Jaguars Film Room

Jags to run more "BEAR" front, introduce OTTO


The Jacksonville Jaguars made a transition to a new-look hybrid defense in 2013, but it's going to evolve more in 2014 and beyond, which includes more "BEAR" front looks and the introduction of the...

Film Room: What's up with Branch?


Over the past few weeks we've seen a surge of productions from second-year defensive end Andre Branch, so what's going on? What changed?

Film Room: Run Fits


Watching the Jaguars film each week is painful. Painful because they are so close on so many plays, but as any coach will tell you, it only takes one guy not doing their job to hurt the team.

Second watch notes


I went back through and tried to watch the game again, with coaches film, but I ended up shutting it off after the first quarter.

Film Room: Marks off the snap


The Jaguars don't have a ton of bright spots so far in 2013, but one of them has been on the defense. Sen'Derrick Marks has been a lot to handle off the snap for opposing teams.

Why the run game is struggling


TheJacksonville Jaguars have struggled to run the football through the first three games of the season, and as Eric Stoner explains, a lot of those issues are from the same reoccurring mistakes.

Film Room: Anatomy of a hustle play


The Jaguars were blown out against the Seahawks, but it wasn't because of lack of effort. Johnathan Cyprien's strip sack of Russell Wilson is a good example.

Meet Chris McCoy


The Jaguars seem to think they might have claimed a gem in defensive end Chris McCoy.

Gabbert shows quick growth


Jaguars quarterback Blaine Gabbert showed a growth in patience and decision making from Week 1 to Week 2 in the preseason.

Could Andre Branch get cut?


Jaguars second-year defensive end Andre Branch was supposed to be a perfect fit at the LEO, but right now he's shooting blanks.


Film Room: Cover 3 concepts


Eric Stoner takes us through some of the concepts of used when a team is running Cover-3 coverage.

Film Room: Zone Blocking


The Jacksonville Jaguars will be employing more of a zone blocking scheme in 2013, so we break down the basics of the concept.

Cover-3 and run stopping


In the latest installment of 'Jaguars Film Room' Eric Stoner breaks down how the Cover-3 defense works in relation to stopping the run.

Breaking down Fisch - Part 2


Eric Stoner breaks down some of the repeated concepts from Jedd Fisch's tenure as the offensive coordinator of the Miami Hurricanes.

Where Love fits


With the addition of Kyle Love, the Jaguars have another nose tackle to add to their defensive line rotation.

Breaking down Fisch - Part 1


Eric Stoner takes a look at some of the play calling tendencies for his offense with the University of Miami.

Jags utilizing Cover 3 principles

The Jaguars defense going forward will utilize some Cover 3 principles and press coverage, similar to what the Seattle Seahawks did under Gus Bradley.

Miller won't show up on the stat sheet


Newly signed Jaguars defensive tackle Roy Miller won't do much as far as individual sacks, but he's a player who frees up others around him to make plays.

Who fits where on defense?


The Jacksonville Jaguars will be changing defensive schemes under Gus Bradley, so who on their current roster fits where?

Reviewing the offensive line


The Jaguars offensive line in 2012 was bad, but just how bad was each individual player?

Bradley, the 4-3, and the LEO


Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley runs a unique variation of the 4-3 that pulls from multiple defensive philosophies, utilizing something called a LEO. We explain what this all means.

Explaining the 4-3 defense


There is a possibility the Jaguars could stick with the 4-3 defense, depending on who is on their coaching staff, so let's learn the different aspects of a 4-3.

Explaining the 3-4 defense


There is a possibility the Jaguars could play the 3-4 defense, depending on who is on their coaching staff, so let's learn the different aspects of a 3-4.

Film Room: "Special" Teams


One area that has become a big concern for the Jaguars is their special teams unit, despite the success of Bryan Anger.


Film Room: Offensive line

The Jacksonville Jaguars have struggled to protect the passer as well as open up holes in the ground game all year. Alfie Crow of Big Cat Country highlights a few plays that document their problems...

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