CFB players to watch for the 2014-2015 season

These are all players from around the country who are electric on the field.

Karl joseph SS WVU: While west virginia isn't known much for a defensive prowess joseph is a force on the field. While not the biggest safety around he hits like a linebacker and has a nose for the ball.

Alvin Dupree DE/OLB Kentucky : He not given much attention because he p;ays for kentucky but he is a very explosive pass rusher and an adequate stand up linebacker.

Karlos WIlliams RB FSU: AT 6'1 220 running in the 4.4's this a guy most defenders don't want to deal with between the tackles or in the open field. His move from safety was questionable to me but he still has his physical style and delivers hits as a RB.

Anthony Harris SS Virginia: He recorded 8 ints last year if he can have a repeat of last year or even get close , he'll be one of the top safeties in the nation.

Ty Montogomery WR Stanford: He is the most complete receiver in the nation he has excellent return ability and can turn any play into a long gain.

Andre Debose WR Florida: If he can finally stay healthy he will have one more season to showcase the big play ability he exhibited in 2011. He's a deep threat and a return man who's dangerous with the ball in his hand.

Shawn Oakman DE Baylor : He could eb the number one pass rusher form this draft class at 6'9 275 he has the frame, strength, and agility to play almost every position on the line. No other pass rusher is close as far as potential goes.

Leonard WIlliams DT USC: He's an interior disrupter similar to a guy like star lotuleilei his strength in the run game and ability to collapse the pocket make him a vital part of usc's defense.

Dante Fowler DE/OLB Florida: Florida will continue the trend of first round pass rushers with fowler. While he does not offer the interior pass rush like domnique easley and sharif floyd did he possesses rare explosiveness to pass rush on the edge.

Kasean Williams WR Washington: Best run blocking wr of 2015 goes to williams. Every part of his game is physical maybe to a detriment to himself,f he doesn't shy away from contact ,enforces his will in the run game and attacks the ball in the air.

Ishaq williams DE: With Prince Shembo departed it is time for williams to step into that pass rushing role. AT 6'6 260 he has the physical tools to be a great pass rusher he just needs to put it all together.

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