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We don't need no stinkin Texans...

Wow!  The Texans have a pretty nice website.  Though some things terrify me.

Like they have "Battle Red Day" which is certainly a counter to "AllTEAL", and I'm ok with that.  What freaks me out is that it's presented by Halliburton.

Google Halliburton and Profiteering there's only 304,000 links.

I don't know if I dig a company that makes its fourtune getting no bid contracts off of war and destruction (and not to mention American Lives) should be credited for "Battle Red Day".  Couldn't whatever made in China novelties that 'the Burt' provides come directly from the massive profits and overcharging that they do for basic services in Iraq?

Something's fishy about it.

Uh...what else.

Jacsonville and the Texans have a sort of rough history.  You know how every time we play the Colts there are comments made about how we always "Play them Tough"?  That's what the Texans do to us.  We could have been a Wild Card contender in 2004, but we dropped the ball and lost to em 21 - 0 and sat at home.  (That year they swept the series, split it in 02 and 03).

No matter what happens, we can't let this game be any less important than it actually is.  In fact, losing this game (imho) puts Jacksonville back two years in national development.

But enough of that negitive talk.

I'm gonna find us a Texans expert somehow or another to come chat with us about our beloved AFC South buddies.

Also, I'm thinking about doing some sort of organized AFC South discussion with the ever entertaining Stampede Blue and the Music City Gang

Any suggestions as to our first topic?