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Jack Del Rio, Fred Taylor, and Jones=Drew: Award Worthy!

Howdy gang!

Before diving into all sorts of Jags stuff, take a moment or two and go HERE and vote Jack Del Rio as Coach of the Week!

(The other nominees are Andy "Batman" Reid and Marty "Won't win cause I'm scared to lose" Shottenheimer)  Jack's currently in the lead with 49%, Reid and Martyball are at 28 and 23 percent respectivly.

While you are voting, Fred Taylor is up for the FedEx Ground player of the week.  Vote for him HERE

And you guessed it, my boy Maurice Jones-Drew is up for rookie of the week, AGAIN.  Let's do him right and GET HIM SOME VOTES Right now MJD is in 2nd place to Reggie Bush (32% TO 24%).  But I'm sure with all the readership of this blog that we'll make ALL the difference.  Let's let the NFL know who the real star rookie is this year!