Mock Draft (Not Mine): Worst Jags Mock I've Seen This Off Season

The mock that I found is, sadly from Bleacher Report, but that explains why it is so bad. The ONLY pick I like is the first pick, Teddy Bridgewater. Clowney was the first overall pick to the Texans.

Here is their sad excuse for a Jags mock:

Round One, 3rd Overall Pick:

Teddy Bridgewater, QB, Louisville.

I can't argue with the pick, since I want Teddy.

Round Two: 39th Overall Pick:

Cody Latimer: WR, Indiana.

Seriously Bleacher Report? Latimer in the second round, with Su'a-Filo, Lee, Seferian-Jenkins, and Louis Nix still on the board? Come on now. Dave would likely take Su'a-Filo if he fell to us at #39, and that is highly unlikely, let alone falling to #47.

Round Three: 70th Overall Pick:

Charles Sims: RB, West Virginia

Not a terrible pick, but too high to take a RB for the Jags.

Round Four: 105th Overall Pick:

Christian Kirksey: OLB, Iowa

Not a terrible pick either.

Round Four: 114th Overall Pick:

Storm Johnson: RB, UCF

Another RB? How will we find reps for Johnson and Sims behind Gerhardt, Toddman, and Robinson?

Round Five: 144th Overall Pick:

Ronald Powell: OLB, Florida

Another OLB? How many LBers do they want us to have?

Round Five: 150th Overall Pick:

Kelcey Quarles: DT, South Carolina

Not the DT I thought we would get. Plus, isn't he more of a 3 tech? We need depth at 1 tech.

Round Five: 159th Overall Pick:

Bryan Stork: C, FSU

Not a terrible pick, but we are likely getting Alex Mack, unless the Browns decide to match it.

Round Six: 179th Overall Pick:

Marcel Jensen: TE, Fresno State

Gilmore was still on the board at #150. Gus was impressed with his performance at the Senior Bowl, and with his blocking and underrated pass catching, he'd be the better pick.

Round Six: 205th Overall Pick:

Demetri Goodson: CB, Baylor

Never heard of him. Does he even fit our scheme?

Round Seven: 222nd Overall Pick:

Nickoe Whitley: FS, Mississippi State

Not a terrible pick since he adds depth at FS and could probably finally say good bye to Prowhifski, but again, does he fit the scheme?

What do y'all think of their mock? I don't really like it and probably would give them a D, an F if they didn't give us Teddy.

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