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Hello Cat Country! As you can see from my username, I am clearly not a Jaguars fan, so I am sure many of you are now wondering why I'm even here now, writing a fanpost on your site. Well, SB Nation's Mocking the Draft recently held a "live" mock draft game in which I was the Jaguars GM (by choice since my 49ers were gone, as for some reason I am actually intrigued by building the team back to playoff-status). In the game we were given a, more or less, week long "tampering period" in which we could work out trades, or at least discuss trades, with other GMs. Seeing as you had seven draft picks just in between rounds four and six, I packaged both fourth rounders as well an early fifth for Miami's mid-3rd round pick, number 81 overall, which resulted in a 1 point net gain for the Jags on the trade chart FYI. I thought you guys would need some more upper-tier pieces to work with, and with so many late picks, could afford to do it. (Note: Full draft can be seen here)

The Draft:

First round, 3rd overall: Sammy Watkins, WR, Clemson

If I hadn't been asleep when it was my pick (no joke, your mock GM was lazy) I probably would've chosen Mack (4th overall) but it worked out fine, especially since the day after the pick reports came out about Blackmon possibly not playing this season. For the record, I see Shorts, Sanders, and Brown as a solid receiving corps, but obviously not a great one. Just imagine, in 2015 Watkins and Blackmon could be your starters!

Third Round, 70th overall: Scott Crichton, DE, Oregon State

Chris Clemons was a decent free agent addition at pass rusher, but far from a long term solution at 31 years old and coming off an ACL injury. Red Bryant is a run-stuffer who can play end or kick inside in a 4-3, but he brings no value as a pass rusher. Hence, Scott Crichton, a disruptive beast, is acquired. CBS saw him as an early second rounder by the way. Just thought I would throw that out there.

Third Round, 81st overall: Chris Borland, LB, Wisconsin

Paul Posluszny is a very solid linebacker, but the same can't be said for the rest of the linebacking corp, part of the reason the Jaguars' run defense was as it was last season. Borland is rock solid as a linebacker and should be able to play WLB before ousting Paul at Mike backer. May have been the most productive inside linebacker in college last season

Fourth Round, 119th overall: Tom Savage, QB, Pitt

I have some explaining to do first. Some of you (if not all) will take notice of the lack of a second rounder. Well remember how I said I was asleep for the first round pick? Yeah, I didn't wake up for that one either. Luckily I'm nothing like David Caldwell. Anyways, with the 37th overall pick I was stuck with Stanley Jean-Baptiste, who I don't like at all. I think he's hugely overvalued because of his height and is too stiff in his movements to do anything at cornerback in the NFL, and will be a bust. Anyways, I immediately started shopping him, but no one would bite, and I was stuck trading back more than two rounds. Awful, I know. Anyways, on the bright side, I got you a QB who CBS likes as an early 2nd rounder. said he even has a chance to be a first rounder. Talk about value. Gave up a second round pick for a fourth rounder, but still got second round value. Not bad IMO. Got a future starting QB. Can't be much worse the Gabbert (albeit he's our problem now, not Jacksonville's...)

Fifth Round, 150th overall: Gabe Ikard, Interior lineman, Oklahoma

Jacksonville's interior line isn't that great, and you guys were horrible at run blocking last year, so I land Ikard, commonly viewed as a late fourth or early fifth. He may not have the best size out of any prospect, and his quickness is questionable, but it shouldn't matter much at center or guard. A very smart player also, could develop into a future leader for the Jag's O-Line.

Fifth Round, 159th overall: Khairi Fortt, OLB, Cal

Mostly seen as an early Day 3 pick, this was average value as a pick, but I think I got a really underrated player who would've easily been a Day 2 guy had he not transferred from Penn State or played another season at Cal, as he has a high football IQ and a high motor as well, and is very versatile in the 4-3 scheme. Future starter with a chance to make a solid special teams impact on Day 1.

Sixth Round, 179th overall: Crockett Gilmore, TE, Colorado State

Mountain of a man at 6'6 260 pounds. Could be featured on two-tight end sets as solid complement to Marcedes Lewis, and is a very good run-blocker. He also has good hands, although some below average route running and speed have held him back. Good run blocker now, hopefully a good all-around TE in the future, but as a sixth rounder, expectations aren't very high anyways, so a good, safe pick here.

Sixth Round, 205th overall: Brock Vereen, S, Minnesota

I think this here is the steal of the draft. Most draft analysts and draft sites, including CBS and, have him rated as a third round safety, and somehow he almost fell into the last round. God knows how I got him here, as he is a very good coverage man and a pretty good hitter for his size. He also has football in his blood (you may know his brother, Shane Vereen). Seeing as he is actually Day value, he could fill an immediate role and pair up with strong safety Cyprien and play a bit of the Tyrann Mathieu role (free safety and slot CB), as he has excellent cover skills and very good ability and range on the back end. I still don't know how I got him here. This is very unlikely to happen in the real draft unfortunately.

Seventh Round, 222nd overall: Storm Johnson, RB, UCF

Another great value pick, Johnson has great size at the RB position and had a good career at UCF. and Bleacher Report both had him as a 4th-5th round prospect, while CBS had him as a 5th-6th. Decent speed for his size but is much more nifty than his 40 time would tell you. Could be an eventual starting running back in this league.

Anyways, that's what I came out with for the Jaguars. How did I do? Where did I go wrong? Where did I hit the nail on the head? Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks and it was an honor doing the draft for you guys. Next year I'll get some of your guys' insight beforehand and try to be awake for the Draft!

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