Pro comparisons for all of the Jaguars' draft picks

I've spent the last few days really evaluating each and every one of the Jaguars' draft picks. At this point, it's all just speculation, but when I watch film, I like to find current or former NFL players to compare college players to. So these are the comparisons that I've drawn.

Blake Bortles, QB, UCF, 6'5", 232

Everyone has heard the Ben Roethlisberger comparison for Bortles, and for good reason. Like Roethlisberger, Bortles is a big, strong armed quarterback that excels at throwing on the run. I think Bortles may even be slightly more athletic than Big Ben was coming out of Miami (Ohio). This was probably the easiest comparison to make, and one that I've seen since I first saw Bortles play.

Pro comparison: Ben Roethlisberger

Marqise Lee, WR, USC, 6'0", 192

It was a little harder to find a comparison for Lee, especially based on his Junior film. So I went back to his sophomore season, when he was healthy, had a competent QB throwing to him, and another quality receiver opposite of him. And then it became a little easier. Lee's game is very similar to Greg Jennings. They have very similar builds and both excel with the ball in their hands. Like Jennings, Lee has good speed and is a shifty runner that can make a play from anywhere on the field. Both players also play much bigger than their stature.

Pro comparison: Greg Jennings

Allen Robinson, WR, Penn State, 6'3", 220

The Nittany Lion standout, Robinson was another relatively easy player to compare to a current receiver in The League, and that's Anquan Boldin. Both guys are big, physically receivers that are more likely to run over opposing defenders than run past them. They are also both players who can always break a tackle or two and are not easy to bring down. Another comparison between the two is the ability to get open and convert third downs.

Pro comparison: Anquan Boldin

Brandon Linder, OG, Miami, 6'6", 310

It's difficult to find comparisons for offensive linemen, especially those who are good, but not necessarily top rated prospects. So I started thinking about other guys that I've scouted in recent years, and I thought back to former Ole Miss, and current Miami Dolphins', guard, John Jerry. Jerry is a little heavier, but both guys are maulers on the line and nasty finishers. Linder is also a good pulling guard, which is a strength of Jerry's game.

Pro comparison: John Jerry

Aaron Colvin, CB, Oklahoma, 6'0", 185

When I first saw Aaron Colvin play, I immediately though he'd be a perfect nickel in Gus Bradley's defense, which made me think about another guy who did pretty well in the same defense while he was in Seattle and that's Walter Thurmond III. Both players are pretty physical for there size, and have the speed to keep up with any receivers in the NFL. They both also have great ball skills.

Pro comparison: Walter Thurmond III

Telvin Smith, OLB, FSU, 6'3", 220

Smith is slightly undersized, but a very good athlete from the outside linebacker position. He can handle his own in coverage, is a thumper in the run game and plays with a lot of passion and leadership. If he's able to put on a few pounds to make himself on durable, I think he can be a lot like Broncos' linebacker, Danny Trevathan. Like Smith, Trevathan was considered undersized, but his talent was unquestioned, and he's lived up to that potential in two seasons with the Beoncos.

Pro comparison: Danny Trevathan

Chris Smith, LEO, Arkansas, 6'1", 265

I watched a lot of Chris Smith while he was chasing down quarterbacks in the SEC. His quick first step and explosiveness are the first thing that I noticed, despite him not being very long, he's still able to generate a good pass rush. This really reminds me of Trent Cole, who has been a sack artist as both a defensive end and outside linebacker for the Eagles. Both guys lack prototypical height but are very stout and explode off the ball and get a good edge rush. I think Smith is a fantastic fit for the LEO position.

Pro comparison: Trent Cole

Luke Bowanko, C, Virginia, 6'6", 300

Like I said before, it can be rather difficult to compare offensive linemen. Bowanko is tall and physical at the point of attack, and that reminds me of the guy who paves the way for Adrian Peterson up the middle, John Sullivan. Sullivan is another long, athletic center that plays a lot like Bowanko. Both excel in the run game and are athletic enough to execute successful down blocks.

Pro comparison: John Sullivan

Storm Johnson, RB, UCF, 6'0", 215

Storm Johnson has a very unique running style, and I think he will work best in a running back committee. He is a pretty solid athlete with a nice combination of both speed and power. He has great hands and can be a very reliable receiver. So with all of that being said, he looks a lot like Ahmad Bradshaw to me. A guy who plays best with other talented backs around him, can catch balls out of the backfield, and uses a good combination of speed and power running to make plays. I think that's exactly the type of player we're getting in Storm Johnson

Pro comparison: Ahmad Bradshaw

Obviously it's no guarantee that any of these guys turn out to be as good as the players that they were compared to. Or better. All that I'm saying is that they simply share some of the same traits and playing styles. We will just have to wait and see what each of these guys are able to turn their talent into. Until then, it really is all just speculation.

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