Rhett's Mock Draft 2.0

1(3). Jadeveon Clowney DE South Carolina - I have the Texans taking Bortles and the Rams taking either Jake Matthews or Greg Robinson. This leaves the Jaguars with a few options, they can take Teddy Bridgewater, Jadeveon Clowney, Khalil Mack, or Sammy Watkins. The Jaguars re-signed Chad Henne, and are confident in him starting the season, and they signed Chris Clemons, Red Bryant, and Ziggy Hood as well as re-signing Jason Babin. This sures up the defensive line, and gives the Jaguars, as Caldwell and Bradley have both said, "flexibility" in the draft. They do not have to draft a Quarterback or fill a need. They can truly take the Best Available Player. As Mike Mayock said, it would be hard to see the Jaguars take a Quarterback unless they truly love on of the prospects. Unfortunately none of the QBs in this draft, have top 5 talent. The value of a franchise QB drives up their value, but they all have flaws in some ways. The Best Available Player here is Jadeveon Clowney. Clowney is 6'5" 266 lbs with 34 1/2" arms. The guy is physically gifted and athletically talented. Many people question Clowney's effort on the field this past season due to his low statistics, but if you watched any of his games, you can see he was double teamed a lot, I even saw plays where he was held multiple times and it wasn't called. Clowney is not a true LEO and can be used like the Seahawks used Michael Bennett., rotating him around the defensive line. Clowney needs to develop his pass rushing repertoire to be an elite end in the NFL, but with Todd Wash and Gus Bradley, it's highly likely that happens. With Chris Clemons, Jason Babin, Sen'Derrick Marks, Ziggy Hood, and Dekoda Watson on the team, Clowney just provides even more depth to an already good defensive line.

2(39). Weston Richburg C Colorado State - A lot of people might consider this a reach, but it's not. Richburg is the best center in the draft this season, and he's a perfect fit for the Jaguars. He's very athletic with impressive quickness and change of direction ability. Some say Richburg needs to get stronger, but I think he's alright. Richburg is a very durable, very intelligent, and very athletic center perfect for the Jaguars Zone Blocking Scheme. And remember last year's draft when the Cowboys used the 31st pick on Travis Frederick and called it a reach? Well he was PFF's 7th best center this past season.

3(70). Stanley Jean-Baptiste CB Nebraska - The Jaguars saw first hand Baptiste's talent at the senior bowl. Gus Bradley saw first hand what Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner did in his system in Seattle. Baptise has longer arms and more explosion from his lower body than Shermand does while also being 20 lbs heavier. Baptiste is a very coordinated press corner who is good at mirroring his receiver. Alan Ball, while effective , will be 29 and a free agent after this season. It is unknown if he'll be retained, but Stanley Jean-Baptiste and Dwayne Gratz would be a very good tandem for years to come.

4(101). David Fales QB San Jose State - The potential to be a good starting QB is there. Fales has great timing with his receivers, excellent accuracy, and very good ball placement. He has good poise and delivers throw through the hit. The knock on Fales is his arm strength, but he has proved it's not as a knock as people say it is. Watch his game versus Minnesota, Fales delivers two deep passes down the sideline in the first half with excellent ball placement where only the receiver can make the catch. Fales also has poor mechanics and footwork, and does lack some velocity on his deeper throws. It is possible that fixing his mechanics and footwork can fix his velocity program to a degree. Fales can come into a system with a good set of coaches, and develop his skills sitting behind veteran Chad Henne.

4(110). Brandon Coleman WR Rutgers - 6'6" 225 lbs with 34" arms. Coleman is a huge target, but needs a good WR coach to be developed. His route running needs to be developed and he needs to learn to catch with his hands more. Coleman's impressive size allows him to shield off defenders with ease, and pluck the ball out of the air. He would provide a solid #4 option and a red zone threat early in his career.

5(132). Crockett Gilmore TE Colordo State - A very high motor try hard player, Gilmore is a good blocker and has some natural ability as a receiver. He needs to add some strength, but would be a solid #3 option as a short yardage and red zone tight end.

5(138). Russell Bodine OG North Carolina - An extremely strong and quick guard, Bodine has solid enough athleticism to play well in the Zone Blocking Scheme. Bodine has less than ideal arm length, and needs to shed some weight he carries. Once he gets into an NFL Program, he will likely shed some of that weight.

5(147). Preston Brown ILB Louisville - Brown has good size, strength, and explosviness for the MIKE position. He's a great tackler and takes pride in it. Needs to work on his coverage skills but as the athletic skill set to be a good starting linebacker in a few seasons.

6(163). Storm Johnson RB UCF - Competition, competition, competition. Gerhart and Robinson are locks for the roster in my opinion. Johnson has good length, power, and quickness that can win him a roster spot over Jordan Todman.

6(190). Ryan Carrethers NT Arkansas State - At 6'1" 336 lbs, this is a very large man. Carrethers lacks height and arm length, but is very strong and puts in tons of effort. He is pretty raw, but can start his career as a rotational 1-Tech, and maybe develop into something special.

7(199). Jonathan Newsome DE/SAM Ball State - Strictly an edge rusher, Newsome is very quick off the line and might be a solid rotational pass rusher. Will compete for a spot in camp, likely ending up on the P.S.

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