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Not on the "Fire Gene Smith" Bandwagon.... yet.

I get it and understand that Gene may not be as good as we would like. I also feel, in some cases, ever since the Alualu pick, he is letting the fans influence his first round picks, and that has...

St. Louis reporter Howard Balzer on Mike Sims-Walker (quoting a "Jaguars insider")


Asked for insight on Sims-Walker, a Jaguars insider said, "He can't beat press coverage off the line of scrimmage and he also whines if they don't throw to him even if they win. He doesn't want to take the blame when he doesn't make a catch and he has a bad knee. "One of (general manager) Gene Smith's mantras is ‘Know your own team’ and if he doesn't think he can play, I would be leery of him. Maybe for the minimum or incentives. "He also missed curfew last year, supposedly out all or most of the night with a woman and was suspended for the game. He had 18 of his catches in two blowouts, 10 in a loss to San Diego and eight in a win over Dallas. In no other game did he have more than four. "A year ago he surprised people, but once they studied him, they were able to shut him down." ----------------------------------------------------------------- Just food for thought.

Great Q&A with Gene Smith


from jaguars.com... what i think to be a fairly interesting take on a few good subjects provided by Commander Gene Smith

Gene Outlines His Plan for Galactic Domination


This is a fantastic article on Gene Smith that Socal brought to our attention. It was written yesterday and has some stellar information... It also talks about his blue-collar past and has some nice tidbits on his family. Great all around read! -Collin Here's another link in which Gene discusses Big John and the DT position, as well as the high premium he puts on linemen.

Jags Wars: A New Hope, or Revenge of the Sith?


Comparing the jaguar's front office to Star Wars... a great read.

Jacksonville Jaguars: 7th best drafters in the league?


The Chicago Tribune and Dan Pompei recently embarked on a study to determine who the "best drafters" in the NFL were.  While their methodology is a little muddled, they find some surprising...

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