Win/Loss predictions (1 of 3)

Week 1 @ Philadelphia: I think this game will still be a game where our players are learning how to play together. We have many new players on the offensive and defensive sides of the ball, and they have never played together.

31-17 Philadelphia

Our record: 0-1

Week 2 @ Washington: We will still be learning to play with each other, but I feel like Washington is still in some turmoil. I think this game comes down to how well RG3 plays, and I don't think he will play well for a few weeks.

24-21 Jacksonville

Our record: 1-1

Week 3 Home vs Indianapolis: I am not going to even say this will be a good game. I think we may keep it close for 1 or 2 quarters, but we won't be good enough at this point to beat the Colts yet.

34-17 Indianapolis

Our record:1-2

Week 4 @ San Diego: San Diego doesn't have the greatest defense in the world, but that isn't a secret. Their success is based on how their offense preforms every game. I think our defense is our best unit on the team at this point and I think we may have a fighting chance in this game.

27-24 San Diego

Our record: 1-3

Week 5 Home vs Pittsburgh: The Steelers are in a semi-rebuild mode. They are trying to revamp their defense, but their offense is set. I think their defense is better than our offense at this point in the season. I also believe their offense is better than our defense at this point. That said, I believe the difference is small and all we need is a lucky turnover to get the edge.

28-24 Jacksonville

Our record: 2-3

Week 6 @ Tennessee: Tennessee sucks right now. They are starting a rebuild and breaking in new players for starting roles. We managed to beat them last year, and we have improved more than Tennessee has since that game(in my opinion).

31-17 Jacksonville

Our record 3-3

Week 7 Home vs Cleveland: A Cleveland without Josh Gordon and a rookie QB?! Sounds like an easy win right? Well, it probably is.

27-17 Jacksonville

Our record 4-3

Week 8 Home vs Miami: Miami has had so much turmoil in the past year that I almost feel bad for them. There o-line is in shambles, their WRs didn't flourish, and their QB hasn't produced. Bad for them, but good for us.

24-14 Jacksonville

Our record 5-3

Week 9 @ Cincinnati: The Bengals have all the key pieces for a Super Bowl run, except for a great QB. That said, I think Dalton is about 2 times better than Henne. Their Defense is also ridiculously good.

34-17 Cincinnati

Our record 5-4

Week 10 in London vs Dallas: I see Dallas as a team we could go 50/50 with. We both have glaring holes, but we both are improving our weaknesses. I want to say we win this, but I don't think we will.

28-24 Dallas

Our record 5-5

Week 11 Bye Week

Our record 5-5

Week 12 @ Indianapolis: We should be better by now, but so will the Colts. They are still the superior team within the division.

37-27 Indianapolis

Our record 5-6

Week 13 Home vs New York Giants: If Eli plays like last season, we win this game easily. If he plays better, the win won't be as easy. I think Eli will get better, but not good enough to get the W.

24-17 Jacksonville

Our record 6-6

Week 14 Home vs Houston: Houston, you have a problem. A QB problem to be precise. You need more weapons than just having your best offense consisting of: Fitzpatrick, Johnson(maybe), and Foster. Foster will most likely be hurt by now, and their backup, Brown, is also prone to injuries. A lack of a NFL starting caliber QB will be their ultimate downfall this season.

28-13 Jacksonville

Our record 7-6

Week 15 @ Baltimore: Baltimore is a strange team. If they catch fire, they are the best team out there at times. If they are normal, they are a .500 team at best. This game may depend on how close to being in the playoffs Baltimore is. They always seem to play better when playoffs are on the line. I think we may beat them if it was earlier in the season, but they will be close to the playoffs and this is at their stadium.

28-19 Baltimore

Our record 7-7

Week 16 Home vs Tennessee: We would have already beaten Tennessee (in this scenario) on their home turf, so why not on our home field?

26-14 Jacksonville

Our record 8-7

Week 17 @ Houston: I think their QB situation is horrendous, and I think it will benefit us greatly. The Clowney and Watt combo will limit our points, but we still will put up more than they can.

24-17 Jacksonville

Our record 9-7

I honestly see us being a 6-7 win team, but I think 9 is possible. I don't know if we would make the playoffs in this scenario, but it would be close.

I will be doing 2 more of these. One right before the preseason games and the other right before the regular season starts.

Comment to let me know what you think I got right/wrong, and thanks for reading this.

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