7 Round 2014 NFL for All 32 Teams

Hey y'all. Here is the full seven round mock draft that I have been promising everyone from around SB Nation's NFL blogs.

Here it is:

Round 1:

1. Houston Texans:

Jadeveon Clowney: DE, South Carolina:

I originally had the Texans taking QB Blake Bortles with the #1 overall pick, but with the news that Clowney has cancelled all his private workouts for these last couple weeks, and with the report from Bleacher Report's Matt Miller (I can't stand Bleacher Report, but whatever), it seem like all the arrows are pointing towards the Texans drafting Clowney. A stop Gap QB in Ryan Fitzpatrick can be effective while a QB selected in a later round develops, and with some of the weapons they have on offense, a pass rusher to compliment J.J. Watt would be effective in terrorizing the opposing teams in the AFC South.

2. St. Louis Rams (From Washington Redskins):

Sammy Watkins: WR, Clemson:

The Rams lack a true #1 WR. Normally I wouldn't take a WR this high, but I was torn. It is definitely a possibility. Watkins is certainly talented. I was torn between Watkins, OT Greg Robinson, and DE Jadaveon Clowney. DE is not much of a need for the Rams, so I went with adding another weapon for QB Sam Bradford to throw to.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars:

Teddy Bridgewater: QB, Louisville:

The Jaguars get their QB in Teddy Briidgewater. Bridgewater is the most pro ready, and is more of a pocket QB than Manzel, but he can run if needed, he just tries to make something happen in the passing game first. Teddy seems to fit what GM Dave Caldwell likes in a QB. The team hinted at the possibility of sitting the rookie QB for a bit, and it would do Bridgewater some good to sit for a few games or so, so that he can adjust to life in the NFL and not get rushed into the lineup. But if he beats Henne out of the starting job and seems comfortable, he should be the day 1 starter, but I'd let him sit the first two or three games even if he beats Henne and seems comfortable, just to be sure we aren't rushing him in like the previous regime did to Gabbert.

4. Cleveland Browns:

Johnny Manzel: QB, Texas A&M:

Manzel is an exciting player to watch, making plays with his legs. He has a great arm, had an amazing pro day. The Browns seem to covet him, and they get him here. He needs to work on going through his progressions, but he may be an elite QB is all goes well. Out of the top three QBs in this draft, he has the biggest risk, but is also a high reward.

5. Oakland Raiders:

Greg Robinson: OT, Auburn:

Robinson is a freak of an athlete. He is huge, at 6'5" and 332 Lbs, and ran the 40 Yard Dash at the Combine in 4.92 seconds. That makes him one of the fastest OTs in this draft. The Raiders need to do a better job of protecting their QB, whoever that might be.

6. Atlanta Falcons:

Khalil Mack: OLB, Buffalo:

Atlanta can use more pass rushers in a division that includes Drew Brees and Cam Newton. Could have gone with OT, such as Greg Robinson and Jake Mathews,but decided on Mack, who happens to be a polished LB. Probably the best player available at this pick.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

Mike Evans: WR, Texas A&M:

Yes, the Buccaneers have Vincent Jackson, but they also lost Mike Williams and Tiquan Underwood. Evans will be a big receiver for whom ever will be playing QB for the Buccaneers in 2014. The Buccaneers had the 32 ranked offense in 2013, so they could use some help with on that side of the ball.

8. Minnesota Vikings:

Blake Bortles: QB, UCF:

Bortles is a good athlete who should be at least a solid pro. He's not exciting like Manzel, and he's not accurate like Bridgewater, but he has helped engineer some comeback wins. He can pick up chunks of yardage with his legs. He has more of the prototypical size for a QB. Above average poise in the pocket and the mobility to move the pocket to avoid pressure. Smooth release. Bortles has the vision to be able to go through his reads. Has the ability to be a leader.

9. Buffalo Bills:

Jake Mathews: OT, Texas A&M:

The Bills need to protect E.J. Manuel more, and Mathews has the ability to do so. He is fast off the snap, and has long strong to control his opponents. The Bills have an inability to run off of RT, and Mathews is a very good run blocker, with the ability to get the second level, but is best at the line, where he can block DEs and create running lanes.

10. Detroit Lions:

Anthony Barr: OLB, UCLA:

Best prospect available that fills an area of need, since the Lions are moving to a more aggressive defensive scheme. Barr brings size and speed. He is still developing as a run stuffer, and still improving his swim move, but due to his speed and athleticism, he can draw holding penalties. Should be able to help improve the Lions defense so that the team can take the next step in 2014.

11. Tennessee Titans:

Justin Gilbert: CB, Oklahoma State:

Gilbert makes sense here because the Titans could use a dominate CB, which they haven't since Finnegan. Gilbert is aggressive, but sometimes bites on fakes because he can be to aggressive at times, which can also lead to penalties due to down field contact, but he has the speed to cover down field and has the build and long arms to make plays on the ball. He also shows patience and vision when the ball is in his hands, whether he intercepted it of as a punt returner. He can take it to the house from anywhere on the field.

12. New York Giants:

Aaron Donald: DT, Pittsburgh:

The Giants need help on the D-Line now that DT Linval Joseph left in Free Agency. Donald is viewed as an undersized DT at 6'1" 285 Lbs, but makes up for it with his speed in that he ran the 40 Yard Dash in 4.68 seconds and did 35 reps at 225 Lbs on the bench press at the Combine. Donald can usually beat opponents with his very quick first step, as if he were shot out of a cannon. He has an effective arm over swim move, but needs to use this more often. Wins the leverage battle due to being undersized and can get under opponents pads on bull rushes. However, if he gets contained, he is not very effective, especially because of his short arms, he looses the hand to hand battle.

13. St. Louis Rams:

Hasean Clinton-Dix: FS, Alabama:

The Rams could use a FS, and Clinton-Dix is able to fill the void. He has the fluidity and straight line speed to handle deep and nickle coverage. He also has light feet. A safety like Clinton-Dix can really the Rams take that next step forward.

14. Chicago Bears:

Louis Nix III: DT, Notre Dame:

Nix carries his weight well and should be able to provide the Bears with a NT type of DT. He can help rush from the inside with his power and arm over swim move.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers:

C.J. Mosley: MLB, Alabama:

Mpsley has a chance at falling to the Steelers. The Steelers tend to take a great player over a positional need. MLB is a need for the Steelers. Not only do they get a great player here, but they also fill a positional need. That is a win-win. Mosley is the top rated MLB, he could be something special with tracking the ball and getting to the action, and wrapping up. He uses his length to keep himself clean. Very smart player and rarely makes mental errors, though he needs to be more consistent as a tackler, which is his biggest weakness, but with good coaching, this shouldn't be a major concern. He is even garnering comparisons to Lavonte David.

16. Dallas Cowboys:

Kony Ealy: DE, Missouri:

The Cowboys need help on the Defensive Line. Ealy has the skills to be a very good DE in the NFL. He is developing his pass rush moves, but should this trend continue, Ealy should be a future pro Bowler. He is very athletic for a man his size. He has a quick spin move to the inside that compliments his speed. He is also developing an over arm swim move and a power slap. Closes quickly. Has very good straight line speed. Has the speed and flexibility to turn the corner efficiently. Has the power to create collisions and rip the ball free. He also has experience all over the defensive line, even playing some snaps at stand up Linebacker. Ealy would be a great asset to the Cowboys defense.

17. Baltimore Ravens:

Marqise Lee: WR, Southern California:

The Ravens can use another WR, as the rest of the WR Corps (other than Torrey Smith is unproven. Smith is a very good WR, but too frequently was double covered. Lee can help take some of the pressure off of Smith, which may ultimately help the Ravens get back to the playoffs.

18. New York Jets:

Brandin Cooks: WR, Oregon State:

Even though the Jets signed Eric Decker, they could still use another WR. Cooks is a slightly bigger, slightly slower version of Tavon Austen. A target like Cooks can provide another speedy weapon for Second year QB Geno Smith, should he be named the starter.

19. Miami Dolphins:

Eric Ebron: TE: North Carolina:

I'm surprised Ebron falls this far, but his fall ends here with the Dolphins. Ebron is a fast TE who can also jump to get the ball, but to often drops passes due to mot focusing. Can be a good target to help Ryan Tannehil to get to the next level of his game.

20. Arizona Cardinals:

Ryan Shazier: OLB, Ohio State:

The most pressing needs for the Cardinals may be TE and SS, but the value wasn't there for those two positions. I chose Shazier because he is extremely fast for the position, a 4.38 forty time. But not only that, but he is good against the run, which helps the Cardinals in a division with Frank Gore and Marshawn Lynch. He is also able to blitz. Plus, with John Abraham getting older, it would be a good idea to have someone who could replace him, and Shazier may be able to do that. Unfortunately, due to his body type, he can't add much bulk. Shazier makes more sense than Kyle Von Noy, since Von Noy is better suited for a traditional 4-3 scheme.

21. Green Bay Packers:a

Calvin Pryor: FS, Louisville:

Pryor makes the most sense for the Packers at #21, with Clinton-Dix and C.J. Mosley already off the board, and the value is not there at #21 for a TE. Pryor is a big hitter who has good ball skills and can provide run support, which is a bonus, since the Packers are not is need of an in the box type of safety, but can't have too much run support. Pryor is also good in coverage, but was not asked to cover slot receivers in Louisville's scheme. His height may give opposing offenses a mismatch with taller TEs one on one. He could help Lbs cover these TEs though. It's a good and smart pick for the Packers here, and fills their most dire need.

22. Philadelphia Eagles:

Odell Beckham, Jr.: WR, LSU:

The Eagles lost DeSean Jackson to division rival Washington Redskins, so WR is a big need for the Eagles. Having weapons in the receiving game will help QB Nick Foles to continue to develop. Beckham only has average height for the position, only an inch shorter than Jaguars WR Cecil Shorts III, who Beckham is comparable to. Like Shorts, Beckham doesn't have elite speed, but he is dangerous with the ball in his hands, something Shorts proved the past two seasons. Beckham has a wide catching radius and has improved each season. He can also handle punt return duties, but needs to be more consistent. He is explosive. He needs to work on blocking, which can help him become a complete WR.

23. Kansas City Chiefs:

Zach Martin: OG, Notre Dame:

Martin would replace Jon Asamoah, and help protect Alex Smith. If the Chiefs can protect Alex Smith, that will go a long way for the Chiefs to win games. Martin has similar traits to Patriots guard Logan Mankins. Martin has never played guard before, but the switch is necessary at the pro level because Martin does not possess height, arm length, and foot speed. He also lacks lateral range. However, he should enjoy similar success to Mankins.

24. Cincinnati Bengals:

Kyle Fuller: CB, Virginia Tech:

Was looking for a DE to replace Michael Johnson, but Dee Ford does not fit with what the Bengals need. Most teams probably view Ford as an OLB, though in the Jags scheme he would be a LEO end. So for the Bengals I picked CB Kyle Fuller, who is physical and aggressive, but sometimes too aggressive. Does his homework to learn some of the things his opponent will do, so that he can prepare for it. He is also good in run support, which is a bonus. He also has experience playing the outside CB and inside CB, as well as S and LB, which is yet another bonus. And another bonus is that he can blitz.

25. San Diego Chargers:

Jason Verentt: CB, TCU:

The Chargers are in need of a good CB. They tried CB Derrek Cox in 2013 and cut him at the end of the season (take that former Jags GM "Clean Gene" Smith, drafting busts with almost every pick you had, really with the exception of LT Eugene Monroe, DT Terrence "Pot Roast" Knighton and WR Cecil Shorts III). Verentt makes sense here because he fits Pagano's scheme (not Chuck Pagano). Very good CB with great speed and fluid hips. A CB like this would help the Chargers compete against the Broncos.

26. Cleveland Browns (From Indianapolis Colts):

Donte Moncrief: WR, Ole Miss:

Now that the Browns have their QB in Johnny Manzel, they need to add play makers around him. They already have Josh Gordon, but he has had some trouble with the law (don't think as much as Justin Blackmon). They also have pieces in place on the O-Line, and pieces on defense such as Barkevious Mingo, but they did loose D'Qwell Jackson. Gregg Little is not a reliable receiver, he's not the worst in the league, but an upgrade is needed. Enter Moncrief. A 6'2" 221 Lb WR who ran the 40 Yard Dash in 4.40 seconds at the Combine. He's not extremely explosive, but he is reliable. It's time to pick up the pieces.

27. New Orleans Saints:

Dee Ford: DE/OLB (LEO?):

The Saints need additional help on defense, and Ford can provide that. He is versatile, playing DE in college, but most NFL teams likely view him as a pass rushing OLB. He may also fit the LEO role, as originally invented by current Jags Head Coach Gus Bradley in Seattle. Ford: Built Ford Tough, First on Race Day.

28. Carolina Panthers:

Taylor Lewan: OT (LT), Michigan:

The Panthers need an OT, but also, Lewan is the best player still on the board. Lewan should go higher than this, but because other teams try to fill other holes on their teams, he falls to the Panthers. I was torn between Lewan and a WR to give Cam Newton a possible #1 WR, but giving Cam protection in the pocket can help as well.

29. New England Patriots:

Jace Amaro: TE, Texas Tech:

The Patriots biggest need is TE. I was tempted, and I'm sure Bellicheck and Co would be too if Su'a-Filo fell to them at #29, but I'm going with Amaro because of the only reliable TE the Patriots have is Rob Gronkowski, and he's been injured lately and coming off of ACL surgery.Drafting a TE here is the best option for the Patriots to try and get back to he playoffs and a Super Bowl.

30. San Fransisco 49ers:

Darqueze Dennard: CB, Michigan State:

The 49ers lost their starting CBs to the Raiders in FA, so they decide nab a starting caliber CB with their first round pick. Dennard is the best CB prospect on the board, so I snag him here for the Niners. Solid CB overall. Will help the 49ers compete against the Seahawks and Cardinals.

31. Denver Broncos:

Xavier Su'a-Filo: OG, UCLA:

The Broncos spent Free Agency upgrading the defense. Now it's time to add to the #1 scoring offense in 2013. Super Bowl 48 was a disaster for the Broncos. The Broncos offense struggled to get going against Seattle's #1 defense, as created by Gus Bradley. The Broncos lost some players in Free Agency, namely guard Zane Beatles and WR Eric Decker. Enter Xavier Su'a-Filo. Su'a-Filo will help to protect Peyton Manning. The Broncos need to protect him. When he was younger he didn't need a great O-Line, but it is always good to have one. Now, it's more important to have a very good O-Line for the Broncos because Peyton Manning is older and more fragile now, fragile partly due to age and all the hits he has taken, and all the neck surgeries he had in 2011. Su'a-Filo is the best guard prospect still on the board, being the second guard off the board thus far.

32. Seattle Seahawks:

Kelvin Benjamin: WR, Florida State:

I was torn as to what position to draft, and had Su'a-Filo been available, he would have been the pick. I picked a WR for Pete Carrol to work with. Benjamin is a huge WR at 6'5" 240 Lbs. With the loss of Golden Tate, and the injuries that Sidney Rice had (cut, then resigned), and with Percy Harvin being injured most of 2013, and, if I'm right a history of ankle injuries (typically minor I think), and migraines, Benjamin adds another big weapon for Russell Wilson.

Round 2

33. Houston Texans:

Tom Savage: QB, Pittsburgh:

The Texans get their QB for the future in Savage. He has rapidly risen up draft boards, and with the signing of QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, Savage doesn't have to start day one. He can sit for at least the first half of the season will new Head Coach Bill O'Brien fine tunes Savage. Savage may have the strongest arm in the 2014 draft class, but he does have a tendency to stare down his WRs, and this is the area that O'Brien should focus on early on.

34. Washington Redskins:

Cyrus Kouandjio: OT, Alabama:

The Redskins need to upgrade their O-Line to help protect RGIII and his knee. Kouandjio is a bit raw, but he is physical and should be a very good OT for the Redskins.

35. Cleveland Browns:

Tre Mason: RB, Auburn:

First RB off the board. The Browns need a RB, and Mason could be the best prospect for the Browns. He compares to Ray Rice, with a compact frame and deceptive power.

36. Oakland Raiders:

Kareem Martin: DE, North Carolina:

The Raiders could use another pass rusher. They may have signed Lamar Woodley and Justin Tuck, but you can't have to much pass rush. Have to have a good pass rush to beat Peyton Manning, Philip Rivers, and Alex Smith. Martin compares to a young Justin Tuck, and Martin should be a similar player in the NFL.

37. Atlanta Falcons:

Stephon Tuitt: DE/DT, Notre Dame:

I was tempted to select OT Morgan Moses here, but decided to continue to add talent to the Falcons defense. Tuitt can play both DT and DE. He is athletic enough to be an edge rusher, and to have both Tuitt and Mack on the same team can be scarey.

38. Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

Austin Saferian-Jenkins: TE, Washington:

The Buccaneers do need a QB, but I wasn't quite comfortable taking a QB here. Seferian-Jenkins is not the type of TE who goes down the seam like Jimmy Graham and Rob Gronkowski, rather, he is more of a security blanket, since he lacks elite speed. He does possess similar qualities to Jaguars TE Mercedes Lewis, in that he has broad shoulders and long arms. The Buccaneers should be able to get similar production out of ASJ that the Jags have gotten from Lewis.

39. Jacksonville Jaguars:

Jeremiah Attaochu: LEO, Georgia Tech:

Best player available. Attaochu will be more of a rotational player his rookie season, not getting many snaps, but he is the LEO of the future, the replacement for Chris Clemons and Jason Babin.The Jags will likely sometimes run the "Lightning Package", featuring three LEOs on the field at the same time. I expect Gus to mix it up and create variations of this package to keep the opposing offense guessing. He may do combinations of Babin, Clemons, and Branch with Branch doing a stunt, a combination of Babin, Branch, and Davis (used last year), Clemons, Babin, Davis, Clemons, Babin, Attaoxhu, etc. Attaochu can also drop back into coverage.

40. Minnesota Vikings:

Kyle Van Noy: OLB, Brigham Young:

The Vikings need to add talent all over the field. After taking Bortles with the 8th pick, they add an OLB with this pick. Van Noy makes the most sense here since the Vikings run more of a traditional 4-3 scheme, and he fits this scheme best. He's not flashy or physical, but he is efficient and durable.

41. Buffalo Bills:

Allen Robinson: WR, Penn State:

The Bills can use some more weapons on offense, and Robinson can help. He is 6'3" and 220 Lbs. He is a similar player to WR Anquan Boldin.

42. Tennessee Titans:

Davante Adams: WR, Fresno State:

The Titans may have several WRs already, but they could use another, one that is like Anquan Boldin. Allen Robinson would have been the perfect candidate had he fallen past the Bills and would have been the pick. Adams is a similar prospect, but at 6'1" and 212 Lbs, and well built, he seems to be similar in build to Justin Blackmon.

43. New York Giants:

Marcus Martin: C, Southern California:

The Giants have very good tackles, but needs help in the interior of the O-Line. Martin is the first C off the board. He's a bit raw, but physical and the main flaws to his game are coachable. He has the upside to become a premier NFL Center.

44. St. Louis Rams:

Gabe Jackson: OG, Mississippi State:

The Rams need help on the O-Line, more notably, the interior of the O-Line. Surprising athleticism and agility for his size. Physical. Likes pancaking and rag dolling his opponents. Long arms. Better at the line of scrimmage, as his is slow to the second level and gets a bit confused as to who to block in space. Absorbs bull rushes with his lower body, rarely losing more than a step or two before resetting and reanchoring.

45. Detroit Lions:

Demarcus Lawrence: DE, Boise State:

With the loss of Willie Young, if Ziggy Ansah or Taylor go down with injuries, the Lions will be thin at DE. Lawrence seems to be a similar player to Willie Young, who some Jags fans wanted us to sign to be a LEO end. Lawrence is considered a "tweener" Lawrence has been compared to Jason Babin, who did play the LEO role for the Jags last year and has been brought back on a cheaper contract. Lawrence will add depth to the Lions DE position.

46. Pittsburgh Steelers:

Terrence Brooks: FS, Florida State:

Brooks may be slightly smaller than scouts would like, but he does have broad shoulders. Versatile. Can play man coverage, up high, or in the box. More physical than you might think. Long arms. Flashes strong hands for the interception.

47. Dallas Cowboys:

Timmy Jernigan: DT, Florida State:

Yes, back to back FSU defenders taken, and yes, Jernigan falls. He is very good but usually the last defender to get off th snap, he needs to improve snap awareness, this is his biggest weakness. The Cowboys really need to upgrade the defense, except CB. The Cowboy get Kony Ealy in the first round, and Jernigan in the second, who Rob Rang mocked to the Cowboys with the 16th pick.

48. Baltimore Ravens:

JaWuan James, OT, Tennessee:

The Ravens can use another OT, more notably, a RT with the resigning of Eugene Monroe to play LT.

49. New York Jets:

Troy Niklas: TE, Notre Dame:

Continuing to add talent to the Jets on the offensive side of the ball. Niklas is a huge target, at 6'7" and 270 Lbs. He is a physical blocker, with a very good initial punch and when his opponents are off balance, he knocks them down. Good pass catcher, but needs to work on his routes. Can win the battle for the ball in tight coverage, but lacks some agility to miss tacklers, but has the strength and leg drive to drag would be tacklers.

50. Miami Dolphins:

Morgan Moses: OT, Virginia:

Moses is a very good tackle, and the Dolphins need a RT, and depth as well. Moses can be very effective, in both pass protection and run blocking, but can over pursue in run blocking at the second level. He compares to Ryan Clady.

51. Chicago Bears:

Chris Borland: ILB, Wisconsin:

Passionate player who is able to diagnose plays. I would compare him to Paul Posluzny, who is also passionate and the Jags defensive captain.

52. Arizona Cardinals:

Deone Bucannon: SS, Washington State:

One of the Cardinals biggest needs is at SS, and he is a solid safety. One downside of Bucannon is that he has tight hios, which makes him susceptible to double moves.

53. Green Bay Packers:

Ra'Shede Hagerman: DT, Minnesota:

Strong. Unusual burst for a man his size. Pushing opponents deep into the backfield. Needs to do a better job locating the ball and needs to have more determination in pursuit. Can play Nose Tackle and 3-tech.

54. Philadelphia Eagles:

Bradley Roby: CB, Ohio State:

The Eagles need to upgrade the secondary, at both safety and CB. Safety may be the bigger need, as well as OLB, but the value wasn't there and Roby fell, so with the eagles needing a future starter at CB, Roby can do that. He is very fast and good a press. slightly smaller than ideal, but the value was there so I took him.

55. Cincinnati Bengals:

Marcus Smith: DE, Louisville:

The Bengals lost Micheal Johnson in Free Agency to the Buccaneers, so they need a replacement. Smith is a talented pass rusher who may be viewed as a tweener, who can play 4-3 DE, 3-4 OLB, or LEO End.

56. San Fransisco 49ers (From Kansas City Chiefs):

Cody Latimer: WR, Indiana:

The 49ers may have Michael Crabtree, Patton, and Anquan Boldin at WR, but when Crabtree went down with his injury, the 49ers lost some of their firepower. Latimer can come in and add even more firepower the 49ers offense. With adding Darqueze Dennard in the first round and Latimer with their pick from the Chiefs, the 49ers will have a better chance to make the Super Bowl.

57. San Diego Chargers:

Martavius Bryant: WR, Clemson:

The Chargers could use some help at WR, more notably, a #2 WR. Bryant is a tall, speedy receiver that can be a deep threat. Bryant needs to focus more to avoid to many double catches and drops and his route running can be refined. Needs to bulk up some. Bryant does catch the ball in stride and can make acrobatic catches when needs be.

58. New Orleans Saints:

Philip Gaines: CB, Rice:

The Saints need to continue to add talent to their defense. They have a talented offense and QB, but they also need a defense. They signed S Jeris Boyd, and added Dee Ford in the first round, but now it's time to add more talent to the secondary. Gaines is a speedy CB, he ran the 40 Yard Dash at the Combine in 4.31 seconds.

59. Indianapolis Colts:

Scott Critchton: DE, Oregon State:

The Colts can use help on the D-Line. Critchton can come in and add to the Colts pass rush, as well as improve the Colts run defense. However, Critchton struggles with changing directions, it's because his body type makes it hard to do so. Also, he lacks ideal straight line speed for the position, relying on anticipation more than closing speed.

60. Carolina Panthers:

Jordan Mathews: WR, Vanderbilt:

Mathews has the speed and height to potentially become a #1 WR for Cam Newton and the Panthers. Mathews also has very good hand eye coordination and a wide catching radius. He is also a good route runner. Can do damage after the catch and size allowed him to be moved around to find him favorable match ups.

61. San Fransisco 49ers:

Jimmie Ward: SS/CB, Northern Illinois:

The 49ers lost both CBs and SS Whitner in Free Agency. They added Dennard with their first pick, now they add Ward with this pick.Ward is a very good safety, but in this scenario, his size causes his stock to drop. Some teams may ask him to switch to CB, which would fill one of the 49ers needs in the secondary. If they view his as a CB, then they will draft another safety in the mid rounds.

62. New England Patriots:

DaQuan Jones: DT, Penn State:

The Patriots need a DT to replace Vince Willfork, considering the situation surrounding him. Jones can take on multiple blocks and overpower blockers with his strength. Lost 25 Lbs in the 2013 off season, displaying better agility and quickness in 2013 and also had a better motor. He also showed better instincts at the end of 2012 and into 2013.

63. Denver Broncos:

Bishop Sankey: RB, Washington:

A RB may not be the most popular pick for the Broncos here, but the need is there. The Broncos let Knowshawn Moreno go, and they do not have a legitimate #1 RB. The Broncos struggle to run the ball at times last season, even against the Jaguars who had one of the worst run defenses last season. The Broncos could use a RB, so that the Broncos can have a more balanced offense. Even though Sankey was used a lot in college the last two seasons and there are some concerns about how much tread will be left for the NFL, this isn't a big concern for the Broncos as they are a pass first team, but having a reliable RB could create more opportunities for the Broncos WRs because opposing defenses will have game plan to stop both the run and the pass. Sankey is good and willing blocker in pass protection, and has good technique. He also has soft hands for catching the ball out of the backfield. Protects the ball with both hands in traffic, but doesn't have the best balance, so sometimes the ball is vulnerable because has to swing his arm to maintain balance.

64. Seattle Seahaws:

Joel Bitonio: OG, Nevada:

The Seahawks could use some help on the O-Line, and Bitonio can do that. He played LT at Nevada, and was really good, but because of his shorter than ideal arm length, he has to move inside. Pete Carroll will find a place for him.

Round 3:

65. Houston Texans:

Carl Bradford: OLB, Arizona State:

The Texans could use an OLB, which could push Brooks Reid inside to Inside Linebacker. Instinctive, physical, and tenacious defender.

66. Washington Redskins:

Christian Jones: ILB, Florida State:

The Redskins need to add some players to their Linebacker corps, since all the Redskins Linebackers will be free agents next off season, except for Riley. Jones has the hieght, speed, and fluid hips to cover TEs, but can play too tall at times.

67. Oakland Raiders:

Derrek Carr: QB, Fresno State:

The Raiders do need a QB, and Carr falls to them in the third round. He probably would have gone higher, but the Texans shy away from him because of his older brother, who they drafted with a high pick and he turned out to be a bust. Derrek looks to already be better than his brother, but because of his brother, his stock falls a bit. The Raiders should probably sit him for the 2014 season, so that they can add more talent to their roster next off season and develop him a bit so that his transition to the NFL can be smoother.

68. Atlanta Falcons:

Billy Turner: OT, North Dakota State:

Turner is a fiery player on the field who doesn't slow down at contact. Needs to keep his belt and butt low to stay balanced, needs to keep his pad level low and not lunge at opponents to win the leverage battle. Should be a solid starter.

69. Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

Dakota Dozier: OG, Furman:

The Buccaneers can use some help on the O-Line. Dozier recently converted to guard at the Shrine Game. He shows similar athletic traits to Johnathan Cooper, who was drafted by the Arizona Cardinals with the 7th pick in the 2013 NFL Draft.

70. Jacksonville Jaguars:

Weston Richburg: C, Colorado State:

It's no secret to those here on BCC that I want Richburg to be a Jaguar. He has the athleticism to play in the zone blocking scheme that the Jaguars are moving to, but also demonstrates consistency. He may not be as good as Alex Mack, but he should be fairly close to now retired Center Brad Meester.

71. Cleveland Browns:

Kieth McGill: CB, Utah:

The Browns need some help in the secondary, and McGill will help. He has the talent and athleticism to be really good in the NFL. Hopefully he can stay healthy.

72. Minnesota Vikings:

Pierre Desir: CB, Lindenwood:

Athletic CB who can be a legitimate starter in the NFL. Has good tools to work with, but needs some refining.

73. Buffalo Bills:

Chris Smith: OLB, Arkansas:

Good athlete who can rush off the edge. More of a Tweener prospect. Adds depth to the Bills' Linebacker Corps.

74. New York Giants:

Trent Murphy: DE, Stanford:

Murphy is more of a tweener. He is tall, but lean. He could add some muscle. Can be productive.

75. St. Louis Rams:

Stanley Jean-Baptiste: CB, Nebraska:

Big CB, the kind that Jags Head Coach Gus Bradley likes. Fluid hips for changing directions. Has the skill set and tools to be a good CB in the NFL, but needs to do a better job tackling, trying to bring ballcarriers down by swiping at the legs.

76. Detroit Lions:

Jarvis Landry: WR, LSU:

The Lions are set at #1 and #2 WR, but need a #3 WR. Landry can do that. He is reliable, but do to limited speed and burst, he struggles with press coverage. He is fearless and has strong hands to make contested catches. Good special teams coverage, and good blocker.

77. San Fransisco 49ers (From Tennessee Titans):

Lamarcus Joyner: CB/S: Florida State:Y

The 49ers lost both their CBs and SS in Free Agency. They added a CB in Round one and a safety with their second 2nd round pick. Now they add a player who was moved around a bit, but his size causes him to drop. He is 5'8" and 184 Lbs, but plays like he's 6'2" and 225 Lbs. Aggressive. But can be to aggressive at times.

78. Dallas Cowboys:

Jackson Jeffcoat: DE, Texas:

The Cowboys need help on the D-Line, so I spent these first three picks adding talent to the D-Line. Jeffcoat is a good pass rusher, but needs to improve in some areas. Probably a rotational player early in his career.

79. Baltimore Ravens:

Dion Bailey: FS, Southern California:

The Ravens need a FS, and Bailey is the best FS still on the board. He has fluid hips to change direction and a quick, short backpedal. Relies more on instincts than physicality. Needs to do a better job tackling. Selfless defender, takes out the blockers for his teammates to make the easy tackle, sometimes taking out the blockers and the ballcarrier himself.

80. New York Jets:

Trai Turner: OG, LSU:

Solid run blocking guard. Should loose a little weight around the middle, which is making him a little top heavy, leading to him not having the best of balance. Most flaws are coachable.

81. Miami Dolphins:

Carlos Hyde: RB, Ohio State:

The Dolphins need more talent on offense, so adding Hyde adds another RB to the mix. Not the fastest guy, and would benefit in a rotation, as he tires later in the games.

82. Chicago Bears:

C.J. Fiedorowicz: TE, Iowa:

The Bears would benefit from adding more players on offense. Fiedorowicz is not as flashy as ASJ, but he is a more physical blocker and has soft hands to catch the ball, with similar speed to ASJ.

83. Cleveland Browns (From Pittsburgh Steelers):

Brock Vereen: SS, Minnesota:

Since T.J. Ward left in Free Agency, the Browns need to replace him in the draft. Vereen is overall a good safety, but fundamentals need improvement. He does already act like a professional, smart on and off the field.

84. Arizona Cardinals:

Bruce Ellington: WR, South Carolina:

Natural hands. Good hand eye coordination. Hesitation move that keeps CBs guessing. Didn't run a full route tree at South Carolina. Shorter than ideal. Relies on his burst. Should be productive in the slot. The Cardinals already have Andre Ellington, so why not add another Ellington? They seem to work out for the Cardinals, and, after all, they are cousins.

85. Green Bay Packers:

Paul Richardson: WR, Colorado:

The Packers could use another speedy WR for Aaron Rodgers to throw to. Richardson ran the 40 Yard Dash in 4.33 seconds. May need to add bulk. Inconsistent at times when catching the ball. Compares to Emmanuel Sanders in this way.

86. Philadelphia Eagles:

Telvin Smith: OLB, Florida State:

Smith is a speedy, rangy Linebacker. Good blitzer. Light on his feet. Tackles through the ballcarrier. Motivated. Pushes himself to be the best he can be. Talkative. Fiery. Leader. Teammates feed off of his energy.

87. Kansas City Chiefs:

Taylor Hart: DE, Oregon:

Talented player, but would be part of a rotation in KC. Durable. Good play recognition. Good burst off the snap. Can bull rush to collapse the pocket.

88. Cincinnati Bengals:

Jimmie Garropolo: QB, Eastern Illinois:

Andy Dalton is a good QB, but the Bengals may want to draft a QB here to maybe take over in 2015, if Dalton is not resigned.

89. San Diego Chargers:

Trevor Reilly: OLB, Utah:

Versatile defender. Played OLB, DE, and MLB for his final game. Good agility. Can add some depth and a capable pass rusher to the Chargers Linebacker Corps.

90. Indianapolis Colts:

Shayne Skov: ILB, Stanford:

Skov is a fiery competitor and good against the run. Aggressive when fighting through blocks. Showed more explosion in 2013, after tearing his ACL in 2011.

91. New Orleans Saints:

Kevin Norwood: WR, Alabama:

Lanky build. Good route runner. Concentration to "look" the ball into his hands. Struggles with press coverage and physical defenders. Improved blocker. Needs to get stronger. Needs to improve ball security. Will be a 25 year old rookie. Has his masters degree. Good character on and off the field.

92. Carolina Panthers:

Arthur Lynch: TE, Georgia:

The Panthers can use a TE who can block and catch. Lynch is a solid blocker and a good athlete with the ball in his hands. Motivated attitude.

93. New England Patriots:

Cyril Richardson: OG, Baylor:

Light feet. Carries his weight well for a man his size. Can take defenders out of the play when playing aggressive. Can be beat by more agile defenders.

94. San Fransisco 49ers:

Travis Swanson: C, Arkansas:

Good run blocker. Can pull on run plays and take some of the better run defenders out of the play.

95. Denver Broncos:

Jaylen Watkins: CB, Florida:

Good value. Loose hips. Low backpedal. Gets his head turned around to make a play on the ball. Fearless in run support. Has experience at CB, S, and on Special Teams.

96. Minnesota Vikings (From Seattle Seahawks):

James Gayle: DE, Virginia Tech:

Gayle has the ability to rush is a 4-3 or 3-4 scheme. Good burst off the snap. Could be a rotational pass rusher for the Vikings.

97. Pittsburgh Steelers (Compensatory Pick):

Dri Archer: WR, Kent State:

The Steelers need a WR, now that Emmanuel Sanders left in Free Agency. Archer can play multiple positions, including WR, Tailback, and Kick/Punt Returner. Insanely fast. Ran the 40 Yard Dash in 4.16 seconds.

98: Green Bay Packers (Compensatory Pick):

Marcus Roberson: CB, Florida:

Not the fastest CB in this draft, but the value is there at this pick.

99. Baltimore Ravens (Compensatory Pick):

Marqueston Huff: FS/CB, Wyoming:

Versatile. Light feet. Smooth acceleration. Fluid turning motion.

100. San Fransisco 49ers (Compensatory Pick):

Jack Newhort: OT, Ohio State:

Versatile. Played at Tackle and guard. Long arms and powerful hands. Couldn't hurt to add depth to the O-Line with a comp pick.

Round 4:

101. Houston Texans:

Walt Aikens: CB, Liberty

102. Washington Redskins:

Dominique Easley: DT, Florida

103. Atlanta Falcons:

Bashaud Breeland: CB, Clemson

104. New York Jets (From Tampa Bay Buccaneers):

Antonio Richardson: OT, Tennessee

105. Jacksonville Jaguars:

Daniel McCullers: DT, Tennessee

106. Cleveland Browns:

Rashaad Reynolds: CB, Oregon State

107. Oakland Raiders:

Ego Ferguson: DT, LSU

108. Minnesota Vikings:

Ed Reynolds: FS, Stanford

109. Buffalo Bills:

Will Clarke: DE, West Virginia

110. St. Louis Rams:

Will Sutton: DT, Arizona State

111. Detroit Lions:

Nevin Lawson: CB, Utah State

112. Tennessee Titans:

A.J. McCarron: QB, Alabama

113. New York Giants:

Jordan Tripp: OLB, Montana

114. Jacksonville Jaguars (From Baltimore Ravens):

Brandon Coleman: WR, Rutgers

115. New York Jets:

David Yankey: OG, Stanford

116. Miami Dolphins:

Brock Coyle: ILB, Montana

117. Chicago Bears:

Dezmen Southward: SS, Wisconsin

118. Pittsburgh Steelers:

Antone Exum: CB/S, Virginia Tech

119. Dallas Cowboys:

Ethan Westbrooks: DE, West Texas A&M

120. Arizona Cardinals:

Zach Mettenberger: QB, LSU

121. Green Bay Packers:

Terrance Mitchell: CB, Oregon

122. Philadelphia Eagles:

Jeremy Hill: RB, LSU

123. Cincinnati Bengals:

Cameron Fleming: OT, Stanford

124. Kansas City Chiefs:

Shaquelle Evans: WR, UCLA

125. San Diego Chargers:

Charles Leno: OG, Boise State

126. New Orleans Saints:

Gabe Ikard: C, Oklahoma

127. Cleveland Browns (From Indianapolis Colts):

Robert Herron: WR, Wyoming

128. Carolina Panthers:

Kendall James: CB, Maine

129. San Fransisco 49ers:

Caraun Reid: DT, Princeton

130. New England Patriots:

Aaron Murray: QB, Georgia

131. Denver Broncos:

Jared Abbrederis: WR, Wisconsin

132. Seattle Seahawks:

Jemea Thomas: CB, Georgia Tech

133. Detroit Lions (Compensatory Pick):

Kelcy Quarles: DT, South Carolina

134. Baltimore Ravens (Compensatory Pick):

T.J. Jones: WR, Notre Dame

135. Houston Texans (Compensatory Pick):

Terrance West: RB, Towson

136. Detroit Lions (Compensatory Pick):

Russell Bodine: OG, North Carolina

137. New York Jets (Compensatory Pick):

Jerrick McKinnon: RB, Georgia Southern

138. Baltimore Ravens (Compensatory Pick):

Wesley Johnson: C, Vanderbilt

139. Atlanta Falcons (Compensatory Pick):

E.J. Gaines: CB, Missouri

140. New England Patriots (Compensatory Pick):

Chris Davis: CB, Auburn

Round 5:

141. Houston Texans:

Kenneth Ladler: FS, Vanderbilt

142. Washington Redskins:

Ross Cockrell: CB, Duke

143. Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

Ed Stinson: DE, Alabama

144. Jacksonville Jaguars:

Crockett Gilmore: TE, Colorado State

145. Cleveland Browns:

Lamin Barrow: ILB, LSU

146. Seattle Seahawks (From Oakland Raiders):

Aaron Lynch: DE, South Florida

147. Atlanta Falcons:

Rob Blanchflower: TE, Massachusetts

148. Minnesota Vikings:

Zach Fulton: OG, Tennessee

149. Buffalo Bills:

Jake Murphy: TE, Utah

150. Jacksonville Jaguars (From Detroit Lions):

Brandon Thomas: OG, Clemson

151. Tennessee Titans:

Michael Schofield: OT, Michigan

152. New York Giants:

Josh Huff: WR, Oregon

153. St. Louis Rams:

Jordan Zumwalt: OLB, UCLA

154. New York Jets:

Dontae Johnson: CB, North Carolina State

155. Miami Dolphins:

Anthony Steen: OG, Alabama

156. Chicago Bears:

Ka'Deem Carey: RB, Arizona

157. Pittsburgh Steelers:

Josh Mauro: DE, Stanford

158. Dallas Cowboys:

Brent Urban: DE/DT, Virginia

159. Jacksonville Jaguars (From Baltimore Ravens):

Lache Seastrunk: RB, Baylor

160. Arizona Cardinals:

Richard Rodgers: TE, California

161, Green Bay Packers:

Marcel Jensen: TE, Fresno State

162. Philadelphia Eagles:

Johnathan Dowling: FS, Western Kentucky

163. Kansas City Chiefs:

Ricardo Allen: CB, Purdue

164. Cincinnati Bengals:

Andre Williams: RB, Boston College

165. San Diego Chargers:

Justin Britt: OT, Missouri

166. Indianapolis Colts:

Devin Street: WR, Pittsburgh

167. New Orleans Saints:

De'Anthony Thomas: RB/KR, Oregon

168. Carolina Panthers:

John Brown: WR, Pittsburgh State

169. New Orleans Saints (From New England Patriots through Philadelphia Eagles):

Max Bullough: ILB, Michigan State

170. San Fransisco 49ers:

Avery Williamson: ILB, Kentucky

171. Denver Broncos:

Laurent Duvernay-Tardif: OL, McGill

172. Seattle Seahawks:

Larry Webster: DE/OLB/TE, Bloomsburg

173. Pittsburgh Steelers (Compensatory Pick):

Blake Annen: TE, Cincinnati

174. New York Giants (Compensatory Pick):

Christian Kirksey: OLB, Iowa

175. Baltimore Ravens (Compensatory Pick):

L'Damian Washington: WR, Missouri

176. Green Bay Packers (Compensatory Pick):

Corey Linsley: C, Ohio State

Round 6:

177. Houston Texans:

Xavier Grimble: TE, Southern California

178. Washington Redskins:

Colt Lyerla: TE, Oregon

179. Jacksonville Jaguars:

Lonnie Ballentine: FS, Memphis

180. Cleveland Browns:

Chris Watt: OG, Notre Dame

181. Houston Texans (From Oakland Raiders)

Matt Hazel: WR, Coastal Carolina

182. Atlanta Falcons:

Jalen Sanders: WR, Oklahoma

183. Chicago Bears (From Tampa Bay Buccaneers):

Logan Thomas: QB, Virginia Tech

184. Minnesota Vikings:

A.C. Leonard: TE, Tennessee State

185. Buffalo Bills:

Cassius Marsh: DE, UCLA

186. Tennessee Titans:

Devonta Freeman: RB, Florida State

187. New York Giants:

Alex Bayer: TE, Bowling Green

188. St. Louis Rams:

David Fales: QB, San Jose State

189. Detroit Lions:

Chris Boswell: K, Rice

190. Miami Dolphins:

Craig Loston: SS, LSU

191. Chicago Bears:

Zach Moore: DE, Concorda-St. Paul

192. Pittsburgh Steelers:

Seantrel Henderson: OT, Miami (FLA.)

193. Kansas City Chiefs (From Dallas Cowboys):

Louchiez Purifoy: CB, Florida

194. Baltimore Ravens:

Howard Jones: OLB, Shepherd

195. New York Jets:

Adrian Hubbard: OLB, Alabama

196. Arizona Cardinals:

Anthony Johnson: DT, LSU

197. Green Bay Packers:

Terrence Fede: DE/OLB, Marist

198. New England Patriots (From Philadelphia Eagles):

Dexter McDougle: CB, Mearyland

199. Cincinnati Bengals:

Aaron Colvin: CB, Oklahoma

200. Kansas City Chiefs:

Charles Sims: RB, West Virginia

201. San Diego Chargers:

James White: RB, Wisconsin

202. New Orleans Saints:

John Urschel: OG, Penn State

203. Indianapolis Colts:

Storm Johnson: RB, UCF

204. Carolina Panthers:

Khairi Fortt: OLB, California

205. Jacksonville Jaguars (From San Fransisco 49ers for QB Blaine Gabbert):

Jeff Janis: WR, Saginaw Valley

206. New England Patriots:

Michael Campanaro: WR, Wake Forest

207. Denver Broncos:

Anthony Denham: TE, Utah

208. Seattle Seahawks:

Deandre Coleman: DT, California

209. New York Jets (Compensatory Pick):

Shaquille Richardson: CB, Arizona

210. New York Jets (Compensatory Pick):

Brandon Linder: OG, Miami (FLA.)

211. Houston Texans (Compensatory Pick):

Trey Millard: FB, Oklahoma

212. Cincinnati Bengals (Compensatory Pick):

Chandler Jones: WR, San Jose State

213. New York Jets (Compensatory Pick):

Quincy Enunwa: WR, Nebraska

214. St. Louis Rams (Compensatory Pick):

Cameron Brate: TE, Harvard

215. Pittsburgh Steelers (Compensatory Pick):

Rajion Neal: RB, Tennessee

Round 7:

216. Houston Texans:

Brandon Dixon: CB, Northwest Missouri State

217. Washington Redskins:

Carrington Byndom: CB, Texas

218. Cleveland Browns:

Khyri Thornton: DT, Southern Mississippi

219. Oakland Raiders:

Torrence Allen: WR, West Texas A&M

220. Atlanta Falcons:

Issiah Crowell: RB, Alabama State

221. Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

Tom Hornsey: P, Memphis

222. Jacksonville Jaguars:

Jay Prosch: FB, Auburn

223. Minnesota Vikings:

Tyler Gafney: RB, Stanford

224. Buffalo Bills:

George Uko: DT, Southern California

225. Carolina Panthers (From New York Giants):

Jeoffrey Pagan: DE, Alabama

226. St. Louis Rams:

Kenneth Acker: CB, Southern Methodist

227. Detroit Lions:

Brian Stork: C, Florida State

228. Tennessee Titans:

Matt Patchan: OT, Boston College

229. Dallas Cowboys (From Chicago Bears):

Lorenzo Taliaferro: RB, Coastal Carolina

230. Pittsburgh Steelers:

Demetri Goodson: CB, Baylor

231. Dallas Cowboys:

Connor Shaw: QB, South Carolina

232. Indianapolis Colts (From Baltimore Ravens):

James Hurst: OT, North Carolina

233. New York Jets:

Devon Kennard: OLB, Southern California

234. Miami Dolphins:

Kevin Pierre-Louis: OLB, Boston College

235. Oakland Raiders (From Arizona Cardinals):

Prince Shembo: OLB, Notre Dame

236. Green Bay Packers:

Bennie Fowler: WR, Michigan State

237. Philadelphia Eagles:

Yawin Smallwood: ILB, Connecticut

238. Dallas Cowboys (From Kansas City Chiefs):

Carlos Fields, Jr.: OLB, Winston-Salem

239. Cincinnati Bengals:

Pierre Warren: FS, Jacksonville State

240. San Diego Chargers:

Asa Watson: TE, North Carolina State

241. St. Louis Rams (From Indianapolis Colts):

Michael Sam: DE, Missouri

242. San Fransisco 49ers (From New Orleans Saints):

Kerry Wynn: DE, Richmond

243. San Fransisco 49ers (From Carolina Panthers):

Jon Halapio: OG, Florida

244. New England Patriots:

Tyler Larsen: C, Utah State

245. San Fransisco 49ers:

Ty Zimmerman: FS, Kansas State

246. Denver Broncos:

Glenn Carson: ILB, Penn State

247. Oakland Raiders (From Seattle Seashawks):

Vinnie Sunseri: SS, Alabama

248. Dallas Cowboys (Compensatory Pick):

Ahmad Dixon: SS, Baylor

249. St. Louis Rams (Compensatory Pick):

Andre Hal: CB, Vanderbilt

250. St. Louis Rams (Compensatory Pick):

Andrew Jackson: ILB, Western Kentucky

251. Dallas Cowboys (Compensatory Pick):

James Morris: ILB, Iowa

252. Cincinnati Bengals (Compensatory Pick):

Tre Boston: SS, North Carolina

253. Atlanta Falcons (Compensatory Pick):

Daniel Sorensen: SS, Brigham Young

254. Dallas Cowboys (Compensatory Pick):

Albert Wilson: WR, Georgia Tech

255. Atlanta Falcons (Compensatory Pick):

Trey Burton: WR, Florida

256. Houston Texans (Compensatory Pick):

Zach Kerr: DT, Delaware

There you have it. Let me know what y'all think! Sorry it's late!

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