Jace Amaro 2014 NFL Draft Profile

John Weast

The Jaguars will have a large need at tight end when Marcedes Lewis inevitably moves on. Could Jace Amaro be an option at pick No. 39?

Where Jace Amaro Wins

Amaro has great versatility in what he brings to the table as a tight end, and where you can line him up to utilize match ups. Where he does his best work is when lined up in the slot, as he is too big for slot cornerbacks to cover man-to-man, and he has proved he can get behind defenses when manned up with a linebacker. He also frequently lined up as an H-Back, and showed some translatable skills as an in-line tight end.

Amaro can be both a vertical and underneath threat as a receiver. He has a fluid release off the line of scrimmage with quick strides to get over the top of defenses, and does a very good job of exploding in and out of all his breaks and finding soft spots in zone coverages in both the underneath and intermediate level of the field. He has shown to ability to use his frame to get open and gain positioning vs physical coverage, and is very adept at reading coverages and adjusting his route. As a route runner he shows really good fluidity and explosion off the line and in his cuts.

After the catch, Amaro shows good short area quickness and balance, with solid ability due to balance and strength. His long speed is good, not great, but he is a fluid mover in space with good vision as a ball carrier and can always be a threat for a wide-open play.

Where Jace Amaro Needs To Improve

Amaro's hands are very inconsistent, particularly with DB's when forced to work back to the ball or with his back to the end zone. This is not an issue on breaking routes when he can shield defenders, but he struggles to win one-on-one match ups consistently.

Amaro needs to gain more strength as well,as he is rerouted too easily over the middle of the field. As a blocker he needs an overhaul technique wise, but he gives effort at least.

Amaro is a good athlete and great mismatch for certain coverages, but he's not the dynamic athlete that other tight end prospects like Eric Ebron are. Then again, few are. This isn't necessarily a negative, but he does have a defined ceiling.

Overall Impression:

I really like what Amaro can offer an offense, but think he has a defined role. I do not ever expect him to become center piece of an offense like Jimmy Graham, Aaron Hernandez, or Rob Gronkowski, but I do think he'll be an above average receiving tight end who will allow an offensive coordinator a lot of creativity, and his effort while blocking will help him stay on the field.

Grade: 7.25, Day 2

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