Bill's Mock Draft

Hi all, I'm Bill and new to this site. My 2 favorite teams are the Bills and Jaguars. I am much more optimistic about Jax right now. Anyway, I tried that fanspeak mock draft simulator for Jacksonville and have to say it'd knock my socks off if the draft came true. I thought it was a fantastic haul. Without further ado, here is my mock draft:

Round 1 Khalil Mack, LB Buffalo: Bridgewater and Jake Mathews were the first 2 picks, which left me choosing between Mack and Blake Bortles (best QB in the draft IMO). As a Buffalo fan I am obviously biased but Mack is a rock star and should be the Jags first choice. He is great at rushing the passer, making tackles for losses, and is good in coverage.

Round 2 Jimmy Garoppolo, QB Eastern Illinois: Value-wise I think he's number 2 behind Bortles; I'd much rather gamble on Garoppolo in the 2nd than Manziel or Bridgewater in the first. It appears the Jags already like him which is a positive sign. He went to a small school so he can't be very pro-ready, but he has all the home depot tools for success. We have Chad Henne (hopefully) if Garoppolo can't start week one.

Round 3 Michael Sam, DE Missouri: His skill set reminds many Bills fans of our DE Jerry Hughes, who had 10 sacks and 46 tackles this year. A bit of a one-trick pony but in a situational role could be a great add to Jags defense already bolstered by Khalil Mack.

Round 4 Brandon Coleman, WR Rutgers: 6'6, 220 lbs, and runs a 4.50 40 yard dash. Jacksonville needs this kind of physical talent at receiver.

Round 4 Crockett Gillmore, TE Colorado State: Projected mid-round tight end, and for the purpose of a value pick this 15-second highlight says it all-

Round 5 Wesley Johnson, G Vanderbilt: Jags need guards and the draft is a crapshoot at this point

Round 5 Seantrel Henderson, OT Miami: 6'8, 344 lb giant makes for a good lottery ticket.

Round 5 Russell Bodine, C North Carolina: Led all offensive linemen in the bench press (42 reps).

Round 6 Andrew Jackson, ILB Western Kentucky: Was on All Sunbelt Conference team last 2 seasons, if he amounts to a good reserve LB this is a great pick.

Round 7 Branden Oliver, RB Buffalo: Best running back in Bulls history. He broke many of James Starks records, who is putting together a decent career as a complimentary back in Green Bay. Trust me folks, Oliver is an absolute diamond in the rough. He is short but big and so was MJD. Oliver, Todman, Robinson would be a very decent running back trio IMO.

I'd be so incredibly happy if the Jags draft turned out this way or close to it. Or as long as they get Branden Oliver in draft or UDFA. Please comment your thoughts and take the poll, thanks!

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