Rhett's Mock Draft 3.0

1(3) Khalil Mack LEO/SAM Buffalo - This pick makes too much sense. Mack is an excellent prospect, and is a perfect fit for the LEO. With Chris Clemons and Jason Babin both being in their 30s, the Jaguars would like to add another young and good pass rusher to the mix. Mack could start day one if needed to but won't. Chris Clemons will likely get the nod as starter, and Mack will compete for time with Jason Babin.

2(39). Jordan Matthews WR Vanderbilt - Matthews is the most polished receiver in this draft. He's 6'3" 210 lbs with 33 1/4" arms and 10 3/8" hands. He's a big guy, that can provide the Jaguars with a player they haven't really had in a while, a big receiver. Matthews is a high effort and explosive receiver who is an excellent route runner. Matthews can come in and start day 1, he has a high floor but a lower ceiling compared to Watkins and Adams. Although, Matthews is already a strong player, I'd like him to bulk up another 10 lbs to really muscle opposing cornerbacks.

3(70). Connor Shaw QB South Carolina - This is one of the most underrated QBs in my opinion. Shaw is a very tough, smart, determined, and competitive Quarterback. He's a duel-threat Quarterback as he throws well, and runs even better. He's also a great leader, and has led his team from large deficits to big wins in college football. He' has good instincts, touch, accuracy, and is a good decision maker. Shaw only threw one interception his senior season. In South Carolina, he ran a lot of zone-read and he took most of his snaps out of shotgun so he'll have to learn and get used to taking snaps under center and refine his mechanics. Sitting behind Chad Henne a season will do Shaw wonders as it will allow him to learn the system, and develop his game to the next level. The biggest knocks on Shaw are that he's undersized(6'0" 206 lbs), and he only has average arm strength. I've watched some of his games, and he has enough arm strength to be a successful QB. I think Shaw has enough upside to be as good as Russell Wilson, but he's not near that level yet. Also, it's been reported the Jaguars and Seahawks are interested in Shaw.

4(101). Anthony Steen OG Alabama - A high motor, smart, and very tough O-Lineman. Steen played strictly Right Guard at Alabama, and is versatile enough to play in a power or zone blocking scheme. He is coming off a torn labrum injury which could be worrisome, but if all is well Steen can be a solid guard in the NFL.

4(114). Pierre Desir CB Lindenwood - Desir has excellent size, standing tall at 6'1" 198 lbs with 33" arms. He is a good athlete and a great press corner coming from a D2 school. He made a very good impression at the seior bowl. Can likely earn the starting job after Alan Ball departs from the team following the 2014 NFL Season.

5(144). Justin Ellis DT Louisiana Tech - Ellis is big. 6'1" 338 lbs 33" arms and 10 1/8" hands. Ellis has potential to be a great 1-tech in our scheme, but he's still raw and needs to shed about 15-20 lbs of excess weight. By shedding the weight, Ellis will not tire as easily and will be even quicker. Ellis is a quick thinker, and explosive off the ball. He has active hands and is a very awre football player. Ellis has some pass rushing abilities believe it or not, and is versatile enough to play any D-Line position from the 0-tech to the 5-tech.

5(150). Mike Davis WR Texas - Davis was regarded as just a deep threat entering the pre-draft process, due to his high number of screen and go-routes at Texas. At the combine, he put a good impression on NFL teams and the Jaguars as he showed solid hands, great burst, and good route running proving he's not as raw as many people thought. Davis needs to tweak his route running just a bit, and learn to comfortably catch the ball in traffic. Davis can come in and compete with Mike Brown for the #4 receiver position.

5(159). Max Bullough MLB Michigan State - Bulllough is the classic Middle Linebacker. He's a strong, big, durable, and smart linebacker who is a great leader. He's a very physical linebacker who thrives in run defense and is a great tackler. His great instincts and technique make up for his average athletic ability. Bullough is at best a 2 down MLB.

6(179). Bryan Stork C Florida State - Best suited for the Zone Blocking Scheme, Stork will bring competition to the starting center position, but will likely lose to Michael Brewster. Stork is smart, durable, and athletic. He has experience playing guard as well, and will most likely begin his career as an interior swing backup.

6(205). Henry Josey RB Missouri - Will have the opportunity to compete for a roster spot. Josey recovered from a severe knee injury that occure in 2011 and held him out of football in 2012, to run for more than 1,000 yards in 2013. He is a 3rd down change of pace back who had an excellent combine.

7(222). Jay Prosch FB Auburn - Prosch is a great run blocker who paved the way for an excellent Auburn running game. Prosch has some receiving ability, and could be converted from a true Fullback to an H-Back.

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