A bit raw, but could realistically start on the right side day one if he can adapt quick enough.

CJ Fiedorowics, TE, Iowa: Another tight end to add to the offense. I like Lewis and Harbor, but we need another TE who could be effective if and when injuries occur.

Round 5 Picks 132, 138, & 147

Daniel McCullers, 1Tech, Tennessee: If there is one spot on the defensive line that seems to be thin(No pun intended) it's the 1 technique. Behind Roy Miller, there is no real depth at the position. McCullers is a house and as much as I dislike him for helping Tennessee spoil my Gamecocks' season. He will be a piece that will improve depth at the position.

Caraun Reid, DT, Princeton: Adding to what will seem to be the strength of our defense, Reid is more of a project but could be an under the radar type pick a few years from now.

Mike Davis, WR, Texas: This seems like a longshot for Davis to fall this far but I'm hoping he does. Would've liked to pick a WR sooner but Davis fits the bill here. If we do sign a receiver in free agency, we can afford to wait until the later rounds anyway.

Round 6 Picks 163 & 189

Dede Lattimore, MLB, USF: Athletic Mike Backer who could contribute on special teams immediately. He has ability but consistency is the issue.

Michael Schofield, G, Michigan: Adding depth to the interior of the line. This would be a pick to help churn out the bottom of the roster.

Round 7 Pick 199

Matt Hazel, WR, Coastal Carolina: Homer Pick. The kid is has a lot of skills. Very productive at the FCS level. If you have ever seen CCU's offense you know how productive he can be. Next Jerome Simpson.

Let the gauntlet!

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