Now, cut him


The Jaguars have given Justin Blackmon plenty of chances, but with his latest arrest it's in their best interest to completely disassociate with him.

It doesn't really matter

Though the Jaguars will be without second-year wide receiver Ace Sanders for the first four games of the season, it doesn't really matter.

Tony Dungy's compass is broken

Tony Dungy has taken up the mantle of being the moral authority on issues. His compass for this issue isn't reading North. He should recalibrate his compass, or he will be left wandering in...

Embracing the process: Mularkey vs. Bradley


Leadership is a funny thing. Leadership is most evident through the words and actions of the subordinates rather than the leader himself.

Chill on Chris Clemons


Newly signed veteran defensive end Chris Clemons was the only player missing from the first two days of Jaguars OTA practices, but making a big deal out of it at this point is silly.

Blackmon a lost cause


If you were on the fence about the future of Jaguars wide receiver Justin Blackmon, Cecil Shorts comments on Thursday should have pushed you off the edge.

Date a quarterback this year


The Jacksonville Jaguars will need to do something at the quarterback position in 2014, and they're likely to simply "date" one in the draft.

Progress Will Cure Most Narratives


The national media's focus on the narrative that "the Jaguars dont have many fans" has infected the thoughts of many Jaguars fans.

When to let go


Maurice Jones-Drew's time with the Jacksonville Jaguars is likely over, but Pocket Hercules' overall impact with the franchise and fan base is going to end in an unceremonious whimper.

Jaguars ideal draft scenario


Many people have their own version of what an ideal draft day scenario for the Jacksonville Jaguars is, but there is one specific scenario that seems to be the best option.


Justin Blackmon does not exist


For all intents and purposes, Jacksonville Jaguars fans and the organization should pretend that Justin Blackmon does not exist.

Thanks, Cpl Carter


In 2009 I was the Chief Trainer for military working dogs on Marine Corps Base Quantico. I had been on Quantico for a little over a year. At the time I was a Sergeant of Marines.

Winning a double-edged sword


With each win the Jacksonville Jaguars hurt their draft position, but it's a fan base that's kind of in need of good things to happen.

It's paying off


While some fans might be upset at the Jaguars hurting their draft position, it's hard not to acknowledge that Gus Bradley's methodology is starting to pay off.

Did Northwestern Cross the Line?


**Let me start by saying that this is my opinion and not necessarily those of the rest of the Big Cat Country staff** Being a part of the military during the current social climate is most likely...

Big Cat Country Rejects Brunell's Apology


Mark Brunell has apologized for his statements regarding the Jaguars moving from Jacksonville in the near future. We at Big Cat Country do not accept that apology and find it hollow. It belies his...

Gus Bradley "gutless"?


One local reporter categorized Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley "gutless" on Sunday, but was he really?

More Jaguars trades on the horizon?


Who else could be on the block for the Jaguars after the trade of offensive tackle Eugene Monroe?

What are realistic expectations?


The Jaguars are winless through the first quarter of the 2013 season and the losses are wearing on fans, but what should our expectations be for new general manager David Caldwell and his...

Leadership for the long haul


Spending nearly a decade around some of the greatest leaders in our country has given me a pretty decent eye for leadership. Marines are trained from the beginning that they are formed, molded,...

Did you forget what the Jaguars are doing?


The Jaguars are 0-2 and look awful, but this isn't a huge surprise to people who realized what's going on with the franchise.

Y'all gotta chill, man.


The Jaguars lost big in the first week of the NFL season, but some people need to calm down a bit on the overreaction.

Concussion Settlement and the Shame


Many former players suffer and then there are the guys who were hoping for money.

Drastically different than Gene Smith


The cut down day moves of general manager Dave Caldwell shows a drastic difference compared to former GM Gene Smith.

Bradley & Khan 'weak and insecure' says ESPN


ESPN hits the Jaguars with another terrible gem of an opinion.

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