My Jag Offseason

Tier 1 Free agents: None

Mr. Caldwell and Coach Gus are trying to rebuild, not to win a championship next season. I feel like none of the free agents in the Tier 1 category are worth the money they would cost. If we would be good enough to contend in the next 3-4 years I would feel differently, but we just need to focus on the rebuild.

Tier 2 Free agents: Ben Tate RB (3 years; 9.5 million dollars[3 million guaranteed]), Henry Melton DT (3 years; 8 million dollars[2.7 million guaranteed]), and Everson Griffen DE (3 years; 8 million dollars[2.7 million guaranteed])

Ben Tate is a good RB with very little tread on him. He has been sitting behind a great RB and learning from him over the past few years. I feel he could be an instant starter in our system.

Henry Melton has shown some flashes of being a very good DT. He is coming off an injury(torn ACL), so he should be a relatively cheap addition. If he is able to preform at nearly the same level as he used to, he could be the steal of the off-season.

Everson Griffen, like Henry Melton, has shown flashes of being a great player. I feel that with Coach Gus' help, he could get to his full potential and potentially stay with the team for his career.

Tier 3 Free agents: Julian Edelman WR (4 years; 13 million dollars[5 million guaranteed]) and Daryl Smith LB (3 years; 7.5 million dollars[1.8 million guaranteed])

Julian Edelman is a very good punt and kick returner. He is also a good WR that can run multiple types of routes. He has been a versatile play maker all throughout his career, and I have a feeling that last year was the start of his rise as a WR.

Daryl Smith took over for Ray Lewis last season, and he excelled at his job. I am surprised that the Ravens are letting him hit the market, but their loss is our gain right?

The rest (resigns and less than tier 3's): Will Blackmon CB (3 years; 8.5 million dollars[3 million guaranteed[) and Evan Dietrich-Smith C (2 years; 6 million dollars[3 million dollars guaranteed])

Will Blackmon showed good enough skills last year to earn a new contract with Coach Gus and the Jags for the next few seasons.

Dietrich-Smith is a good center that is very underrated. He has been blocking and snapping for Arron Rodgers the past few years and may be able to help the newest QB addition adjust to their NFL starting role.

Draft time:

1st round, 3rd pick: Blake Bortles

I feel as if the Texans are going to pick Teddy Bridgewater at #1 overall. This time of year there are many conflicting reports about QB's, but I feel as if the Texans will pick who they think is the best QB out there. Most people sense that Teddy Bridgewater is the most NFL ready, and I believe that the Texans will chose him as a win now QB instead of Bortles who is a project QB at the moment. Even though he is a project QB, we are a project team and I feel he could be the long term answer if given a few years to adjust.

2nd round, 39th pick: Stephan Tuitt

He has great size to match his athletic ability. If he lives up to his potential, he could be a great addition for the team.

3rd round, 70th pick: Dominique Easley

He is a great talent and he should be a great NFL talent. He showed signs of being a great player in college, but he never was able to be extremely consistant. This is what Coach Gus takes pride in, fixing players and having them live up to their potential.

4th round, 101st pick and 101st pick: Carlos Hyde and Marcus Martin

Carlos Hyde can be a good NFL RB if given time to adjust. I believe that he could sit behind Ben Tate and be a future asset after learning how to pick apart run defenses in the NFL.

Marcus Martin can be our long term answer at Center, but I believe he should bulk up first. This leaves us in the situation of having him sit behind Dietrich-Smith until he is ready to take on the starting role.

5th round, 132st pick, 138th pick, and 147th pick: Lamin Barrow, Arron Murray, and Adrian Hubbard

Lamin Barrow is a very instinctive player. He can read and dissect plays as they happen. He is very versatile, and I believe he could be a great ILB for us.

Arron Murray suffered an ACL tear that ended his college career. I believe that this could be a great thing for the Jaguars. The Jags have expressed intrest in picking multiple QB's to try and find the right one. Worst Case scenario is we wasted a 5th round pick, but the best scenario is that we got a starter in the fifth round.

Adrian Hubbard is a fast OLB. If Coach Gus can help him out as he bulks up, we may have hit some gold for the value we got him at.

6th round, 163rd pick: Taylor Hart

Taylor Hart is a very natural DE. He usually wins the leverage battle of any opponent he is facing. He has a decent swim move that should translate to the NFL as long as he continues to work hard.

7th round, 199th pick: Matt Hazel

Hazel is just a flier pick. The picks in the seventh round are generally just teams hoping for the upside of whatever player they pick, and in the Jags place, I think they might take a flier on Hazel. He seems to have good ability, but it is hard to tell with him playing low level talent.

I am not going to attempt an undrafted list at the moment, simply because I feel as if the draft board will change before the draft with most kids still having their pro days soon.

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