Why Gay Athletes in the Shower Aren't Problematic

Believe it or not, not all gay men are cock-hungry fiends that chase down unsuspecting straight men from behind in the night. Sure, some of us are "different" than the prototype man that everybody sees in their mind, but for the most part, we're just guys that happen to like the same sex.

So why would openly gay athletes be any different? I'm not comparing myself to a professional athlete, but when i played soccer and football growing up, I had some attractive teammates. You know how I knew? My damn friends had to tell me. THAT'S how oblivious I was to my friends' looks. I didn't see anything to them. They were still the same guys I joked with, practiced with, won with, no matter how comfortable I was becoming with my sexuality.

"Oh Chris (Chris is me), that's only the gay side of things, the main issue is the teammates that won't want to be naked around him for fear of being eye-banged."

Well, yes, which is why I tried something. I simply posted a tweet asking my followers if they would be afraid to shower with me. No offense to everybody else that replied, but my main target was to get the responses of the straight guys I often hang out with. They were guys that didn't owe me anything. We had literally met less than a year ago, because we like to talk on the internet about football. Compare that to teammates of a professional sports team, and I would say my relationship with these guys is fractionally as strong as the common locker room.

As I said, I sent out a simple tweet: "Would you be scared to shower with me in a locker room situation?"

Here's some responses I got:


"But Chris, those are only a couple guys."



Want some more?


I did have one guy, who I won't identify, send me a private message on twitter and say that as much as he enjoys being my friend, he could never shower in a locker room setting with me. In all honesty, it took me back a bit, but then I realized that I wasn't close to him. At all. Like, I have never met the dude in person, so he doesn't know the real me. I respect his opinion, but he is scared to shower with a gay man, not a friend.

Also, I had some replies saying that they wouldn't be comfortable being nude around anybody period, regardless of their sexual orientation.

I did some quick math, and the overwhelming consensus was obviously that me being gay would not affect how comfortable a guy would be showering in the same room as an openly gay man. 32 out of 33 said that my orientation did not affect them in any shape or form. That's 97%. Or, if you don't like numbers, THAT'S JUST ABOUT EVERYONE.

Most of the people whining about gay athletes are people not even closely associated with any sport whatsoever, and now you know why.

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