Jaguars Bites

"Where you from?"

Jaguars GM and head coach answer a very important question from the fans.

New Jags soccer logo


This new logo is either based off Chelsea, Sunderland or Newcastle. I can't really tell, but all are similar to that.

Mayor Brown talks about TNF events

Mayor Brown talks about Thursday Night Football events leading up to the game.

Ben Tate is embarrassed by loss


Shorts doesn't care about your fantasy team



Jaxson DeVille loses bet with Colts mascot, takes paintballs

Speak with your cap

Some of you might recognize the person in the video, it's our good friend @themcwale



h/t @gr3g3 photocredit: Jacksonville Jaguars


Madden 25 Ratings Released: Jaguars Speed Shows

The 25th anniversary edition of the annual NFL video game from EA Sports hits stores Tuesday, and we've got the skinny on all your Jaguars player ratings.

The Big Cat's Back

There's a new song about the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Take Things Slow

Although obvious, watching my twitter timeline today served as a reminder to take things slow in training camp as a fan. Day 1 wasn't even complete and Blaine and Chad were cut, Evans was out for...

BCB Draft Takeover

BCB had nearly 50 members take to the streets of NYC for a memorable trip to the 2013 NFL Draft. Bars were shut down. Chants were sung. Memories were made and forgotten. But most importantly we repped Duval and our Jaguars to the fullest.

New Jaguars commercial

You may be seeing this on your television soon.

Lonnie is the best.

Jaxson TKO's Mike Florio on Twitter

Jacksonville Jaguars mascot Jaxson DeVille is loved by the fan base, but he's decided to step right in line and stop taking crap from people like ProFootballTalk's Mike Florio.

Trey Wilson

Khan, chillin'.


SBNation's gif guy sent me this last night. Oh man.

Pete Mitchell signs a picture of him being chased by Ray Lewis

Ever wonder how former Jaguars tight end Pete Mitchell might sign a picture of himself being chased by Ray Lewis?


Even our cakes are updated. Weddings are getting better.

Star Trek reviewed by Denard Robinson, NFL rookies

One of the many events of the week was a trip to Arclight Cinemas in LA where the rookies took in Star Trek Into the Darkness, and then reviewed the movie on camera. The range of reactions to the movie might surprise you.

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