Stupid and Pointless (Mock Draft + Updated Roster)

Round 1: LEO/3tDT Jadeveon Clowney (South Carolina)

It is unlikely he falls, but it is possible. Maybe the Texans spring for one of the top QBs and the Rams, who already have an above average pass rush, go a more need-based route with a tackle or Watkins. If Clowney falls to us it is certain we will snatch up the most talented player in this year’s draft. His effort issues may or may not be trumped up by the media, but if there is any coach that can motivate him, it’s Gus. Reports of Clowney getting along well with our coaching staff and seeking them out to chat with at events are very encouraging.

Round 2: C Weston Richburg (Colorado State)

This may be a bit of a reach, but it looking more and more unlikely that Richburg or Martin will be available with our 3rd round pick. With the Mack deal falling through, center might be our most pressing need, so we can’t risk missing out on a plug-in starter at the position for 2014.

Round 3: OG Dakota Dozier (Furman)

Dozier’s balance, body control, and overall athleticism make him a perfect fit for the ZBS. The additions of Richburg, Dozier, and Beadles and the return of Joeckel and Pasztor will go a long way towards masking the averageness of Henne.

Round 4: 1tDT Daniel McCullers (Tenn)

McCullers is a monster of a man who can challenge Miller for the starting 1-tech position. If Miller’s 2013 struggles were really due to injury, this would be the year to prove it.

Round 4: SAM Adrian Hubbard (Alabama)

Very solid all-around linebacker, particularly effective against the run

Round 5: WR Mike Davis (Texas)

We need someone to play opposite Shorts III as an outside receiver. Davis has the size and speed to be that guy.

Round 5: QB Tom Savage (Pitt)

Savage has the best arm in the draft. Unfortunately, he also has a tendency to stare down his receivers, but hey, that’s why he’s available in the 5th. He has a lot of potential and after a year or two of polishing he may just be our franchise quarterback.

Round 5: LEO Prince Shembo (Notre Dame)

Shembo has all the traits you look for in a LEO, I see him being a steal for whoever picks him this year. Hopefully that’s us.

Round 6: CB Dontae Johnson (North Carolina State)

Johnson is the lanky type of corner Gus likes so much; he gives us some depth behind Ball, Gratz, and W. Blackmon.

Round 6: OG John Urshel (Penn State)

More depth for our interior o-line

Round 7: QB Conner Shaw (South Carolina)

I’ll bookend this draft with another player from South Carolina. Shaw is very different signal caller than Savage, less of a tall and big-armed prototypical QB and more of a scrambling (4.66 s forty) playmaker. Because we don’t take a QB with one of our premium picks, I see us taking 2 QBs in this draft to see if we can find a diamond in the rough. Let them compete with Henne and we’ll see what happens.

Roster: Free Agent, Rookie, Re-sign*




QB1 Chad Henne* (I know, I know) / QB2 Tom Savage, Conner Shaw, Matt Scott

RB1 Toby Gerhart, Jordan Todman / RB2 Shoelace Robinson

FB Will Ta’ufo’uo, Bradie Ewing


WR Cecil Shorts III, Mike Davis

sWR Ace Sanders, Mike Brown

TE1 Marcedes Lewis / TE2 Clay Harbor*, Danny Noble


LT Luke Joeckel / OT2 Cameron Bradfield*

LG Dakota Dozier / OG2 Mike Brewster

C Weston Richburg / C2 Patrick Lewis

RG Zane Beadles / OG2 John Urshel

RT Austin Pasztor




1tDT Roy Miller, Daniel McCullers

3tDT Sen’Derrick Marks* / 3tDT2 Ziggy Hood, Arby Jones

5tDE Red Bryant / 5tDE2 Tyson Alualu

LEO1 Jadeveon Clowney, Chris Clemons, Jason Babin / LEO2 Prince Shembo, Ryan Davis, Andre Branch,


SAM Dekota Watson, Adrian Hubbard

MIKE Paul Poz

WILL Geno Hayes, Russell Allen


CB Alan Ball, Dwayne Gratz / CB2 Dontae Johnson

nCB Will Blackmon*, Mike Harris

FS Josh Evans / FS2 Chris Prosinski (Sorry JPQ)

SS Jonathon Cyp / SS2 Winston Guy


Wild card, bitches

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