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Maurice Jones-Drew, Carroll, Mike Peterson and more!

Here's some blurbs for your reading pleasure...

* For your reading pleasure I highly reccomend this interview with Maurice Jones-Drew.  It's quite amusing, especially this bit

: What's been your most embarrassing moment in football?

Either losing to USC 66-19 or my first time getting run over in high school. There was this running back that was like 5-8, 260 [pounds]. How this guy was playing running back, I don't know...

A football player with a keen ear for Irony?  What more could you want!

* The folks over at Pro Football Talk
raise an interesting arguement (look at number two).  They argue that the networks are guilty of helping the NFL whitewash over it's criminal problems (i.e. the Chargers Terrence Kiel, the entire Bengals team, Ricky Manning).  

I completely agree that there is a great values disbalance in the NFL.  While I'm not sure that Monday Night Football is the venue for reading Rap Sheets (though, if they got rid of the random celebrity interludes, they'd have plenty of time to STILL TALK OVER THE FREAKING GAME), these criminal actions are glossed over and forgotten.

The NFL makes the networks their bitch because they have a product that sells.  That dosen't mean that the Media gets a free pass to ignore increasingly relevent and important problems within the league.

You know, like PFT says in their post, Ricky Williams has lost almost two years due to liking grass, a guy who smashed another mans face gets 5 games off, and a guy who beats another guy down at denny's gets just two.

Something's not right...

  • Jags signed much maligned CB Carroll, a little research tells me that his role is in the "dime package", but mainly to fill in the role of Scott Starks on special teams.
  • MLB Mike Peterson (Sniff Sniff) will be placed on injured reserve today for his torn pectoral muscle.  His season is done, and he'll be having surgery sometime this week.  Damn that's gonna hurt.  What these defensive injuries mean is that our offense is going to have to put more points on the board and most importantly, hold the ball a bit longer.  We've done well in time of possession so far this season (averaging 33:28), but the longer we have the ball the less our defense has to risk in order to win games.  Given the amount of points we've put on the board in these last two games (71), I know we have the ability to compensate from these injuries.
  • reports that new commish Roger Goodell outlined details of the revenue sharing program that will change.  Bills ownder Ralph Wilson (one of two "no" votes in the CBA negotiations) apperantly likes the deal.  What's good for the Bills is good for the Jags as we share the small market problem.  Also amusing to me is this little byte from New York Senator Charles Schumer
    Schumer announced plans to form a coalition of fellow senators, representing small-market NFL teams, to ensure their franchises remain viable.
I'd look forward to that coalition.  Anything that puts Mel Martinez and Hillary Clinton in the same room (albeit on CSPAN2) is fine by me.  Comedic Hilarity.

Aight folks, enjoy your morning, I'll be back later with a Power Rankings round'up.