Draft Talk - No Mock - Just players I think deserve our attention.

The QB debate is plentiful. Enough is written about them. So I will just rank the QB's. They are listed in order based on my opinion. I'm personally really like Fales as a late round prospect is we are forced in that direction.

1. Teddy Bridgewater

2.Johnny Manziel

3, Blake Bortles

4. Zach Mettenberger 5. Derek Carr 6. David Fales

7. Brett Smith 8. Tajh Boyd 9. AJ McCarron

10. Jimmy Garroppolo

Center - Big Need

Weston Righburg and Marcus Martin are great fits for our zone blocking Scheme.

Martin is not talked about as much,but he is a top level talent. He came out early and hurt his draft stock. Overall some people consider him the best C prospect.

Travis Swanson is another good player. I just think the Richburg and Martin are better fits for our scheme.

Bryan Stork is popular. He will probably be available in later rounds. Gabe Ikard is a very athletic C, but is not the strongest guy. He will also be available later.

OG - Big Need

Xavier Sua-Filo is probably the obvious favorite . We would have to draft him in the 2nd round to get him though, After free agency I can see us drafting a Guard or Center high unless we add more players before its over. Hopefully we do.

Brandon Thomas is not talked about very much. He performed well at the combine. He showed good speed and agility. He played LT some at Clemson, but is probably better suited at Guard. He also fits a zone blocking scheme due to his athleticism.

Anthony Steen is another later round guy. He has short arms and is not the best overall athlete,but he is a fit for a zone blocking scheme and played pretty well in that role at Alabama.

Wesley Johnson is listed at Tackle, but he is a little small to play Tackle in the NFL. He could be a 7th round guy or UDFA that fits our scheme. He is best suited to play OG in a zone blocking scheme. He was a really good player at Vanderbilt and faced pretty tough D lineman in the SEC. He was just extremely productive on the field. He ended his career with the most starts in Vanderbilt history starting 51 of 51 games. There is a lot to like with this guy. Especially as late as he is slated to go.

1-tech DT - We could get better at this position.

Doubt we go first round round here so I will skip Timmy Jernigan and Louis Nix type players. Not because I don't think we would not draft them if they fell. I just don't think they will fall. I think we can find a good young player for this role in the draft.

I think we will go later round here because there are good players for specifically fit the 1-tech.

Justin Ellis is a popular here. I completely agree and he is my favorite in a later round.

Daniel McCullers is another popular guy and good for reason. He is huge and fits our scheme at 1-tech.

Beau Allen is another favorite of mine. He's a later round guy and is an ideal fit for the 1-tech.

LEO - We still need a young guy to take over as the guy.

This is talked about a lot. I'm going to avoid the obvious guys. Clowney, Mack, Dee Ford, Attaochu. I think we all agree these are guys we like and would be happy with. I think there are a lot of guys in this draft to consider though. I have a few favorites.

James Gayle is my favorite of the lesser talked about pass rushers. I think he is an ideal LEO. He is a great edge rusher and is used in a LEO like fasion. He basically attacks the edge the majority of the time. He can bend the corner well and it shows on game film in real situations. He is also explosive of the edge. In my opinion he only falls in the draft because he is not really a guy who shows he can play OLB and his is undersized to be a traditional DE at 259lbs. That's not a problem for use because the LEO is an undersized DE basically.

Chris Smith has a lot of positives. Similar to Gayle and will be available in the later rounds.

Christian Jones has all the LEO qualities and could play LB as well. He is a versatile pick would could fit LEO or SAM right away.

WR - Get a guy who is over 6 feet.

Jordan Mathews and Donte MonCrief are guys I like. Its a deep draft at WR. I think we will get one maybe two.

RB - Get and UDFA and let him compete in camp.

Don't think we need to spend a pick here, but I have no problem getting a guy in the later rounds either. It's not that I don't like the guys available. I just think that running backs will always be available in the draft.

What are some players you guys like that are not the obvious favorites?

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