My newest(and biggest) mock draft

For the purpose of this mock draft, I am assuming that all of the work ethic questions around Clowney have been sufficiently answered. I know that question has been answered well enough for me to make him the number one overall pick.

1st round

I have Jadeveon Clowney going #1 to the Texans and I have Sammy Watkins going to the Rams at #2.

Jadeveon has proven himself to be the best prospect in this draft for a reason. The Texans may want a player like Bortles, but I believe they will take the best player in the draft instead of Bortles. As much as people hate on the Texans QB situation, I thought Keenum did a good job for being thrown in the starting spot so suddenly last season.

I have Watkins going to the Rams all because they need a defined #1 WR. They have plenty of playmakers, but none of them are as good as Watkins. If the Rams manage to get Watkins, he will open up the field for the rest of their speedy guys.

At #3 I have the Jaguars trading back with the Vikings(for their 8th pick, their 2nd, 4th,and 5th rounder). I think that the Vikings need to take advantage of the limited time that Adrian Peterson will remain an elite Every-Down back. It may be anywhere from 2-6 years, but they need to take caution and try to win now while they have the proper pieces to maybe make a playoff run. I believe that they will try and trade up to get the best NFL ready QB in the draft to help their chances of winning now.

I am not giving a big explanation for the next few picks (would take time that I am not willing to spend on writing about other teams). Here they are in order:

Cleveland #4 Mike Evans. Big receiver that should compliment Josh Gordon well. If Hoyer remains the starter, he should have great weapons. I believe that the Browns will settle on Hoyer by the time the draft rolls around.

Oakland #5 Khalil Mack. Good defender that should be a decent replacement for Lamarr Houston.

Atlanta #6 Greg Robinson. The defenders they wanted are gone, but they use this pick to help out Matt Ryan.

Tampa Bay #7 Jake Matthews. He will help out Josh McCown and/or Glennon to get a better pocket.

Finally we come to the Jaguars. I feel that they are pleased with how the draft fell out and they will either make the decision between Bortles and Barr. I feel that the type of player Bortles is will fit with the style that Gus Bradley wants to implement. Bortles has shown tremendous improvement this past year, and even showed strides between the Fiesta Bowl and his Pro Day. I feel that if he sits and learns a little longer, he will become a legitimate starter, maybe even a franchise QB, in this league.

Buffalo #9 Anthony Barr. He will be a good addition to a rising defense. He is a great player that should be an instant starter in the NFL. I just don’t feel he has the potential Bortle has for our team.

Detroit #10 Eric Ebron. Adding another weapon alongside Calvin.

Tennessee #11 Justin Gilbert. He should be a better CB than anything they have.

NYG #12 Aaron Donald. The Giants defense is abysmal. They need all the help they can get.

St. Louis #13 Taylor Lewan. He might have gone higher, but his off-field issues put him here.

Chicago #14 Darqueze Dennard. He can help on the defensive side of the ball.

Pittsburgh #15 Beckham Jr. Good all around WR.

Dallas #16 Jerringan. Good defensive player.

Baltimore #17 Zach Martin. Help on their huge mistake(investment) in Flacco. Replacing Oher.

NYJ #18 Brandin Cooks. Complimenting Decker.

Miami #19 Clinton-Dix. Good safety and they can use help everywhere. All OL players would be a stretch at this point.

Arizona #20 Calvin Pryor. Good safety and they need help in their division.

Green Bay #21 Kony Ealy. Helps their defense easily.

Philadelphia #22 CJ Mosley. Defensive help.

Kansas City #23 Xavier Su’a-Filo. OL help

Cincinnati #24 Dennard. Falls a little after watching film. Good pickup

San Diego #25 Kyle Fuller. Defensive help.

Cleveland #26 Derek Carr. Good pro prospect. May overtake Hoyer.

New Orleans #27 Ryan Shazier. Defensive help for the revamp.

Carolina #28 Marquise Lee. Good WR. Has opportunity to be a WR #1, but most likely #2

Patriots #29 Louis Nix. Good defensive player if he pans out.

San Francisco #30 Kelvin Benjamin. Helping out the offense may be the best way to be Seattle.

Denver #31 Jason Verrett. They need to get better on the defensive side of the ball. Good way to start is with CB’s.

Seattle #32 Allen Robinson. Again, a better offense will help consistently beat the 49er’s.

2nd round

Houston #33 Cyrus Kouandjio. OL help. there was a reason Schaub threw so many INTs.

Washington #34 David Yankey. OL help. Protect RG3 should be #1 priority.

Cleveland #35 Dee Ford. I am surprised he would last this long, but it’s the best player available.

Oakland #36 Bradley Roby. The Raiders need defensive help. Roby can help.

Atlanta #37 Jace Amaro. Replacing Gonzalez.

Tampa Bay #38 Davante Adams. More offensive help. He replaces Mike Williams.

Jacksonville #39 I watched quite a few players that would be available at this point, and the one player that sticks out to me for our team is RaShede Hageman. He should be a good raw talent for Bradley to exploit and mold in his own image.

Jacksonville #40(from Minnesota) Kyle Van Noy. If Hageman would have been picked already, I would have certainly gone Van Noy. He should be a decent LEO prospect.

I am not picking the rest of the other teams picks, I am just projecting our picks.

3rd round

Jacksonville #70 Weston Richburg. Plenty of people like him around this site. It is easy to see why. He is great at what he does, and I easily see him being an instant starter in the NFL.

Jacksonville #70(If we get Mack from Cleveland. I think we have a better shot at landing him than most people do. If he comes to Jacksonville he won’t have state income tax, and that is huge for 5+ million dollar deals) Jordan Matthews. He has been incredibly consistent. His stock has fallen a bit, simply because of the depth at WR. He is a good addition at WR.

4th round

Jacksonville #105 Cyril Richardson. He has fallen in recent weeks, but I believe he is still a good prospect to target. He was highly rated at one point for a reason. He should be able to bulk up and help our line improve.

Jacksonville #105 (if we lose the Mack contest and need a WR still) Josh Huff. He is a smallish, speedy, and smart receiver. He draws comparisons to Antonio Brown and we could use someone like him if Blackmon can’t come back. He has great hands and good awareness for how the other players on the field are positioned.

Jacksonville #108(from Minnesota) Storm Johnson. I LOVE this kid. I thought he would be projected to go higher, but fortunately UCF ran a 2 back offense. I think he can uproot Todman and replace him in our offense. He has great power, good speed, and amazing hands for a RB. He is a great sleeper in the draft. The Jags have visited him, so read into that what you will. A trio of Robinson, Gerhart, and Johnson/Todman would be awesome.

Jacksonville #114(from Baltimore) Christian Jones. A good defensive player. I live around a lot of FSU fans, and they all seem to be sad that he is leaving. I watched him in a few games and he seems good enough to warrant this pick.

5th round

Jacksonville #144 Ronald Powell. Good defensive player. He has a great amount of potential for the NFL.

Jacksonville #148(from Minnesota) James Hurst. Some depth for our OL can’t hurt right? He was a good player for a mediocre team. As long as he can heal properly, he should be a good pick.

Jacksonville #150(from Detroit) Caraun Reid. A good defensive player. Could be instant starter if he trains properly. His film is impressive, and there's a reason that a player from the Ivy League is finally getting some love. Should be a good pick for the future.

Jacksonville #159 David Fales. He can be competition for Henne and Bortles. I see him as our 2nd/3rd stringer after Bortles takes over the starting job.(whenever that is) He may surprise and be a starter caliber player as some believe he may be able to do.

6th round

Jacksonville #179 Colt Lyerla. He has some risk because of his past. He has expressed that he wants to be done with it, and I believe him. His past troubles should drop his value. If he is here, he may be the steal of the draft. I know he is a tight end, but we can get him for depth in case one of our main guys(Harbor and Lewis) gets hurt.

Jacksonville #205(from San Francisco) Michael Schofield. More OL help. I still think depth is going to be the best thing we can do at the end of this years draft.

7th round

Jacksonville #222 Denicos Allen. His lack of size puts him here, but he has a nose for the ball. If he plays as hard as he did at MSU, he can make it in the NFL despite his size.

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