G's 2014 Jaguars Entire Mock Draft 2.0

I'm going to do my second mock draft based upon all 10 draft picks the Jags currently have and am going to assume they make no trades. This is the mock that I've posted on my website as I've taken over at Cover32 - Jaguars as the managing editor.

Feel free to comment and vote on the poll for which pick you like the best.

Round 1 | Pick 3: WR Sammy Watkins, Clemson

I’m going to assume that Houston will go one of two ways, either they will draft Jadeveon Clowney or they will draft which ever one of the ‘Big Three’ at quarterback that they most feel comfortable with. As far as St. Louis goes, I have a feeling that they may try to trade back a few spots. That being said, if they’re stuck with the second overall pick, I believe that they will go after one of the top offensive tackles.

At number three, even if Jadeveon Clowney is on the board still, I don’t think that we’ll take him. The signing of Red Bryant really helps out the Jaguars with edge pressure. That being said, I don’t think that taking a quarterback here is too smart either and GM David Caldwell won’t unless he is absolutely 100% sold on someone.

Well, what will they do then? Draft Sammy Watkins.

The Jaguars need help on offense–plain and simple. Justin Blackmon, at least at this point, is being treated as a ‘luxury’ and hasn’t even been reinstated to the league yet. Going back to what Caldwell said at the combine about Henne being able to keep the team ‘afloat’ with better protection and more weapons, really makes Watkins being drafted at three, a likely scenario.

Watkins is a game-changer and a big-time playmaker who has the ability to pop the top off a defense on any given play and has some of the best hands that anybody has seen in a very long time. His run-after-the-catch ability paired with world-class speed and his elusiveness when making cuts makes him a legitimate starting-caliber receiver in the NFL and someone who is worthy of a top-10 and even a top-5 draft selection.

Previous Pick: DE Jadeveon Clowney, South Carolina

Round 2 | Pick 7: OG Xavier Su'a-Filo, UCLA

Athletic. Effective. Durable

Those are the words that come to mind when I watch Su’a-Filo. While at UCLA, Su’a-Filo started in all 40 of his games that he played–all 40. Durability is key for any NFL team, but the Jaguars have really had a tough time keeping guys healthy on the offensive line and could really use someone who is durable and reliable.

Su’a-Filo oozes with athleticism. He can pull, trap, and combo block as well as work his way to the second level of defenders which is key in order to have a solid running game, again, something the Jaguars haven’t had. He also moves his feet well and shoots quickly out of his stance giving him good leverage for holding off defensive linemen.

His effectiveness is helped by his durability and his athleticism. Being able to stay healthy allows you to become more and more comfortable with blocking schemes and preparing for whatever situation that might happen. His athleticism helps him generate his power when blocking on running plays, but also allows him to bend his knees and extend in small spaces which makes him effective.

With the release of long-time starter Uche Nwaneri, I think Su’a-Filo is someone who can come right in and start at left guard from day one.

Previous Pick: RB Ka'Deem Carey, Arizona

Round 3 | Pick 6: C Weston Richburg, Colorado State

Brad Meester gave it his all throughout each of his 14 years leading the offensive line for the Jaguars. Meester is someone who will be hard to replace, but I think Richburg is just the man for the job. Like Su’a-Filo, Richburg has proven his durability–he started every one of the 50 games he played in at Colorado State.

Richburg also demonstrates great athletic ability coming off the ball quickly, maintaining great body control, and being able to be quicker than fast when used as a pulling blocker. Richburg will benefit from playing in a zone-blocking scheme being that he is slightly lighter but more athletic. He plays with an aggression that can’t be matched and great awareness.

A two-time captain, Richburg was a vocal leader not only on the offensive line but in the huddle and in the locker room. Those leadership qualities are something the team lost in Meester, but could value in Richburg.

Bradley is always talking about creating an atmosphere of competition, well, here’s a true competitor. Richburg took command of the line at Colorado State and has the leadership and experience to do the same here in Jacksonville.

Previous Pick: QB AJ McCarron, Alabama

Round 4 | Pick 5: QB AJ McCarron, Alabama

I know that many people don’t like this pick, but listen to me when I say this, McCarron is going to definitely get a hard look from Caldwell and Bradley and here’s why, all he does is win. Winning is important and something the Jaguars haven’t had much of on a consistent basis in a very long time.

Anytime a guy has multiple rings on his fingers, he has to be doing something right… and no, it’s not just his supporting cast–McCarron isn’t just a ‘game-manager.’ If anything, he’s a smart, experienced, highly-competitive team leader who makes smart decisions and takes care of the football–he knows when to check it down and when to hit the long bomb.

He has great pocket poise and even when Alabama’s line broke down at times, never seemed to be rattled when the pressure was in his face, unlike somebody we all know. While he isn’t as mobile as RG3, he isn’t a sitting duck either–he possesses enough mobility to move-up in the pocket and make the pass rusher miss. He puts a nice touch on the ball and throws it to where the only person who can make a play on the ball is his receiver and no one else, even when he is on the run, extending the play.

His experience from operating a pro-style offense gives him a step up from other quarterbacks coming from a spread offense. McCarron makes progression reads better than any quarterback in this class and works from under center as well as in the gun with ease–something spread offense quarterbacks will struggle with. He has top-notch field vision which allows him to time his throws and anticipate where his target will be. While he doesn’t have great arm strength, he Has enough to fit the ball into spots thanks to his consistent throwing mechanics.

Like him or not, he can be a starter in the NFL and would work well for the Jaguars

Previous Pick: OLB Jeremiah Attaochu, Georgia Tech

Round 4 | Pick 14/19: RB Andre Williams, Boston College

Maurice Jones-Drew is going to test free agency and more than likely will end up elsewhere next season. Behind MJD, we’ve got a young group of runners in Jordan Todman and Denard Robinson. Todman has shown he can be a starting back, my question with him is can he handle an entire season running 25 or 30 snaps a game–we don’t know.

Robinson isn’t the answer at running back. I think he’s someone who is a situational player who you have to use in certain packages and situations. He’s great for running the wildcat and trick plays, maybe even in some goal line plays, but let’s be honest, he isn’t built to handle the workload like an Adrian Peterson or Frank Gore.

This Heisman trophy finalist is our man and apparently, the team certainly thinks so as well, as they reportedly met with him at the NFL combine in Indianapolis.

Williams is an extremely strong, powerful runner with instincts and toughness. His contact balance is superb, he sheds defenders day and night. He led the nation in rushing his senior year, proving he can handle the workload of being a three-down back. His vision allows him to find creases to run through.

What stands out to me with Williams is that he runs with a sense of urgency and also runs fast downhill. The worst thing a defender could do is let him get into an open space because he has that extra gear to kick it up a notch and the ability to outrace the defense to the end zone.

His pass protection and ability to read the defense and recognize blitzes are second to none and the best in this class of running backs. Williams can add that extra dimension of a great pass-protecting back to our offense which is key to helping our passing attack.

Previous Pick: WR L'Damian Washington, Missouri

Round 5 | Pick 4: C.J. Fiedorowicz, Iowa

If you go back to my article on the uncertainty that surrounds the tight end position, I mentioned that while I didn't think the Jaguars would go after a tight end in free agency, I do think they take one in the draft. Fiedorowicz caught the eyes of the coaching staff at the Senior Bowl that they had met with him privately in Mobile.

While we did re-sign Clay Harbor and still have Marcedes Lewis, I think C.J. Fiedorowicz fits our offense and can really benefit from learning under Lewis for a year or two. Fiedorowicz possesses the ability to seal defensive ends off the edge and hold his own against them, something that Harbor struggles with that was apparent when he started in absence of Lewis last season. With a few more years of proper coaching, I think Fiedorowicz has the potential to be an even better blocker than Lewis.

Not only can he block, but Fiedorowicz has all of the traits needs to be a volatile weapon downfield as well. He possesses great lower-body flexibility, allowing him to drop his hips when running angle routes, something that isn't all that common among tight ends. His speed and physical play style allow him to be a threat in seam and separate from his defender whether he lines up in-line outside as a receiver.

He's a young, tough player who plays with lots of aggression and is physical, he isn't afraid to lower his shoulder and layout defenders. His blocking skills are better than most rookies and something the Jaguars will value, especially with Lewis getting older.

Previous Pick: OG Brandon Linder, Miami

Round 5 | Pick 10: DT Daniel McCullers, Tennessee

Picking up Red Bryant helps out our rotation of defensive ends so that they can stay fresh longer, something that was a problem last season. At defensive tackle, we re-signed Sen'Derrick Marks for four more years, a contract that is well deserved. Marks can't do it all though and behind him, the outlook is bleak.

Roy Miller was a huge let down last season and anything but reliable, enter Daniel McCullers.

McCullers is a behemoth of a human, standing six feet, seven inches tall and weighing in at 357 pounds at the NFL Combine. He has massive 11 inch hands and 36 inch long arms. Just his sheer size alone is enough for him to overpower an offensive linemen.

While his weight has fluctuated throughout his career, not once has McCullers missed a game due to injury, another proven durable player for the Jaguars defensive line is something that I'm sure defensive line coach Todd Wash would greatly welcome. Wash is the perfect coach for someone like McCullers with tons of potential and raw talent who needs a defensive line coach that will teach McCullers the proper way to get the most out his size and strength, as well as to help him work on his mechanics.

While Jacksonville doesn't necessarily run the two-gap defense that it used to, most of the formations in Bradley's defense utilize a two-gap formation which is clearly what McCullers is suited for as he is a one-technique defensive tackle. He impressed many at the Senior Bowl, showing up in good shape and excelling in his drills.

Previous Pick: FS Ty Zimmerman, Kansas State

Round 5 | Pick 18/19: OG Ryan Groy, Wisconsin

Groy is a big, hard-working guard with terrific size who plays with 'football smarts.'

He was well respected by both his coaches and his teammates while at Wisconsin and gave every play, everything he had; a natural born competitor. He plays with great awareness and encompasses enough strength in his six-foot-five frame to stand his ground against defensive linemen.

He can lean over and seal off edge rushers when he has to and is quite effective in pulling plays and getting to the second level.

He's an intelligent player who I think will win coaches over with his effort and good demeanor.

Previous Pick: FB J.C. Copeland, LSU

Round 6 | Pick 3: C Russell Bodine, North Carolina

Bodine had an impressive showing at the NFL Combine and really made a name for himself.

He was the top performer out of all the offensive linemen in the bench press with 42 reps of 225 pounds and in the vertical jump, going 29 inches high. Yes he's a center, but he has taken snaps at guard as well, that versatility to play both positions helps him here.

This guy plays with nastiness and a mean streak--he lives for finishing off a defender every single down. He'll work his way to the second level and will still be violent against the linebackers, something that's an important part to having a good running game. He anchors himself nicely during pass protection and holds up well against even the biggest of defensive linemen.

What he lacks in mechanics, he makes up for with heart and grit, he's a very blue collar guy and works hard, something that Bradley praises guys for. He can help us at guard and serve as a back-up center as well.

Previous Pick: C Gabe Ikard, Oklahoma

Round 7 | Pick 7: WR Kevin Norwood, Alabama

Norwood really impressed a lot of people with a strong showing at the Senior Bowl.

More a of a fast, possession receiver, Norwood possesses great concentration and hands. While at Alabama, whenever McCarron was in trouble, Norwood was always his safe option to throw the ball to, something the became evident early in Norwood's career, whoever the quarterback was, Norwood always seemed to earn the quarterback's trust when in trouble.

His route running is superior as he easily sells his routes using good body language and sideline awareness. He has enough skills to be a decent blocker in the running game. Add that to his great character and you have someone that I'm sure Bradley is really excited about. The Jaguars are known for taking players who are great in the locker room and off the field with the way they carry themselves.

Previous Pick: WR Alex Neutz, Buffalo

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