Jumping on the mock offseason bandwagon

I thought as everyone else is doing it id jump aboard and make my own mock offseason, using free agency and then fan speak's mock draft I cobbled this together...


Brandon Deaderick DT, Will Blackmon CB, Jordan Todman RB, Mike Brown WR, Austin Pasztor RT & Will Ta'ufo'ou FB

Free Agency, Tier 1:

Jon Asamoah, OG: I have seen no player that makes more sense for the Jags to pursue. Perfect fit for our o-line, young and could be cheaper than we expect as he ended up as a back-up last year

Michael Bennett, RE: Very good pass rusher who has played in the same type of defence, I would expect him to come in and instantly be our best pass rusher. I would hope for somewhere between 8-12 sack and a lot of under rated quarterback disruption from him. Would likely mean cutting Babin, which would save most of the money for this signing anyway.

Free Agency, Tier 2:

Red Bryant, LE: Well the team have already done this one so why not just go along with them. To be fair I like the signing and its the start of making our d-line have the old Seahawks bookends. Bryant and Bennett on either end is an instant improvement to the line and would make us a hell of a physical team to play against.

LaGerrette Blount, RB: Big workhorse back from New England. I think he's a little under rated in free agency and could be a good pick up in a backfield with no lead runner, Blount, Todman and a draft pick will be a good mix of styles and a help build the tough running game the Jags want to base thier offense around.

Free Agency, Tier 3:

Brandon Browner, CB: I know, I know, he's been banned and still has a 4 game ban to start this year. But with the right contract I think he's worth picking up. He will install the physical attitude that Gus wants into this secondary and bring with him his undeniable talent. This would be my off season high risk, high reward move.

Evan Dietrich-Smith, OC: The new Jags centre for the next 6-8 years. Aaron Rodgers likes him so that should be good enough for Henne or our new young QB we may be adding. Good, mobile blocker who should fit well in our zone blocking scheme.

So we've added some starters to our team and likely spent 20-25 million in cap room. For 6 starters I think that's pretty good business, so now to add some young talent from the draft..

Draft time:

1. Teddy Bridgewater, QB, Louisville: I don't say this lightly, but, when I watch Bridgewater throw he I cant help being reminded of Aaron Rodgers. I think he has the same ability to put the ball where he wants. Now if he can learn to read the game (which he's already advanced for, for a college QB anyway) & turn up at the big moments like Rodgers he could be that good. Needless to say, im a fan.

2. Xavier Su'a-Filo, OG, UCLA: A nice size, very talented, good fit for our zone blocking scheme offensive lineman. Hes good value too in the second round and should be a 10 year plus starter for us, similar to how a former second round offensive lineman was a big part of our team for the last 14 years.

3. Jackson Jeffcoat, DE, Texas: I cant help liking his pass rushing ability, he a little undersized, but, in the third round is far to good value for me to turn down, put him in the rotation with Bennett and Branch and our pass rush is starting to look like it has some potential.

4. Paul Richardson, WR, Colorado: 83 receptions for 1343 years last season and over 150 career catches make him a nice receiver to add to our crop. He would start opposite Shorts if Blackmon cannot return but I would prefer if he had more time to adapt. I was looking to add height here but Richardson just worked out as too good value at this spot.

4. Carlos Hyde, RB, Ohio State: Future three down back of the franchise but will get the privilege of sharing the load with Blount and Todman early in his career. I think hes probably the best back in the draft (I say probably because I am intrigued by Hill, but Hyde is comparable and much safer).

5. Justin Ellis, DT, Louisiana Tech: Nice sized, impressive defensive tackle who will be added to the rotation with Marks and Miller. Can be Millers future replacement if he plays well and should be an asset against the run.

5. Lamin Barrow, LB, LSU: I have ideas of moving Barrow to outside linebacker and having him compete with Hayes and Allen for a starting spot. Hes got the right size and good quickness (4.64 forty) to play outside and is a good tackler.

5. Hakeem Smith, FS, Louisville: Under rated safety from Louisville will come in and compete to play with Cyprian. He played very deep at college and is very good at getting to the side-line and helping out corners. I'm a big fan and think he can be the safer safety behind Cyprians aggressiveness.

6. Crocket Gilmore, TE, Colorado State: A bit of a BCC favourite but that's not why I picked him. Hes a big bodies potential match up nightmare who is also a good blocker. I think his blocking ability makes him a safe sixth rounder who should stick around long after Lewis has gone. But if we can unleash his receiving potential (that needs some serious work) then we could be onto a draft day steal!!!

7. Jay Bromley, DT, Syracuse: Undersized tackle who happens to be very good a rushing the passer. One that needs some work but could turn out to be a useful member of our rotation and could even be a threat on third down. I'm almost tempted to say a poor mans Aaron Donald. But I didn't say that.

Ok so all that intake needs some cuts, here are my player cuts:

Forsett RB, Scott QB, Gabbertt QB, Nobel TE, Lewis OC, McClendon OG, Burton WR, Ebert WR, Davis DE, Love DT, Nevis DT, Babin DE, Nowark OG, Stupar LB, J.Harris CB, Prosinski S, Martin S, Fleming CB, Thomas LB, Rivers DE, Reed DE, Pericak DE, J.Miller DT, Stankiewitch OC, Milhim OG, Love OT, Barden TE, Williams WR, Thomas WR, Sambrano WR, Bumphis WR, Carter RB

So that leaves:

(Bold = New, * = Rookie, Italics = Banned for substance abuse)

QB: Bridewater* / Henne/ Stanzi

RB: Blount / Hyde*/ Todman/ Robinson

FB: Ta'ufo;ou

LT: Joeckel/ Bradfield

LG: Asamoah/ Brewster

OC: Dietrich-Smith

RG: Su'a-Filo*/ Rackley

RT: Pasztor/ Young

TE: Lewis/ Gilmore*/ Harbour

WR: Shorts/ Richardson*/ Sanders/ Brown/ Taylor/ (Blackmon)

RE: Bennett/ Jeffcoat*/ Branch

LE: Brayant/ Alualu/ Jones

DT: Marks/ Miller/ Ellis*/ Deaderick/ Bromley*

SLB: Barrow*/ Hayes

MLB: Posluzney/ Reynolds

WLB: Allen/ Lotulelei

CB: Browner/ Gratz/ Ball/ Blackmon/ McCray/ M.Harris

FS: Smith*/ Evans

SS: Cyprian/ Guy

K: Scobee

P: Anger

LS: Tinker

It still needs some needs but really just for top quality starters as the depth is decent. For future consideration could be a new linebacker, a younger top notch pass rusher and a top notch player in the secondary.

Thanks for reading all the rubbish as im sure you've seen many before.

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