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Bye Week Blues...

Well folks, I just don't know what to do with myself.

Football all day tomorrow, but few games I really care about.

Since the Jags are taking the weekend off, I'm thinking about picking my least interesting games and watch them closely, pick up something new, etc.

Here are my picks for the week.

Matt Millan's Lions over the Bills: Their best chance to get a win in awhile...

Panthers over Baltimore: Air McNair is gonna bite em in the ass this week, It's time for Carolina to do their infamous "look bad early then run the table at the end" trick.  

Cincy over Tampa:  Poor Chris Simms, he looks awful for a few games, has his spleen knocked out, and then the new guy comes in and gives Tampa hope for the first time all season.  On top of that, the dude is a free agent next year.  The only stock to go that low so fast is Enron...Cincy show's that their "longest yard" approach to teambuilding will conquer old bad teams...

Dallas over Houston: A shame though, David Carr is a good QB, I'd like to see him do well (in another division, of course)

Atlanta over the G-Men: I'm very curious to see how Atlanta does here.  I'm a big West Virgina fan, and I like seeing their spread option put into a pro offense.  This might be the "game I don't really care about" that I pay the most attention to.

Philly over the Saints: As much as I understand that Philly could never win again and the city would still feel like winners over last week, I've also never gotten off the Eagles bandwagon in the NFC East, so I'm gonna roll with em again.  Also, I want Bush to get shut down so my "Jones-Drew is the best rookie RB" drive has more momentum.

TurfToes over SeaWalks:  I dig the Rams, I have for awhile.  Also, Bulger is my fantasy QB and I'd  like him to have a nine TD day, so I'll pull for em here.

Steelers over KC: Not sure why, the defending champs don't look like it...

Guy who can't run anymore over Guy who can't throw anymore:  You'd think I'd have the JETS in a comeback after their beat down in J-town, but I think the Harrington Era is gonna be fruitful this week.

San Diego over San Fran: Duh.

Denver over Oakland: ugh...

Chi Town over Arizona: I heard somewhere that the Card's were actually considering going after Randy Moss.  Cause that's just what they need, Three amazing WR's, Edge...and no o-line and a rookie QB...

For the record, every week I put in picks over at Breakaway Beach.  For the season I'm 51 and 23, though my Survivor league i'm 3 for 6.  That mean's I'm better than Bill Simmons and his wife (33-36 and 40-29)

That's all, enjoy your games tomorrow!