The Draft to change our fortunes.

This draft could be a transcendent moment for the Jaguars franchise. We are approaching a draft that could and should push this team to the next level. I really believe we will see a much better team and a lot of enthusiasm start to generate around the Jaguars.

With the Stadium upgrades that will eliminate the tarps we will have a stadium that is fresh and attractive in many ways. I know the product on the field is more important, but the combination of the two will change our fortunes. Shad Kahn saw a problem in the stadium and fixed it. He did not wait around for the team to be relevant. He did it expecting us to be relevant. This kind of leadership was needed in this city and franchise.

With all that said, let's do a mock draft. Leave your comments and have fun. We all want the same thing.

1st - Johnny Manziel QB

I really like the idea of drafting Manziel and welcoming the frenzy that comes with it. I don't want him for the frenzy, the jersey sales, or the possibility of increased ticket sales. I want him because he can win and make us competitive. While doing that he can bring all the other positives we need to become a marquee franchise in the NFL.

He can play sooner that later and could really beat out Henne from the get go. He has the strongest arm out of the consensus top 3 QB's and is the most capable of stretching the field. His down field accuracy and ball placement are some of his best qualities that people don't talk about. His cockiness is good. It pushes him to prove people wrong. He does not want to fail. He wants to be great.

2nd - Jordan Matthews WR

I like Jordan Matthews. He functioned as a #1 receiver and had all of the attention on him. He was still really effective. He was the focal point of the Vanderbilt offense and all teams were trying to stop him. He still made plays and made them often. He has the length and athleticism we lack at the WR position. Perfect compliment to CSIII.

I'm open to some of the other guys people mention in this spot. I mainly like the idea of getting an elite 1st round talent in the 2nd round.

3rd - Marcus Martin or Weston Richburg C

Hopefully one of them falls to the third round. If not then there are other guys we could draft at Center. It's not the end of the world if we miss on them. Obviously, they would be nice to have though.

4th - Dakota Dozier OG , Justin Ellis (1-tech)

We address a need at OG with a good player. We also pick a 1-tech to rotate with Roy Miller and ideally be our future at the position.

5th - Chris Smith LEO, Kevin Pierre Louis LB, Josh Huff WR,

Edge rusher, Fast productive LB, Weapon on offense.

6th - Carlos Fields LB, Avery Williamson LB

Fields ran a 4.4 40 at his pro day and just plays good football. Avery is another good LB to add depth because we need it.

7th - Isiah Crowell RB

You get one of the most talented players for cheap because of off the field issues. If he stays straight you got a great player. If he falters he was a 7th round pick so who cares. He is to talented to just ignore. He can be a feature back.

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