Jags whoring around mock

So what if the Jags decide to just "date" a QB. If that's the case, I'd hope they add two QBs and in the process add another first round pick for 2015. Remember, this rebuild has a long term focus. I used first-draft, which has some questionable trading opportunities, but it is still a good tool. I had options to trade down at 3 with ATL, MIA, and NYJ. Both MIA and NYJ were offering another 1st. Because the Jets picked sooner than the Dolphins and the fact I don't think they're going to do too well I opted for their offer, which included a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 2014 1st.

It's doubtful they would offer that much, but for the purposes of the illustration it was impossible to turn down. Obviously a better player could have been had with ATL's offer, but with the depth in this draft an elite talent should be found at 18. At around 14 I tried trading up for Mike Evans. Then it seemed Barr would fall, but neither happened. Louis Nix was there and I was happy to finish the DL with Irish Chocolate.

Round 1 Pick 18 (NYJ): Louis Nix, DT, Notre Dame

-finish the DL here with an elite talent who would go much higher in an average draft

Round 2 Pick 7: Kelvin Benjamin, WR, Florida State

-bummed to be unable to get Mike Evans, happy to add the other 6'5 WR stud

Round 2 Pick 17 (NYJ): David Yankey, OG, Stanford

-it's unlikely he would be available, but there is a lot of good OL talent towards the end of the second

Round 3 Pick 6: Kareem Martin, DE, North Carolina

-great pick up to develop into the future LEO

Round 3 Pick 16 (NYJ): A.J. McCarron, QB, Alabama

-what can I say, the tats sold me. More seriously, he's a QB with a lot of experience that doesn't turn the ball over.

Round 4 Pick 5: Bryan Stork, C, Florida State

-billed as a solid C for a zone scheme

Round 4 Pick 14: Arthur Lynch, TE, Georgia

-under utilized, underdeveloped pass catching and blocking talent

Round 5 Pick 4: James Hurst, OT, North Carolina

-We need help all over the OL

Round 5 Pick 10: Andre Williams, RB, Boston College

-with RB undervalued, Williams is a good addition and would replace Todman who just doesn't have "it"

Round 5 Pick 19: David Fales, QB, San Jose State

-A QB that really fits our system

Round 6 Pick 3: Preston Brown, ILB, Louisville

-"Aggressive, high-collision 'Mike' linebacker best paired with a demanding position coach who will extract the most from him.", Yah so there's that^ and Poz won't be around next year.

Round 6 Pick 29: Larry Webster, DE, Bloomsburg

-Another developmental, pass rushing talent

Round 7 Pick 7: Khairi Fortt, OLB, California

-Another developmental linebacker who could get reps on the weak side.

So there you have it. My attempt to date a QB this year. Add talent around the QB position and add developmental, defensive players who fit the scheme. The key to this is adding plug and play talent to an offense that was offensive last year. Also key, if the organization doesn't find "their guy" in this draft, is to add another 1st next year so that we can move up and snatch our guy if he can be found in next years draft. If they do find a late round guy they believe in this year, then they can add two more elite guys next year.

Obviously everyone has players they like and players they don't, but the idea here was to develop a plan that Caldwell may use if he moves down in the draft and if he doesn't add a QB early.

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