Chaps' Mock

Did Not Actually Go Number 7 to Arizona in 2013 - USA TODAY Sports

Why not?

So, if things work out ideally, here's how I would like the top ten to go.

1. Houston Texans: Blake Bortles, QB, Central Florida -- Because I really dont want to see Jadevon Clowney and JJ Watt on the same side of the ball unless it is during the pro-bowl.

2. St. Louis Rams: Greg Robinson, OT, Auburn -- Because the Rams deserve to have boring players and boring picks because Jeff Fisher is forever unclean.

3.  Jacksonville Jaguars: Johnny Football, Qb, aTm -- Because I will literally explode the moment that this happens. Coach Fisch ran the option bootleg with Chad Henne a few times last season. CHAD HENNE BOOTLEG! Plus, can you imagine how downright adorable Drake will look in teal? Electric city.

4. Cleveland Browns: Jadevon Clowney, DE, South Carolina -- The Browns would have a pretty dangerous group of pass rushers with Keke Mingo and Clowney. But, they will still have honored Art Modell which is pretty weird.

5. Oakland Raiders: Jake Matthews, OT, Texas A&M -- Because Oakland fans know no other emotion but sad. They will still have a sad.

6.  Atlanta Falcons): Sammy Watkins, WR, Clemson -- The Falcons would have Roddy White, Julio Jones, and Sammy Watkins. Goodness gracious.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Mike Evans, WR, aTm -- The Bucs go with the big body receiver to pair with Vincent Jackson. Josh McCown's, a native of Jacksonville, targets look a lot like they did last year in Chicago.

8. Minnesota Vikings: Teddy Bridgewater, QB, Louisville -- Norv Turner will be happy, and the long search for the Vikings quarterback will finally be over.

9. Buffalo Bills: Khalil Mack, OLB/DE, Buffalo -- BRING HIM HOME! BRING HIM HOME! BRING HIM HOME

10. Detroit Lions: Kyle Van Noy, OLB, BYU -- He's pretty good at just about everything. Detroit needs a solid player to come in right away. Van Noy is that.

11. Tennessee Titans: Cade Foster, K, Alabama -- An incredible reach here by the Titans. Embarrassing pick really.

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