Rhett's Mock Free Agency

With free agency starting Monday, and negotiations starting tomorrow, I thought I'd make this post. Trying to make it as realistic as I can, based off what I know about the Jaguars.

Chad Henne QB JAC; 2 Years 8 Mill - Already happened.

Donald Brown RB IND; 3 Years 10 Mill - Similar deal to Shonn Greene's deal from a year ago. Donald Brown has had an up and down career, but played rather well this past season. He had 655 yards on 130 carries for 5.0 yards per carry, and 7 touchdowns as well. Add 32 receptions for 264 yards and 3 touchdowns to that. Brown as a connection to the Jaguars coaching staff as he played for the UCONN Huskies from 2005 to 2008, and Jaguars RB Coach Terry Richardson was the RB Coach there at the time. A change of scenery and being reunited with his old college coach, might turn his career around.

Shelley Smith OG STL; 2 Years 4 Mill - The most athletic guard in the 2010 NFL Draft, Smith came out as a prospect who looked like a good a fit for the Zone Blocking scheme because of his athleticism and his good feet. He spent 2010 on the Texans' practice squad, and 2011 on Injured Reserve. In 2012 the Texans waived him, and the Rams picked him up and he played 360 snaps and was pretty solid in the run game, and pass blocking other than one really bad game against San Francisco. In 2013, Smith only played 371 snaps, but was really good as a run blocker. He had 2 dissapointing games as a pass blocker, but this was only his 2nd year of actually playing against opposing teams in the NFL. He's only 26, should be rather cheap, and has a lot of room to improve his game.

Evan Dietrich-Smith C GB; 4 Years 24 Mill - Lot of money, but deservingly so. Dietrich-Smith was a top 10 center this past season playing really well run blocking and pass blocking. He's a good fit for the Zone Blocking scheme, and has a lot of good football in him.

Red Bryant DE(5T) SEA; 3 Years 10 Mill - This signing just makes too much sense. Alualu was an average/solid 5-tech, he held his ground in run defense, but horrendous in pass rushing with 10 hurries, 8 hits, and 2 sacks on the opposing QB through 754 snaps. Bryant on the other hand, is a great run defender, and is a solid pass rusher at times, but can struggle as well. Regardless, he's a huge upgrade over Alualu, as on only 488 snaps, Bryant had 15 hurries, 4 hits, and 2 sacks. Bryant only played 65% of Alualu's snaps, but was a bigger force against the QB. After playing for Todd Wash and Gus Bradley, and Alfie having a source telling him Bryant is coming for a visit, I once again say this signing makes too much sense.

Everson Griffen DE(LEO) MIN; 3 Years 13 Mill(with sacks and start incentives) - Based off the combine benchmarks that Alfie made a few weeks back, I compared Griffen's combine numbers from 2010 to the benchmarks, and he passed every event minus his arms by 3/8 of an inch and the shuttle by .05. 4 seasons have gone by since then, but it's something to note. This past season, Griffen played really well, as he was a solid run defender and good pass rusher with 39 hurries, 7 QB hits, and 6 sacks as a situational pass rusher. Griffen is only 26, and looks to be a starter somewhere, unfortunately he's not the biggest name on the market, and he'll likely have to settle for less money elsewhere like Jacksonville.

O'Brien Schofield DE(LEO)/LB(SAM) SEA; 2 Years 1.5 Mill - On 103 pass rushing snaps, Schofield had 7 hurries, 4 hits and 1 sack on QBs. New LB Coach Robert Saleh is familiar with Schofield from Seattle, and Schofield is familiar with Jacksonville's defensive scheme as it is similar to Seattles. Schofield can compete for playing time, and might just push Andre Branch off the roster.
Will Blackmon CB JAC; 3 Years 7 Mill - Blackmon is a good nickel corner who can be solid on the outside as well. He's a good run defender, and a solid aggressive cover man.

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