Henne Returns

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Lmltsmp_medium Sup BIATCH. Just got this extension what boutchu?

Cy98ow5_medium Who told you I use that? Did Whitney open her big mouth again?

Lmltsmp_medium Um...what?

Cy98ow5_medium Don't worry Chad. Your secret is safe with me. I had no idea you also use Extenze® for male enhancement.

Lmltsmp_medium Um...anyway. It's for 2 years. Not even sure if you'll get one for 1 day. Hah!


Lmltsmp_medium Okay....I'm out of here.


Lmltsmp_medium Sup Marcedes. Vroom vroom! Get it. Like the car? Haha, I'm hilarious. Anyway, just got that contract extension. Looking forward to working with you some more.

Osxgvts_medium Cadillacs for your cataracts.

Lmltsmp_medium Um...what?

Osxgvts_medium Life is like cracking eggs. If you hit it too hard, you'll get eggshell all in your food. If you apply the right amount of pressure, its nourishment will come out steadily, eggshell-free.

Lmltsmp_medium Hello? Are you even human?

Osxgvts_medium Tissues for your issues.

Lmltsmp_medium Okay, whatever. Bye.


Lmltsmp_medium Hey Maurice. Just got the contract extension! It's pretty short, though. Just like you. Haha! Only 2 years.

Xzste2z_medium ...

Lmltsmp_medium Cat got your tongue?

Xzste2z_medium Chad, I'm going to be honest. I hate you. I hate Blaine also. Watching you two has numbed my emotions. My heart doesn't pump blood anymore. My heart hasn't pumped blood in two years. It has been broken from watching Blaine run out of the pocket before I even blink and watching you throw two yard checkdowns on 3rd and 10. I have to beg for blood from blood drives to continue living. I can't smile at my kids anymore. I'm dead on the inside.

Lmltsmp_medium ...Oh. Uhh..

Xzste2z_medium Don't worry. You don't have to say anything. In fact, please don't. I don't want to hear your voice anymore.

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