Dream Mock - Trade Down with ATL (First-Pick)

While I think the Jaguars' best case scenario at the top of this draft is Teddy Bridgewater falling to us at #3, I'm not sure that will happen and if it doesn't, a trade down a few spots would become ideal.

In this mock draft Bridgewater goes #1 and stud OT Greg Robinson goes #2 to the Rams.

At #3 I like Clowney's raw potential, but his football skill set will require a lot of refinement and I don't love his intangibles. So if Atlanta comes calling, the Jags should (and I'm sure would) listen. No crazy multiple 1st Rd pick offers are coming to move down 3 spots, but we pick up Atlanta's 2nd and 3rd round picks. This trade isn't out of the realm of possibility.

Cleveland goes QB and takes Blake Bortles. Oakland goes "Oakland" and takes Sammy Watkins.

Round 1 Pick 6 (ATL): Khalil Mack, OLB, Buffalo (A): I love this kid. His game is refined and he's the single most versatile defender in this draft. His primary skill is pass rushing from the LEO position, but he's also skilled at dropping into coverage, and can even play inside LB. He would be the ultimate toy for Gus' hybrid defense and if Clemons returns to his double digit sack form, Mack has the flexibility to still be an every down player. Mack is Von Miller good and getting him AND two more picks from Atlanta would represent incredible value for the Jaguars. He's got superstar potential.

Round 2 Pick 5 (ATL): Kelvin Benjamin, WR, Florida State (A): Wow! Can't believe a WR talent like Benjamin is available in the 2nd. Running to the podium! I think KB is in the same class as a Mike Evans who will likely go top 15. KB is a massive Red Zone target that excels at making contested catches and winning jump balls. What I also love about him is that he's got an aggressive mentality along the lines of Anquan Boldin. He doesn't plan to come in and sit and learn, he wants to dominate the NFL. Kid thinks he's the next Megatron. Once Jerry Sullivan cleans up his route running, watch out. Another prospect with pro bowl potential.

Round 2 Pick 7: Xavier Su'a-Filo, OG, UCLA (A): I'm generally not huge on taking interior linemen this high, but Xavier is the most athletic OG prospect in the entire draft. Fast and powerful, he'd be a plug and play day one starter and has pro bowl potential down the line. Guard isn't nearly as important as addressing our QB situation, but if we are taking the approach of "Build the roster and develop a QB" which it appears we are, we can wait a round or two for the developmental QB.

Round 3 Pick 4 (ATL): Jimmy Garoppolo, QB, Eastern Illinois (A): Jags get their developmental QB! Of the QB's outside of the big 3, I prefer Garoppolo to even Carr. His got a lightning quick release, excellent mobility, and throws WR's open. Anticipation throws are the thing I most like to see out of college QB's. He's almost got that arena league (Kurt Warner) mentality that allows him to make quick decisions and deliver the ball before the defense is fully set up. I like his potential. Personally I'd like to see a QB earlier just because I don't want to watch Chad Henne run this team any longer, but this is more the route I feel like Caldwell and Gus are going to with. The Tony Romo comparison is damn good one.

Round 3 Pick 6: Weston Richburg, C, Colorado State (A): Again I'd prefer to wait on interior linemen, Richburg is by far the most athletic C prospect in this draft, making him the ideal center for our zone blocking scheme. He can pull, he's smart, and I'm confident he'll beat out Brewster and be our day 1 starter. I don't see pro bowls for Richburg, but I can see him being a top 10 center and certainly he's the best fit for our system in this draft.

Round 4 Pick 5: Charles Sims, RB, West Virginia (A): I REALLY like this pick for the Jags. Sims is big (6'0, 215lbs) with 4.48 speed and is a great receiver out of the backfield. His NFL comparison is Matt Forte and he'd bring the ideal mix of size and speed to the Jags backfield. Earlier in this draft we have added the pieces to have a dominant zone blocking OL and the key to a dominant running game is having multiple RB's. I like Todman and D-Rob more as #3 RB's, Gerhart hasn't proven himself capable of 250 carries and if he isn't, I don't want Jordan Todman to be our starting RB. lol Gerhart & Sims are perfect compliments. Todman and D-Rob, talented backups.

Round 4 Pick 14: Zach Mettenberger, QB, LSU (A-): Jags get their developmental QB! Shad Khan eluded to the idea of taking more than one QB instead of taking a QB at #3. This idea is really growing on me. We have plenty of picks, why put all your eggs in ONE basket, when you can have two baskets? Zach is much larger with a bigger arm than Jimmy G. He's more of a Joe Flacco pocket passer. I think between the two QB's one of them will develop into a starting QB by opening day 2015. Bottom line is if we can't get Teddy B at #3, I think taking this two QB's in the middle rounds would be the next best option. Mix in the trade down and this draft starts to get REALLY good.

Round 4 Pick 30 (N.E.): Antone Exum, CB, Virginia Tech (B+): I traded a 5th, 6th, and a 7th to move up and take Exum. At 6 feet 213lbs he's a big physical corner that could potentially transition to FS. Either he's a fit at CB or he gives Josh Evans comp and gets PROSINKI off the roster. Versatility pick.

Round 5 Pick 4: Michael Schofield, OT, Michigan (B-): Another versatile offensive linemen. He has experience playing both OT and OG and I think the Jags could use some more OL depth.

Round 5 Pick 10: TJ Jones, WR, Notre Dame (A-): Wanted to add another talented WR from this deep WR draft. I think he'll be a better WR than Tandon Doss and Mike Brown.

Round 6 Pick 29: Dri Archer, WR, Kent State (B+): If you can get the fastest player in the draft with your last pick, you do it. Speed kills and this kid has Dexter speed, he kills other I love him as a kick returner and I think he could develop into a Dante Hall type weapon on offense.

This draft makes me happy! We have the makings of the best offensive line we've seen here in over a decade. We have upgraded the pass rush with Mack and our skill positions with Benjamin & Sims. I think this draft would make our team a complete unit with no glaring holes and would make for the ideal situation for ANY competent QB to be successful. Heck, maybe even Chad Henne could win 9 games with a team this complete. Let me know how you think I did!

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