Wait....I think I got it....

I recently proposed a scenario where we take Khalil Mack number 3 overall, then trade back up in the mid first for Teddy B. But some of the comments got me thinking. Here are some facts:

A.) We need as many picks as we can. I trust Dave and Gus to draft meaningful non-bust players.

B.) Teddy B. is SMART but his stock has fallen as a result of a shaky pro-day.

Considering those two things, here is my new ideal scenario:

Round 1, Pick 3:

*** TRADE *** We trade down for Atlanta's 6th overall pick, in exchange for their Round 2 (5) and their Round 4 (3). As a result, here is our new draft order:

13 TOTAL DRAFT PICKS. Imagine how many needs we can address, or at least begin to address, with that many picks. Now for fun, here is my new mock:

1,6: Teddy Bridgewater, QB, Louisville. With Clowney and Mack gone, we decide to take Teddy here rather than risk losing him in later rounds. We have worked him out twice and his football IQ is very high.

2,5: Weston Richburg, C, CSU - Our new Meester.

2,7: Jeremiah Attaochu, LEO, GA Tech - we get a great pass rusher.

3,7: Martavius Bryant, WR, Clemson - lets give Teddy some more weapons. 6'3, fast, good hands.

4,3: Cyril Richardson, OG, Baylor - lets shore up that line.

4,5: Daniel McCullers, DT, Tennesse - talented big dude.

4,14: Dri Archer, WR, Kent State - i cant't help it. I love his speed. I know Jedd would surely find a spot for him and make use of it. I mean, a 4.2! Come on, baby!

5,4: Walt Aikens, CB, Liberty - 6'1 physical corner.

5,10: Crockett Gilmore, TE, CSU - big red zone target, above average hands, good run blocker. way undervalued IMO.

5,19: Isaih Cromwell, RB, Alabama State - another undervalued prospect.

6,3: Ahmad Dixon, S, Wisconsin - 6'0 physical safety.

6,29: Prince Shembo, OLB, Notre Dame - solid player to get in the 6th.

7,7: Stephen Morris, QB, Miami - played well for Jedd Fisch when he was at Miami.

Comments welcome :)

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